This… thing started out as a conversation between me and a friend, but without the kinkiness, 'cause that would have been… y'know… weird. Anyway, enjoy.


Reno had many annoying habits.

Actually, the man was as obnoxious as he was sexy, though for some reason Cloud never really objected to the redhead appearing out of nowhere and swiping biscuits, apples or various other edibles out of his hand… or singing lewd songs at the top of his voice… or turning up inebriated on the doorstep of Seventh Heaven at ungodly hours of the morning.

What did annoy Cloud was Reno's insistence on writing things down on the back of his hand.

Reminders, shopping lists, the occasional telephone number that made Cloud feel more than a little paranoid, it mattered not. Reno was not the kind of man to discriminate.

Consequently, his hands were constantly smudged blue with messy biro ink.

"You're not a schoolgirl, Reno." Cloud had once scolded him. "Hands are for clapping, and fighting, and… and…" he trailed off as his imagination failed him.

"And fucking." Reno finished for him, with a sly grin.

"…yes, and fucking." Cloud sighed. "But not for writing on."

Reno had only grinned wider, holding out his hands and glancing down at them. While his left hand was pale and flecked with barely visible freckles, the other was stained with a barely legible, but familiar blue scrawl. "It's convenient, though!" was his answer. "Look, see this? It's a note to myself to remember my tie today." Cloud raised an eyebrow disbelievingly at Reno's bare neck and unbuttoned collar.

"You never wear your tie."

"Well duh, I hate that thing. But look!" Cloud stared in horrified amusement as Reno reached into a trouser pocket of his TURK uniform and pulled out a hopelessly crumpled length of material. "I remembered it!"

"Why would you bring your tie when you don't wear it?" Cloud had wondered aloud, with a distasteful glance at the grubby garment in his lover's hand.

Reno only grinned that same obnoxious grin and leaned closer until his lips were almost touching the blonde's. "Come here and I'll show you." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, and a moment later found himself on the ground, staring up at Cloud wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Cloud smirked oh-so-very slightly, untangled his leg from Reno's, and offered him a hand. Reno grasped it tightly, and allowed the stronger man to haul him to his feet. It was only when he was safely upright once more, rubbing his sore backside, that he remembered that Cloud always won their squabbles, no matter what.

After that shameful defeat on Reno's part, Cloud thought maybe Reno would go home and scrub his hands – if they weren't permanently stained blue – and go back to stealing his food and turning up drunk on his doorstep. No such luck.

"Morning, chocobo head." Cloud's brow furrowed at the hated nickname, and he was about to give the target of his annoyance a piece of his mind – but a familiar mess of blue caught his eye. He stopped and sighed at the man leaning against the doorframe of Seventh Heaven's entrance.

"Reno, look at your hands." Reno bemusedly obeyed, turning them this way and that in an apparent attempt to work out what the problem was. "On them." Cloud amended, clasping Reno's pale, rather bony hand with his own and waving it in front of his face. Aquamarine eyes blinked, focused, and then half-closed again as Reno's face crinkled sheepishly.

"That stuff's harder to get rid of than it looks, babe." Cloud hated that pet name even more. He held Reno's wrist in a vice-like grip, barely hard enough to hurt, and pulled the taller man in for a searing kiss. Those gorgeous eyes widened, and Cloud could feel Reno grinning like a Cheshire cat against his lips.

"As if your real body art isn't good enough." Cloud traced the twin tattoos on Reno's cheekbones gently with his thumbs. Reno licked his lips, his mouth suddenly dry.

"Aren't you going to invite me in, yo?" was all he could think of in reply, utterly killing the moment. Cloud rolled his eyes and abruptly dropped Reno's wrist, then turned on his heel, leaving the redhead to shut Seventh Heaven's front door on his own. He did so, feeling more than a little disappointed, and followed the blonde through the building and into the living room.

The bar and its adjoining living space was just as Reno remembered it from the last time he had come to visit – much cleaner than his own apartment, but evidence of the two children that resided here with Cloud and Tifa was present everywhere he turned, from the pair of pink shoes placed tidily by the front door, to the brightly-coloured drawings on the walls, to the school bags – one pink and yellow, the other blue and green – left neatly side-by-side by the living-room door.

At least the living room was a little less orderly, Reno noted. Boxes of games and books were stacked haphazardly in the corner, and Marlene's felt-tip pens lay scattered across the polished coffee table. Some of them even lay on the carpeted floor, having rolled away in the girl's absence. Reno absent-mindedly picked up a dark green one and gave it a faux twirl between his fingers.

"So where are the kids?" he wondered casually, eyeing a framed print of the photo Tifa loved so much – Reno still couldn't imagine how the bartender had managed to drag AVALANCHE together into the same space long enough to actually get a snapshot, but he suspected it had something to do with the alcohol that was always stored on the premises.

"Barret took Marlene out somewhere, and Denzel's gone shopping with Tifa."

"A kid that likes shopping? Damn, now I've heard it all." Reno turned away from the photo to see Cloud stretched out on the couch behind him, his closed eyelids fluttering a little.

"I said he went with Tifa, not that he enjoys it." He replied without opening his eyes. An odd kind of quiet fell on the room, and he opened one Mako-blue eye curiously. Reno was leaning over him, and the goofy grin was back and just as irritating as ever. "Now what?" he began, but was cut off as Reno smirked and grabbed his wrist, untwisting the lid from the felt tip in his hand with his teeth in one fluid motion.

"Hold still, chocobo-head." Reno muttered, letting his pony-tail hang over his shoulder, obscuring the blonde's view of what he was hastily scrawling onto his hand. Cloud could easily have broken free of the smaller man's grip, but instead settled for groaning and resting his head against the back of the couch.

"Oh, that's really mature." His voice dripped with sarcasm. "Are you trying to give me ink poisoning?" Satisfied with his handiwork, Reno stuck the lid back on the felt tip and released the taller man's arm. Cloud sat up and brought his arm up to his face to see what the damage was.

On his wrist was an unmistakable, albeit crude felt-pen drawing of a chain of daisies. Cloud couldn't help himself – he threw his head back and burst out laughing. "Reno, what is that?"

"The hell does it look like?" Reno flopped down into the vacant seat beside the newly-decorated man. Cloud just sneered mildly and rubbed at the wet ink on his arm, succeeding only in smudging it into an unidentifiable blob. "Man, now look what you did." Reno shook his head, then leaned over and grabbed Cloud's other wrist, more gently this time.

"You're impossible." Reno thought he heard a hint of amusement in the blonde's voice.

"'S why you love me, yo." He replied absently, his tongue placed between his teeth in concentration. A pale hand, now smudged with green, came up to brush a wayward strand of red from Reno's forehead, before resting gently in his hair. He released Cloud's other hand and tucked the pen behind his ear before leaning down for a kiss. They remained there for a long moment, Cloud's strong arms wrapped securely around the lithe man, one hand on his bony hip, the other resting in the curve of his spine. Until Reno spoke up again.

"Aren't you going to check out what I wrote on you?"

"Knowing you, it's probably something embarrassing." Cloud sighed and glanced down at his wrist. His lips quirked a little. "I love Reno?" he rolled his eyes exaggeratedly. "That's just not fair." Reno just laughed and leaned down to kiss him again.

Later that evening, well after Reno had left and Tifa had put the kids to bed, Cloud went to scrub off the offending ink before he found himself poisoned, or worse – permanently stained green. In fact, it was a good half-hour before Tifa realized the blonde man had disappeared.

"Uh, Cloud?" She frowned at nothing in particular in her puzzlement as she ascended Seventh Heaven's stairs. A groan from the bathroom made her blink apprehensively. "What's wrong?" the bathroom door was ajar, and after a moment's hesitation, she softly pushed it open only to stop and stare a moment later at the scene before her. And then giggle. "Oh dear… Reno?" she chuckled mildly as Cloud grimaced at her reflection in the mirror.

"It won't come off." He explained somewhat unnecessarily, glancing down at the green stains on his arms, which were now red and raw from his vigorous scrubbing. "Aren't those pens supposed to be non-permanent?" Tifa just smiled and sat down on the edge of the bathtub to watch her friend's hopeless battle.

"Do you think you're using enough soap?" she snickered unhelpfully at the large amounts of foam clinging to the edge of the sink, and Cloud frowned at her reproachfully. "Sorry, this is serious, isn't it? Maybe you should call Reno and ask him what to do." Cloud groaned and smacked his forehead, unwittingly leaving behind some foam that clung to his hair as he did so.

"I'm going to kill him."


According to Wiki-Answers, you can't actually get ink poisoning from writing on your skin. It just looks horrible and angers Cloud.