Title: Sacrifice is the best form of love

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Chapter 1

Tezuka Kunimitsu watched as the two people in the far corner of the courts talk to each other. So maybe he was a little jealous, but still, who wouldn't when your boyfriend is enjoying the company of someone else? And that someone else is obviously flirting with your boyfriend.

He and Syusuke had been together for two years now, every since first year of Junior high when Fuji asked Tezuka to be his boyfriend. At first, he rejected Fuji saying that he was not into relationship at such an age but time passed and he realized that there really is something about the brunette tensai.

Tezuka took a deep breath, closed his eyes and forced his attention to the current match.

Game to Oishi-Kikumaru pair, 2 games to love

Tezuka blinked, that was strange… he remembered watching a singles match between Taka-san and Kaidoh…How did this become a doubles match.


Tezuka turned and looked at the two people he thought was playing.

"Kawamura. Kaidoh. Why aren't you two playing?"

"Fshhhh. We just finished our game, buchou. Kawamura-sempai won".

"Ah…Hehe…I guess I did. What's wrong Tezuka, weren't you paying attention?"

Tezuka's face turned bank. "No". He didn't like to admit it, but now that he thinks of if…Maybe he was too focused on his problem earlier.

That reminded him; he turned his attention back towards his boyfriend and the person who currently has all of his boyfriend's attention.

They were smiling together, laughing even.

'That was it. He crossed the line, and I won't forgive him'.

Tezuka Kunimitsu's eyebrows were narrowed to the point that they looked like they were already on his eyes.

Game and match Oishi –Kikumaru pair 6 games to love!

"It's finished. Heh…the Golden Pair's as strong as ever" Echizen Ryoma remarked whilst softly drinking his grape flavored Ponta.

"Ah. Well what would you expect from Seigaku's number 1 doubles pair?" Fuji Syusuke agreed.

Footsteps were heard, and then…

"Echizen, Court A. Now!"

The two were suddenly faced with a very irritated buchou of Seigaku.

Echizen Ryoma eyed his buchou from top to bottom, he was perfect as always. He smirked at his buchou before answering an 'uisu' and then going to court A.

Fuji Syusuke looked at his buchou worriedly… 'What's with him?' He watched how Tezuka beat Echizen to death in their match.

Ryoma just enjoyed their match as if he wasn't loosing at all. Then again, He was used to his buchou defeating him...

'I will get you one day'

When their game was over and Tezuka walked past him he gave him his troubled look but the captain just ignored it and dismissed the club.


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