Title: Sacrifice Is The Best Form Of Love

Summary: Syusuke or Ryoma? Tezuka's final answer...

Tezuka sighed again as he put his pen down and halted writing. He looks down to the thesis he was writing only to find the last sentence disturbing.

Therefore, in order for the problem to be solved, one must locate Echizen and tell him I love him.

When Tezuka saw this, his eyes widened and immediately erased the whole sentence when…

"Kunimitsu, what's wrong?"

This time, Tezuka was erasing as if his life depend on it. And he looked up to his boyfriend when he was sure he erased his writing completely. Tezuka gulped, "Wrong? Nothings wrong, Syusuke."

"Oh please Kunimitsu, we've been together for a long time now and you expect me to get fooled by that look? Now what's wrong? Tell me." Fuji suddenly presses and looking at Tezuka's work only to find it nothing out of the ordinary.

It takes Tezuka exactly twenty-seven minutes to decide, and when he did. He came straight to the point.

"Ryoma confessed to me. And I think I like him."

Fuji's eyes open in bewilderment. He closes them again after a minute of regaining his composure.

'So he did it. I never thought he'd win him over just like that. I can still fight back…' "I see. That was weird I thought he was hitting on me… who would've thought that his actual target was you." Fuji was smiling dangerously.

Tezuka bows his head "I'm sorry"

Fuji smiles bitterly. "It's my fault. I didn't take good care of you, and it was that reason why you were taken from me."

"Syusuke, don't blame yours-"

"It's alright Kunimitsu. Just answer one question for me."

Tezuka nodded.

"You did love me, did you?"

"Of course, I did. You were my first lov-"

Fuji silenced him with a finger. "That's enough. That's all I wanted to hear. Now, go find him. Make sure to tell him how you really feel."

Before Tezuka stepped out of Fuji's room, he turned to smile at his former lover. "Thank you, Syusuke."

"I knew from the start, Kunimitsu. I knew there was something inside you when you told him to become the next pillar of Seigaku. It was just my luck that I confessed to you first. I'm really happy that I got to spend time with you even for a very short while." Syusuke's tears began falling as he watched his former lover run outside the gates and away from his home.


Fuji Syusuke watched, he watched how his ex-boyfriend smiles with sincere happiness towards the green-haired boy. He was startled when a hand rested on his shoulder and turned to face a serious-looking Atobe Kiego who smiled at him.

"So you gave him up."

"yeah. There was nothing I could do to stop that. I had to eventually."

"Why didn't you fight for him?"

"Because Tezuka gave the task of becoming his pillar to Echizen" Syusuke didn't know when Kunimitsu became Tezuka….probably when he cried his heart out that night.

"Are you sure about this? I mean, you did turn me down because of him"

Syusuke sincerely smiled. "Yes. After all, Sacrifice is the best form of love." He let his head fall down on Atobe's chest when he felt his tears rolling down his cheeks.

Atobe couldn't do anything but to keep rubbing Syusuke's back.


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