As Goku watched Oopa run to his revived father, a strange feeling stirred in his chest. He didn't quite know what it was, but it hurt. He tried to keep a happy face when he caught his grandfather's ball and said goodbye to his new friend - after all, he should be happy for him - but some of the feeling leaked through.

Oopa's father watched the boy who had helped his son depart. He had an open and smiling face, but such sad eyes.

"Does Goku have a father?" Oopa's father asked the diminutive boy sitting happily on his shoulder.

"He had a grandpa, but he died." Oopa replied.

It was then that Oopa's father realized how selfless Goku had been when he had given Oopa the wish. The boy could have taken it for himself and revived his grandfather, but he had given Oopa the wish that brought him back instead.

"If everyone was half as giving as Goku, the world would be a much better place." Oopa's father said, watching the spot of sky that Goku had departed from. "We can only hope to follow his example."

"I'll do my best father." Oopa said smiling as he thought of his friend.


When Goku got back to the others, he asked Master Roshi about the strange feeling he had while watching Oopa and his father. Apparently it was called Jealousy, and he felt that way because he wanted a father too. He had a year before the Dragon Balls could be used though. He would use that time to train until it was time to search once more.