At the moment, Bardock felt like destroying everything around him. After following the trail that his son's captors had taken for a good long while, he had reached a dead end. The vehicle that the soon to be dead kidnappers were flying had gone into more populated airspace and the faint and almost non-existent scent of fuel that he'd been following had turned into an overpowering stench that would lead him in circles should he try to follow it.

Directly below him lay a town that was surrounded by outlying farms for miles in every direction until civilization gave way to the wild mountain forests that surrounded the community. Only a small gossamer net of roads connected this small outpost of civilization to the rest of society. In the town, few people had bothered to look up from their daily business, and those who did were usually children who were promptly disbelieved as they pointed to the sky and demanded that the adults that surrounded them look up because a man was flying overhead.

Dropping to the ground, he made his way to what seemed to be a communal gathering place. The food it contained tempted him greatly, as flying burned a great deal of energy, but he held back because making a spectacle of himself by grabbing and eating everything in sight would make the locals be less inclined to answer the questions he planned to ask. Though it pained him to say it, he would have to get food later.

Entering the marketplace, he started to ask questions that would help him find out who would take his son, why, and where they would be likely to go now that they had him. Asking would quite likely be futile but, the locals would know more about their planet's society and might be able to give him a clue as to where to start his search by mentioning something he would never have thought of due to the stark differences between their cultures.

Fortunately, there was only one planet to search. Things could have been infinitely more difficult had it been otherwise.

Raditz sighed as he hit the button that would send him into stasis. He hated being chilled down. There was no telling when or, considering the failure rate, even if he would wake up but, for trips that were more than a few days in length, it was pretty much the only way to survive in such close quarters without going completely mad from the boredom and isolation. That, and if he had tried to stay awake for the next six months, the ship's air and waste recycling systems would up and die on him well before he starved to death since such ships were stocked with about a month's worth of emergency ration pills, but the batteries that powered the air scrubbers only lasted about a week.

As he sat contemplating the number of ways that staying awake for the entire six-month journey to where his father had been hiding would be hell, there was a brilliant flash, and all went still within the ship. Unheard by anyone including the now frozen Raditz, a small electronic chime indicated that the transition into stasis had been successful.

Goku sighed once again as his stomach growled ferociously demanding food. He'd already eaten everything that the nice people who said that they were taking him to a friend had, and they couldn't stop for more because they had to hurry to wherever they were going. He wondered what friend they were taking him to, since he didn't know any of these people and hadn't smelled anyone who smelled like them before, and hoped that it wasn't a trick. He hated getting tricked, and the men had all seemed nice even though they looked unhappy for some strange reason. He didn't want to have to hurt them, which he would have to do if they turned out to work for Pilaf or those Red Ribbon people he'd occasionally encountered over the past year.

The mercenary who went by the name of "Mitch" watched the boy he'd been paid to retrieve nervously. The boy that they'd been tasked with retrieving and bringing to Capsule Corp matched the description of the kid that had supposedly destroyed the entire Red Ribbon Army singlehandedly, a kid who matched the description of Muten Roshi's student who'd appeared at and nearly won the last Tenkaichi Budokai. If it was the same kid, there was a chance that he could do the same to them even if he were injured. There had been several reports that the kid had died last year that had needed to be corrected minutes, hours, and sometimes days later when the kid came back and near-effortlessly kicked the ass of some general who'd spent more time in the army than that kid had been alive.

So far, the kid had been rather compliant, and had only eaten all of their food which they would be charging Capsule Corp extra for in reimbursement. Because the kid had been compliant, the mission had gone without a hitch so far. That could change in a heartbeat however, especially since the kid's father was out doing only the Gods knew what, and could return home at any minute to find his son gone and come looking for him.

They hadn't found any trackers on the kid, but that didn't mean there were none, and considering the fact that the man they'd been told to avoid at all costs had flown off without any visible means of propulsion, odds were that they wouldn't find one using Capsule Corp technology. The man who was more than likely the boy's father considering the resemblance was either a much better scientist than Dr. Briefs and his staff, or he was capable of using arcane arts that were thought lost to the ages. In a world inhabited by demons and creatures of the night as well as talking animals and who knew what else, either option was equally viable even though the people who lived in the cities tended to dismiss magic as baseless superstition.

He'd been country raised and had seen enough things in the places that were well away from "civilization" to know that magic was real, and that it could very well be a serious concern in his near future, either from the kid who'd turned into a giant ape in front of the cameras at the most recent Tenkaichi Budokai or from the scarred man who was likely the kid's father. This made him even more nervous than the others, since here, in this relatively small jet that was winging its way to Capsule Corp, he didn't have any of the items he'd learned from his elderly grandmother were necessary for protecting one from supernatural evils and turning magic against its caster. Because he didn't have them, he was starting to feel completely naked despite the fact that his city-bred partners repeatedly told him there was nothing to worry about as they scoffed at his "superstitious" behavior.

The sooner they were rid of the boy, the happier he'd be. He'd throw the boy out of the plane right now if the possible consequences of doing so weren't much worse than riding this trip out and handing the child over to his customers. Right now, the worst that could happen to him was that he could die. If his chucking the child out of the plane killed the kid, and the man he had helped take the child away from turned out to be a master of the arcane as he suspected he was, what came after he died could make hell seem like a pleasant vacation.

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