"The end is the beginning of the end. The child has grown and the mother will seek her out. The child is the answer. The sea parts for the dying leader. The final one is among you. Beware Kara Thrace; she is the harbinger of death. Ellen is the mother to the child who will lead them to salvation. This has all happened before, and it will all happen again…"

"That's enough. Turn him off, for Gods' sake." Kara had obviously hears much of this "Harbinger" talk before, but it still disturbed her. Doctor Cottle complied as the connection between Sam and the makeshift hybrid pool was broken.

Cottle laid a hand on her shoulder. "For what it's worth, I don't think you're the harbinger of death-except to Cavill and Sharon."

Kara smiled wanly. "Thanks, Doc, but I don't think a ghost is much of a harbinger of anything."

"You're not a ghost," Ellen said. "You're part of the final prophecy. You're both a daughter and a mother."

"Yeah, well, with all due respect, right now I don't care about the frakking prophecy. I just want to help get Hera back before that lunatic Cavill starts butchering her."

"Sam keeps talking about the mother," Cottle mused. He'd been watching over Anders long enough to understand some of the Cylon belief system. "Was there ever a mother figure in Cylon mythology?"

"The 'Mother' is the one who helps restart the Cylon race," Ellen replied. "I assume that could mean Hera, when she's old enough…"

"But Sharon is the mother of this girl…" Kara was thinking about that song, the calculations she'd tried to put to the music. "I mean, if this is all some sort of a cycle, then Sharon's obviously a part of it…Gods, I wish there was a way to get more out of Sam's head than more gibberish."

"A hybrid may seem incomprehensible at first, but in the long run they always make sense. It's partly why we've used them as prophets."

"Come on, Ellen, Sam's…Sam. He may be a hybrid now, but he's always acted out of his own free will. I mean, if all we are is part of a prophecy, then what's the point of doing anything?"

"We never know what the full meaning of prophecy is until the time is right. Until then, we make our choices-and we learn to live with them." Ellen looked at Sam. "He's definitely a part of this. When we get Hera back, we can find the remaining Final Cylons and maybe even the Goddess."

"What if the Goddess is right under our noses?" Cottle asked. "It wouldn't be the first time that's happened."

"The Goddess and the dying leader…" Ellen mused.

"Well, President Roslin is the one who's dying, and…wait a frakking minute. Are you saying...?"

"This is the Admiral," bill Adama's voice rasped over the intercom. "All personnel will report to the flight deck immediately."

"I guess the Admiral has made up his mind," Cottle said. "We'd better get going."

Kara looked at the silent Sam. Whatever secrets he had inside would have to wait. Right now, they had a little girl to bring home.

May the Gods-and the Goddess-watch over you, she thought, as she and the others left for the landing bay.