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Chapter 3: Ditching

Claire played with the edge of her shirt as she silently walked beside Bender. The silence wasn't necessarily uncomfortable, but it was far from enjoyable. Of course, if they did happen to talk to each other, Claire knew that any form of communication would most likely result in an argument, followed by another silence. She figured that they might as well skip a step.

It was hot outside, and even though it probably wasn't smart to wear a jacket so late March, Claire had done it anyway. As beads of sweat started to collect on her forehead, she finally shrugged off her jacket and faced Bender. Claire didn't try to hide her irritation as she asked, "Are we just going to walk around?"

Bender abruptly stopped and turned to look at her. Smugly, he suggested, "Well, we could stop and make out…Or more."

Claire threw her jacket at him, unable to tell if he was serious or not. She continued walking as Bender caught it easily and slung it over his shoulder. Claire was glad that, if nothing else, she'd at least gotten Bender to carry her coat for her. Although he probably didn't even realize that he was doing something almost gentlemanly. But then again, the reason that she'd thrown her jacket at him in the first place kind of offset the favor.

"So was that your plan the whole time?" She asked finally, referring to his idea. Claire couldn't decide if she wanted to be amused or annoyed that Bender hadn't even tried to be subtle about it.

"Well…" He trailed off. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and saw that he was grinning impishly at her. She gave him a dark look, so he hastily moved on. "Then how about this?" He put his hand in his jacket and pulled out a brown bag. Claire got one whiff of it, which was enough to tell her exactly what was inside. "I brought it from home since my stash in my locker was getting low… And you know, I wouldn't pass up another opportunity to hear you talk about how popular you are," He added, smirking at her.

"Asshole," Claire muttered. At least she hadn't been as bad as Andy. She hadn't hopped around the library showing off her muscles; not that she would've really had many to show off anyway.

"Well do you want it?" Bender asked, giving the bag a little shake as he held it out to her.

She didn't even need to think about it. "No. If we get caught, I'm in enough trouble as it is. I don't need to come back smelling like pot, walking next to some mysterious guy from detention. Don't you have anything else to do?" Claire paused, before amending, "Something that doesn't involve sex or drugs? Or both?"

She looked at Bender defiantly, expecting an arguement.

"Not ev—."

She cut him off instantly. "Not a chance."

Bender held her gaze for a few more seconds before sighing in defeat. "There's an old movie theater around here somewhere."

Claire stared at him in disbelief. "You don't know where it is? We're just going to walk around until we find it?"

"You want to hitch a ride from someone?" He asked, indicating the completely deserted road. Only one or two cars had passed them in the time that they'd been walking.

She scowled over at Bender, but mentally agreed that he had a point. And even if there did happen to be a car driving by, Claire knew that she didn't have the guts to hitch hike anyway.

About twenty minutes later, and just as Claire's patience was nearing an end, the movie theater finally came into view. If it had taken much longer to find something to do, Claire would've just given up. In fact, she would've turned back a long time ago if Bender hadn't frequently told her that it was "just a few more minutes". A few more minutes her ass.

They made their way up to the only ticket window open. A woman, probably in her early fifties, sat behind it. By the brooding expression on her face, Claire could guess that this wasn't the first time that Bender had associated with the lady; he'd obviously left a strong impression.

"No school today, kids?" The woman asked, sitting up straighter in her chair.

"No. We just have…it's a…." Claire stammered. Well, if the lady didn't know that they were supposed to be in school before, she certainly did now. Claire's feverish talking made sure of that.

"Two tickets to "Mischief"," Bender cut in. Claire looked at him incredulously. It was going to be hard enough just to get the woman to give them tickets to a movie while they were clearly supposed to be in school. This lady definitely wasn't going to let them get into an R rated movie. And Claire didn't have her fake ID with her anyway.

"Do you have IDs?" The woman leaned forward, smiling almost mockingly.

Bender opened his mouth, evidently to argue. Before he could get them both thrown out, Claire grasped his arm and pulled him away from the window. "On second thought, I don't think I want to see a movie today. Thank you, though," She told the ticket woman, spinning around and heading back out towards the same damn road they'd just spent half an hour walking on.

Claire sighed in exasperation. Walking up some deserted road was about as exciting as just sitting through class. The only difference was that, if she'd just gone to class in the first place, there wasn't a chance that she'd end up with another detention.

She turned and saw that Bender was absolutely beaming at her, clearly trying not to laugh.

"What?" Claire asked defensively.

Bender's grin widened. "You scared of her?" He looked back in the direction of the movie theater.

"Shut up," She said through gritted teeth, wishing that she had something else to throw at him.


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