Revival of the Knights – The Return of the Dead

(The following fanfic takes place after the events of Naruto the Movie 2)

Back in the mines of the Hidden Sand Village, three dead bodies are unearthed by a mysterious hooded figure. He carries them on his back with hardly any effort although he had to stitch up one of the bodies as it was sliced into pieces. After which, he disappears in the midst of the endless sand.

Meanwhile in the Hidden Leaf Village, five young ninjas are walking back to report the results of their mission. They look weary but glad that they were able to defeat their enemies. Just then, a grumbling noise erupts.

"Oh man. I'm sooooooo hungry. Can't we go have a bite before we report to old Granny?" the young spiky yellow-haired boy groans.

"Shut up, Naruto! We have to report back to Tsunade-sama before we eat. After all, she'll be relieved that we were able to survive and complete our mission," answers Sakura.

"Whatever… And hey, isn't Gaara and Kankuro supposed to go back to their village now?" Naruto says.

"I thought you said you were going to treat us after we saved your butts from those freaky weirdoes," Gaara responds "After all, you owe me one."

"Me too. That bat lady nearly choked me to death if I had not used a Replacement Technique on Karasu," Kankuro adds.

"Oh alright," Naruto admits.

And they continue walking to Tsunade's office. But little did they know there is going to be an evil surprise awaiting them.

Upon arriving, Shizune ushers them into the room where Tsunade was waiting for them. Tsunade is sitting on her desk piled up with folders and books as usual. She looks at them the moment they come in and smiles.

"You shouldn't have sent them for the mission. But I'm glad they made it," Shizune says to her boss.

"Anyways, how was the mission?" inquires Tsunade.

"Nothing we can't handle. Hehe," smirks Naruto.

"Yeah, right. I was almost dog food," Sakura says and bonks her fist on Naruto's head.

"It was a good thing Kankuro and Gaara came though. If not, I am pretty quite sure that they would be three dead bodies facing you right now," adds Shikamaru.

"Thanks for your help, Gaara and Kankuro. If not for you two, I would probably be in so much trouble right now," says Tsunade.

"Don't mention it. Really. It was no big deal," says Gaara.

"Although someone better keep his promise," Kankuro says, eyeing Naruto who was looking quite embarrassed by now.

"Okay. You're dismissed," Tsunade says.

And they all head out to the ramen shop where Naruto is going to spend money for their food.

The mysterious hooded man finally arrives at a cave in the Hidden Sound Village. He gets inside and places the three bodies on a table in the middle of the room. The room is dimly lit by candles. Some of which have burnt out. He then performs several hand seals and his chakra starts coming out of his body. Strands of chakra pierce through the three dead bodies and start to heal their injuries and bring them back to life. And then, he places a cursed seal on each of them to hasten the regeneration process.

Not long after, the woman with short blonde hair gets off the table and asks what happened. Her two companions, a brown-haired woman and a red-haired woman, shortly stand up and ask the same question.

"Welcome, my dears. I see you're all awake. How was your rest?" the man asks.

"I thought… never mind. It's good to be alive again. I'm Ranke. Thanks for doing this. By the way, who are you?" says the blonde.

"Oh? Me? You don't know me?" the man chuckles, removing his hood. "I am Orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin! Hahaha!"

"I see. I'm Kamina and we are greatly indebted to you. How can we ever repay you?" says the brown-haired lady.

"Well, there is one thing. You can serve me as your master," says Orochimaru.

"Why, of course. I'm Fugai. We were loyal followers once. And we are glad to be of purpose to you. Wait, our stones are gone. We're powerless once more…" says the brunette.

"Of course not. I placed a special seal on each of you so you can keep any powers you formerly have. Plus, it gives you a bonus amount of chakra," Orochimaru answers slyly.

"Oh, thank you, master. But there's just one problem," retorts Ranke, leading Orochimaru into a trap.

"What is it?" Orochimaru asks.

"Well, we served somebody before but he just left three of us to die. And now…" Kamina's eyes glow red and she activates her genjutsu. "You must die so you can never abuse others as well. Call of the Otherworld!!!"

Orochimaru first seems skeptical about this girl's genjustsu as he immediately performed a dispelling techinique. But it is proved useless when, in a matter of seconds, grotesque figures start to appear and try to grab at him and tear him apart. He tries to fend them off until a frightening humanoid bat appears and the figures fade away. The bat tries to eat him up but he manages to escape. And when Orochimaru thinks it's already okay, he stops to look at his feet only to see them partially stuffed into the humanoid bat's mouth.

After Orochimaru is paralyzed with fear from Kamina's technique, Ranke uses Lightning Guillotine wherein she uses two extraordinarily-charged bolts of lightning to blast him into the cavern wall. Her technique severs Orochimaru's limbs, incapacitating if not killing him. Making sure Orochimaru is dead, Fugai uses her Destruction Howl by gathering chakra in her vocal chords to emit a screamthat brought down the ceiling on the man who brought them to life. Then, the three go out of the cave, searching for the ones who caused their death and seeking revenge.