Revival of the Knights – Honest Sacrifice

(The following fanfic takes place after Naruto the Movie 2)

Aoi prepares to send a thunderbolt at the mirror where Temari and Naruto are trapped when Baki and Asuma step into the picture and take the mirror away. Tayuya sends Zabuza to retrieve it along with Aoi and Kagami. The swordsmen then launch a complicated attack pattern where the two try to confuse their opponents with fast movements.

While the two jounin face Zabuza and Aoi, Kagami performs the hand seals needed in order to perform Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique from the numerous puddles that formed due to the ice fragments from her counterattacks melting. The technique succeeds and blasts Baki and Asuma deeper into the forest with Tayuya and her minions following them.

The imprisoned Temari and Naruto are left behind in the mirror as it falls to the ground. Amazingly, it does not break.

Ino gets up after recovering from her failed attempt to take over Ranke's body and hopelessly watches Sasuke's fight against the three kuniochi. Kakashi finally gets up on his feet, feeling a little better than before. He joins Sasuke's side along with Choji who cannot keep watching Sasuke getting beaten any longer.

"Stay here, Ino. I know you want to help but I think it's better if you just stay here, okay?" Kakashi tells her before leaving.

"Okay!" Ino answers with a salute.

Kakashi tries to even up Sasuke's fight by attempting to short-circuit Ranke by using Water Release: Grand Waterfall Technique, using the remains of Kagami's puddles. However, the technique proves ineffective as the water immediately splits into its atom constituents upon hitting Ranke. Kakashi opens his Sharingan and finds out that Ranke is constantly emitting electricity. And that allows her to shrug off virtually any ninjutsu attack as well as prevent taijutsu users from hitting her.

Sasuke also notices this and uses his Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique, causing a huge explosion due to the combustion of hydrogen. Fugai, Ranke and Kamina are seemingly caught in the fire as Choji picks up Sasuke and makes a run for it with Kakashi.

They are about to get Ino and the mirror where Temari and Naruto are still imprisoned in when they see Kamina swooping down from the skies towards them. She uses her Dark Masquerade: Mirage from the Clouds to duplicate her own self and making her duplicates attack from the skies. Kakashi bobs and weaves to avoid her attacks but Choji and Sasuke are not so lucky. Choji, having to carry the critically weakened Sasuke, has to shield Sasuke from getting more injuries at the cost of getting more hits from the enemy.

Kakashi tries to help Choji from Kamina but Ranke cuts in and electrocutes him with her Electrocution Hand. She follows up with her Storm Cutter, launching Kakashi into the air. Fugai then catches him in mid-fall and commences her Lupine Shredder Claw, clawing at Kakashi with blinding speeds. She lets the ninja fall afterwards, leaving him with deep gashes. Blood drips from Fugai's claws as she moves toward Choji's direction.

"You are fools to think that this is just a simple mixture of genjutsu and ninjutsu to commence my attacks! At this stage, all my illusions are materialized and I can safely attack you from a distance by commanding them to attack you," Kamina tells Choji and Sasuke who drop on their knees from fatigue.

"Now, how shall I finish them? Shall I deep-fry them to a nicely burned crisp? Or shall Fugai detonate their internal organs from the inside with sound waves?" Ranke approaches them with a sadistic look on her face, looking more menacing than ever.

Fugai starts to gather chakra in her throat again when a stream of green energy blasts the three women about five feet away from the Leaf Ninja.

"Not so fast, you three. I'm your opponent now," says a young boy with long yellow hair. His armor glints as if he were a deity descending from the heavens.

"Temujin! What a surprise… and waste of time, you insignificant excuse for a shinobi!" Ranke shouts as she and her cohorts get up on their feet.

"I see you probably got rid of Haido. Maybe it will be worthwhile fighting you… Right, girls?" Kamina adds.

"I hope you know what you're getting into, Temujin. But I'll enjoy your pathetic screams of agony," cackles Fugai.

Ranke launches the attack with her Numerous Lightning Coils, unleashing several bolts of lightning from her hands. Temujin counters with his Raging Thunder, using the Gelel energy stored in his armor to deflect the electricity. Then, a hand reaches out from the ground behind Temujin and grabs his foot. Temujin struggles but the hand refuses to let go and instead drags him halfway submerged into the ground.

Tayuya's new minions prove too much for the jounin to handle. Coupled with her ability to conjure ghosts made of her chakra from them, Tayuya easily puts Baki and Asuma into a situation where they have very limited choices.

"This girl… She's unnatural. She is a bit craftier than my Shikamaru and a whole lot more dangerous since she stays at a longer range. Not to mention that her two missing-nin minions are pretty difficult to handle individually. The only thing we could probably do here is stall," Asuma tells Baki.

"I don't know what you two are talking about over there. But I know I'm still going to win. Aoi, blast them with your lightning," Tayuya says.

At once, Aoi takes out his sword and aims bolts of lightning at them. However, Baki and Asuma cut them effortlessly with their wind element chakra.

"Now I got you exactly where I want you to be," Tayuya smiles.

Walls of ice erupt from the ground, imprisoning the jounin. Kagami adds the final touch by closing off the top with a boulder-sized chunk of ice, blocking the only path of air for the two.

Kagami then readies herself to perform Ice Release: Reflective Impact but then she stops. Tayuya calls off her summoned minions and goes back to where Ranke, Fugai and Kamina are.

Temujin is hopelessly outnumbered and more importantly outmatched by the combined efforts of Ranke, Fugai and Kamina. He tries to use his Raging Thunder once more but Ranke has effectively paralyzed him with her last attack. And even if he could use Raging Thunder, his arms could barely direct the attack as Fugai has severely damaged his muscles by targeting them with her sonic attacks.

He then looks at the three who are poised to kill him. He closes his eyes, ready to embrace his death.

"No point in struggling when you've already lost," he says in his mind.

THUD!!! Temujin is sprawling on the wooden floor of the inn he is staying at. He gets up and sees a familiar face from his window.

"Temujin, I thought you are supposed to be training!' Naruto cries out to him from the window.

"Wha-? Huh? Oh, never mind."

"What happened to you? Slept late again last night?"

"No way, Naruto. Just woke up from a nightmare. Hehe." He answers rather sheepishly

"Would you mind telling me about it then?" Naurto enters the inn and heads for Temujin's room.

"Okay. Just wait a minute. I have to freshen up."

Outside the inn, three women pass by the inn. One goes up to the innkeeper and silently kills him with a lightning bolt. She then marks the inn's door with a big red "X".

And a chorus of evil laughter filled the air.