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Chapter One

The cool autumn wind whipped through blonde tresses of the blue eyed teen as he flew down the street. Earphones covered his ears playing the recordings of his own work. The sounds of a violin wrapped around his mind as a grin played across his face. His high school blazer whipped in his created wind from its spot draped over his shoulder bag. His white shirt billowed slightly as he whipped around a corner and he barely avoided getting hit in the face with his own deep maroon tie as he continued down the street.

His black dress pants morphed to his legs as he pushed himself faster and faster across the level ground. In his hands he carried a boxed juice while the other held his dress shoes. Blue eyes twinkled in the morning sun as he bladed towards his high school. His blades were his pride and joy. His guardian, Iruka, didn't want the teen to have them because he was afraid that the golden haired teen would 'end up killing himself' and had denied the teen for years.

A full blown smile spread on his face as he remembered convincing his guardian five years ago to allow him to get them and he had become a pro over night. The blue eyed teen laughed softly to himself. Okay not over night but it didn't take him long if he didn't count the time that he crashed into a parked car and smashed up his knee pretty badly and had to have crutches for a month. He still remembered all the girls swooning over him and asking if he needed any help.

His red, orange, and white blades streaked across the pavement as he wove in and out of the morning pedestrian traffic that milled in front of the express bus stop. Some of the morning commuters waved at the teen as he flew towards school. The blonde teen spun around saluted them before spinning around once again and laughing as he scared an alley cat that had tried to cross his path.

Blue eyes narrowed as he stared towards the cross lights. A tall boy sat astride a deep red mountain bike. His hair was spiky, murky brown, and his eyes were deep earthy brown. He was dressed the same as the golden boy but the brown haired boy was actually wearing his deep midnight blazer though he left it open. Upon both cheeks of the teen were long maroon upside down triangle tattoos.

The golden teen slowed, easing his foot back to apply the brake, as he reached the other teen. He reached up and removed his earphones, letting him fall to hang around his neck. He smirked as he held his fist out to the teen. "Mornin' Kiba!"

Kiba grinned, revealing longer than normal canines, as he crashed his fist into the blue eyed teen's. "You're late this morning Naruto." Kiba's voice was deep for an eighteen year olds but Naruto chalked that up to living with more dogs than humans.

Naruto grinned, shrugged, and glided over to the walk light. He pushed the button more than was needed as he waited for the white illuminated 'walking man' to appear. "Tell that to Kyuubi. He tried to follow me again to school. I think one of these mornings he's actually going to do it."

Kiba barked out a laugh as he rested one of his feet on the pedal and the other on the sidewalk as he rocked forward and backward, "Yeah well that would take a lot of explaining. At least when Akamaru follows me to school it's okay because he is a dog but for you…" Kiba grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

Blue eyes flicked to his best friend before looking once more ahead as the 'walking man' appeared and he ghosted out into the cross walk. "Yeah I know. Kyuubi is a fox. People would probably call animal services or something."

Kiba pedaled slowly across the street as he kept close to his friend, "Man it's not a probably it's a definitely. Foxes aren't exactly a domestic pet."

Naruto laughed as he flipped his arms back and crossed them behind his head. "Yeah but he's like my best friend and I would be pissed if someone took him away."

Kiba punched Naruto in the armpit causing Naruto to almost fall. "Ass! I thought I was your best friend."

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he rubbed at his arm pit. "Not anymore! You just punched me in the pit!"

Kiba grinned as he started to pedal faster towards school. "Sorry man I didn't know you were delicate like a flower! Or do you bruise like a peach?"

Kiba laughed as he raced away from Naruto. "Fuck you Kiba! Just wait till I get to you!"

The sounds of cussing and cursing could be heard as the two teens battled down the sidewalk and towards the high school that loomed in the distance. Konoha Collegiate Senior High, KCSH, was a well respected school known for producing the world's newest leaders and every single Uchiha had graduated with high honors from the prestige school. Now, said family, rule over the business world with an almost iron fist.


The tall raven haired young man stood facing the large window of his corner office. Today was his first official day as Vice President. He had graduated high school two years ago but his father wanted him to travel to the family's other companies around the world before taking up the mantel of VP here in the home office in Konoha. It was a boring two years of talking with complete idiots.

Dark, deep onyx eyes narrowed as he stared at the people milling down below on the sidewalks of the skyscraper. No one of interested walked below himself. No one of interest walked within the building. The raven was of the belief that no one in the world would ever be of interest to him. No one set his blood on fire or made his heart pound within his chest.

A frown marred his handsome face as he thought about his 'loving' brother trying to find him someone that would excite him. He was told by his brother that it was unhealthy for a healthy able bodied young man not to get excited when seeing a beautiful woman or, at the very least, a beautiful man. The raven smirked. He thought women were all pointless except the few that, to him, actually had brains. He always knew that his interest was with the same sex but, though he had taken many men, they didn't do anything for him.

A low buzzing sounded from behind him and as he turned a voice sounded in the large spacious office. "Uchiha-san the President would like to see you in his office."

The raven smirked. What can my dear brother want now? "Tell him I'll be there soon."

"Hai Uchiha-san." The voice died as Sasuke straightened his black tie on his way to his office door.

The floor was quiet as he exited his office. It was very early and the only one present this early was his own secretary. The young woman was fresh from college with a degree in office management. Though the raven never bothered to learn her name he was surprised at how quickly she seemed to shift from answering to his brother to answering to him. Another female with a brain does exist in the world. At least she isn't throwing herself at me.

The young brunette smiled softly and bowed to the raven before getting back to work. The young man walked the length of the floor before stopping at the elevator. He knew this was going to be an interesting first meeting with his brother. The raven never knew what to make of his meetings with his brother and more often than not the meetings left him confused or pissed off. The latter being the most common outcome.

He entered the elevator and pushed the button for the top floor. The raven kept going over contracts and business meetings that his brother was most likely going to wish to talk about. They had an upcoming meeting with the President of an import company coming that very evening and the raven knew that the meetings were going to go well into the night.

The slight ding of the elevator stopped the raven's thoughts as the steel doors opened to the President's office. Sitting in a large leather winged chair was none other than his elder brother. "You wanted to see me Itachi?"

Itachi smirked as he motioned towards the chairs that faced his desk. The raven nodded as he made his way into the office. "I knew you would be here early Sasuke."

"Hn." Sasuke sat in one of the leather chairs, crossed his legs, as he rested his entwined fingers over his raised knee.

"Always the man of so few words. Did you like my present?" Amusement flashed briefly through Itachi's eyes as he stared down Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked, "He served his purpose."

"Hn." Itachi steepled his fingers below his chin while his elbows rested on the arms of his chair. "I called you here about tonight's meeting."

Sasuke nodded as he waited for his brother to continue. Silence stretched and Sasuke felt a tick beginning to twitch above his left eye. "And?" His voice was low and almost a growl. Itachi knew that his silence was annoying him. He did it on purpose.

"Have you heard of Blue Crystal?"

Sasuke's eyebrows drew together slightly, "The restaurant in downtown Konoha?"

Itachi smirked as he lazily nodded his head, "Very good Sasuke." Sasuke's eye twitched as his brother continued, "It seems that the President and his associates will be arriving late tonight and wish to have a 'meet and greet' at a restaurant before we continue with anymore contact between our companies."

Sasuke uncrossed and crossed his legs as he barely held back the roll of his eyes, "So they want to go to dinner? What a waste of time."

Itachi laughed softly, "Yes be that as it may we will play the gracious hosts and take them to the best restaurant in town. Dinner is at eight Sasuke." Itachi swung his chair around to look out the window of his office. "Don't be late."




"Kyah! Hi Naruto-kun!"

Naruto glided into the spacious courtyard of the school. The minute he entered he could hear girls and boys yelling out to him. He sighed softly as he continued on with Kiba on his left. Naruto would nod, wave, and smile at everyone calling him but he knew it was all for show. They didn't care about him they just cared about what he could do.

"Don't they piss you off man?!" Kiba growled at a second year that got too close to them. "You need to suck it up man and tell them to fuck off!"

Naruto huffed out a laugh, "You don't think I've tried? They all come after me anyways."

"Then you're probably not saying it right or loud enough." Kiba steered off towards the bike sheds with Naruto gliding leisurely beside him. "Or you could fudge it with them?!"

Naruto shook his head, "I couldn't do that. My readings, visions, insights, and premonitions are always correct. I just wish I never started telling people. Then they would have all left me alone because I'm the orphaned kid of a no body."

Kiba slapped Naruto on the shoulder, "You're not a nobody man. You're Uzumaki Naruto psychic exstrodinare! The man with the visions! The man with all the girls drooling for him! The man wi—"

Naruto slapped Kiba's hand away as a grin spread across his face, "Alright alright I get it! Gees not so loud I don't think the people in Suna heard you."

"Listen Naruto seriously…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Kiba talking seriously? Is the world coming to an end?!"

Kiba climbed off his bike and steered it towards the metal racks as he reached for his lock. "Ha ha ha. Shut up! Look we're seniors this year Naruto. Don't do any readings or whatever the hell you call it. Just tell the swooning girls that they can figure out their love lives for themselves and tell the jocks to figure out their own practice routines or whatever the fuck they ask you."

Naruto sighed as he leaned against the rack beside Kiba as the dog trainer locked his ride to the rack. "Yeah I know but I can't seem to say no when someone asks me. Sometimes I don't even have a choice."

Kiba straightened out and brushed his spikes from his forehead. "Tell them you want to concentrate on our senior year. Iruka will be pissed if all you got out of this school was a diploma and not a high paying job."

"Yeah yeah." Naruto grinned as they turned towards the main entrance of the school. "Oh yeah Kiba about 'jobs'…"

"No fucking way man!" Kiba actually stopped so quickly that Naruto glided into him. "You promised man! You don't usually work on the weekdays!"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Ero-Sannin practically begged me Kiba. Anyways it's the first day of school and its Friday. Not only that but today is only a part day and I don't work until seven. Plus Ero-Sannin said that I would be waiting on only one table tonight. Something about a business or a bus or…" Kiba sniggered at his best friend, "Shut up! It was fucking early and I wasn't really awake. As it was Iruka ended up taking over the call because I fell back asleep!"

Kiba howled with laughter, "Man you are the only person I know that could fall asleep with a phone to their ear!"

Naruto skated past his friend, "Well than I won't come over after school and help you with Akamaru. I did have a few hours to spare but now…" Naruto shrugged and grinned as his canine friend stuttered out behind him.


Sasuke sat at the white linen table beside his brother with Nara Shikamaru on his other side. The tall silent man was currently leaning back in his chair with a look of boredom on his face. But Sasuke knew better than judging the black haired man on his appearance. He was brilliant and calculating. He was the greatest find of Uchiha Corp. and Sasuke wouldn't trade the analyst for anyone.

Sasuke raised his water glass to his lips as he glanced around the private parlor. Blue Crystal was a five star restaurant owned and operated by Jiraiya. The famous author decided years ago to open a restaurant and since then it was the talk of Konoha. It was most notably none for its private parlors that businessmen, such as themselves, would come and conduct meetings. Not to mention that the food was outstanding.

Sasuke leaned back in his chair and glanced over the silver and marble railing. Their parlor tonight was on the second floor. Across from them was another table but it was more than far enough away as to not let them be over heard. To his left was the staircase and above him were multiple crystal chandeliers that lit the room with soft white light.

Sounds of people walking up the staircase drew Sasuke's attention and he lowered his water glass to the table as three people crested the stairs. Leading the group was a shorter vibrant red head that Sasuke knew was the president of Kazekage Inc. Sabuka Gaara. Following behind him were his two siblings. Sabuka Kankuro and Sabuka Temari. All three were dressed in business attire and all looked on as being serious contenders in the business field.

Sasuke, Itachi and Shikamaru rose when their guests arrived. Sasuke nodded to each of them as pleasantries and names were exchanged. They took their seats after thanking the pink haired hostess for showing them to their seats.

"This has to be a first," Kankuro began as he grinned at the three across from him, "Both Uchiha's present at a meeting. We feel..honored."

Sasuke's lips thinned as Itachi smiled softly at Kankuro, "Yes well Sasuke and I are usually not in the same city. But he had returned to run the home office with me. We are all pleased that you could meet with us."

Temari smiled as she flicked her bangs out of her face, "I'll very glad that you could get reservations at Blue Crystal on such short notice."

Itachi raised his water glass to his lips, "Might I ask why it was that you wished to have dinner here? It is the best restaurant in Konoha but I was unaware that its prestige was known beyond the borders of Konoha."

Sasuke looked down at his water. Where the hell is the waiter?! I will not sit through his damn 'meeting' with only water to drink! Temari's voice broke through his thoughts as the woman laughed softly.

"Word travels fast about the amazing food and service of this place. But the most intriguing thing about this restaurant is the rumor of one waiter." Temari held up her hand and raised a finger to prove her point.

Kankuro shook his head, "And I told you sister that it is just a rumor."

Sasuke's eye brow rose slightly, "And what rumor would that be?"

Temari smiled, "They say that there is a young man that works here that can guess what food and drink you would like and you don't even tell him. He just looks into your eyes and he knows. Every single person is always guessed right. I was hoping that I could see this blonde bombshell in action."

Sasuke made to open his mouth to reply to her stupidity but the sound of soft, deep, almost musical laughter stopped him. Onyx eyes flicked towards the stairs and it took all of his Uchiha training not to gawk at the young man that stood atop the stairs. He was dressed in black dress pants that were covered over with a knee length white apron tied around his waist. His upper body was clothed in a sapphire blue silk dress shirt. The sapphire of the shirt made the boy's sapphire eyes almost glow in their intensity. His golden locks stood up in all directions on his head and haloed his face giving his angled face a more ethereal appearance.

He was carrying a large tray ladened with six different drinks. In his other hand he carried a folded stand that he would use to hold the tray while he served his guests. Sasuke licked his lips as the boy made his way towards them. He set up his stand before setting the tray upon it. He turned back and smiled softly at Temari and Sasuke almost growled out as the pale blonde blushed at the attention.

"I don't know about 'blonde bombshell' but I have never been wrong in a choice I have made for a customer." The man bowed to Temari before turning to the rest of the table, "My name is Naruto and I will be your server for this evening. If there is anything that you need of me please feel free to ask." Naruto bowed to everyone at the table before walking over to the drinks.

He grasped them and slowly started to hand them out. The boy's words were lost to Sasuke as he drank in every part of the boy. From his lithe tantalizing bronze neck, to the narrow of his waist, and, when the boy bent over slightly to hand Kankuro his drink, the curve of the blonde's ass.


Sasuke blinked a few times are the smell of fresh fields washed over him. He turned and looked into the crystal clear blue eyes of his server. "Hn."

The young man smiled as he placed a drink before him, "Bloody Mary," Naruto leaned closer to Sasuke's ear and when the boy's hot breath wavered across his ear Sasuke couldn't help closing his eyes, "The first one is a double. I thought you might like something a little stronger for your meeting."

It wasn't until he heard Temari's voice again that he opened his eyes, "So…Naruto?" Naruto smiled and nodded, "It is true then?"

Naruto tilted his head slightly, "Sorry, is what true?"

Temari leaned on her elbows, pushing her breasts more together, as she batted her eyelashes at Naruto. Sasuke nearly jumped across the table but his brother's foot hitting him in the shin stopped him. "That you can look into my eyes and choose my food for me. I see that you guessed correctly with my drink."

Naruto grinned as he rubbed the back of his neck. "It is true. I have been able to do it since I was a little kid. If you wish milady," he bowed and smiled softly, "I can choose your meal for you. I can bring menus for everyone else."

Sasuke smirked as he leaned forward as well. "I believe that we all wish to see this 'ability' of yours." Sasuke's smirk grew as, for the briefest of moments, anger flashed through the blue of the blonde's eyes. He has spirit.

Naruto returned the smirk as he crossed his arm over his chest and bowed to Sasuke. "I will return with your appetizers and then I will show you," Naruto winked quickly, "my 'ability'."


Naruto leaned against the server waiting station inside the large kitchen. He was currently ignoring Chouji's rants about how Naruto never stuck to the menu items and thus gave him more work. Naruto was going to point out again that Chouji was hired as his cook because Naruto never stuck to the menu and that Chouji finished at his culinary school as the top graduate. But he held his tongue and nodded along with Chouji's blabbering.

Naruto sighed softly as he thought about the raven haired young man. There was something about him that caused Naruto's heart to beat a little faster. His deep onyx eyes drew him in and if he wasn't careful he could 'accidently' read the young man and that always caused problems. A person's thoughts were their own.

"Oi Naruto! I said order up!"

Naruto jumped slightly, "Sorry Chouji. I was thinking."

Chouji grinned as he wiped his hands on his apron, "That's a first." Chouji laughed as Naruto glared at the larger man before a smirk appeared on his face.

Chouji blanched slightly as Naruto loaded up his tray. "If it's a first than I guess my 'thoughts' on you and a certain blonde haired young woman wouldn't exist and therefore I shouldn't tell you." Chouji's jaw dropped as Naruto laughed his way out of the kitchen and into the busy throng on the main floor.

The blonde weaved his way through the tables smiling and nodding to the patrons as he made his way towards the stairs. He spotted a familiar pink head and grinned at the girl who in turn blushed and gave him a little wave. Naruto smiled to himself as he ascended the stairs. As he near the top he could hear the soft deep voices of his table.

Their conversation continued as Naruto placed his tray on the stand and started to unload. Without interrupting the conversation he gently placed the starters in front of each member of his table. The red head didn't like salad and Naruto got the feeling that he would rather drowned in soup before he would actually eat it. So the red head received thinly sliced garlic toast with sprinkles of goat cheese. The red head looked at his food before nodding to Naruto.

Next stop was the blonde woman. She was like all women he had come across. She didn't want to appear like she could eat a lot nor did she want to look like she was dieting. She received a small Caesar salad with no croutons but parmesan cheese. Another nod and a wink before he continued on. Every person nodded to his choices as they continued on with their conversation. Naruto made it a habit of not listening to the conversations as they were none of his business and he didn't feel like getting any strange 'visions' from something one of them would say.

As Naruto approached the raven he noticed that the young man wasn't participating in the conversation but was watching him like a hawk. Naruto swallowed as he placed the man's food before him. The raven looked away from him to his food and Naruto couldn't help the smile that graced his face at the widened eye look of the raven. Naruto guessed correctly at the feeling he had been getting from the raven. Placed before the raven was a tomato salad dusted lightly with wine vinaigrette with small chunks of blue cheese.

When the raven continued to stare at his food as he picked up his fork Naruto smiled and backed away. He returned to his tray and waited for a break in the conversation and was rewarded when the tables occupants all started to get engrossed with their starters. Naruto slowly came forward and bowed to the table.

"Pardon my intrusion on your meal but if you like I can take your orders now."

Temari was the first to pull away from her meal and look at the blonde, "You can start with me." She smiled and placed her fork gently on the side of her plate. Naruto nodded as he turned to her. "What do I do?"

Naruto smiled as he knelt down in front of her. "Think of the food you would desire. Picture it in your mind as clear as you can."

Temari blushed at the blonde, "Anything I want? That's a loaded statement. What if you don't have what I want?"

Naruto gently raised her chin to look him right in the eye. "That is not a problem. A restaurant is here to serve you. What would you desire milady?" Naruto's eyes widened slightly as a seafood dish flashed through his mind's eyes. He nodded before pivoting around and turning towards the red head. The man turned green eyes his way. "Sir?" The red haired nodded as the image of a Korean hot pot flashed through his mind. "Really?" Green eyes widened slightly before he nodded.

Naruto rose as he made his way towards the black ponytailed man and the slightly larger dark haired man. Naruto didn't even need to look at the ponytailed man to know what he wanted. The man didn't like things that were troublesome or that required actually work to eat. An array of finger meat cakes flashed in his mind while the other man seemed to fancy steak on the rare side with steamed vegetables and sautéed mushrooms. Naruto nodded to both men before rising again and walking towards the two ravens.

Naruto knelt down between the men and looked into the older man's eyes first. Two images kept flicking back and forth within his mind. The first was chicken burley and the other was lobster tail in a bed of buttered herb and spice steamed rice. "Sir both are wonderful choices and I could bring you both if you liked." The man's eyes widened slightly before the lobster won out. "Excellent choice sir." The older man smirked and nodded.

Naruto took a quick breath as he pivoted and turned his eyes to look into the dark eyes on the man that caused his heart to beat a little faster. The minute their eyes met Naruto saw…nothing. He narrowed his eyes slightly. "Sir what would you like to eat?" The raven blinked and Naruto found that he had to grip the table to keep his balance.

'A soft pink tongue trailed along a tan neck as the blonde's head fell to the side. A deep moan escaped the blonde as the lips and teeth soon joined the tongue on its torture of the sensitive flesh. Lips sucked, pulled flesh into the warm mouth as teeth bit and nipped at the flesh.'

Naruto looked away as he fought the blush that threatened to warm his cheeks. Okay that was…well… Naruto took a deep breath before he once again turned to look into the onyx eyes of the man before him.

'Moans, cries, barely audible pleas escaped the swollen lips of the blonde as the raven's tongue dipped and swirled around his navel as he continue to taste the flesh of his toned stomach. Tan fingers laced into midnight locks as the button of his pants was undone. Pale fingers pulled the zipper down slowly as onyx eyes looked into sapphire eyes with a smirk on his face. The blonde's eyes snap shut as those fingers dipped below the waist of his boxers and trailed burning tracks across his abdomen and over the sharp valleys of his hips bones.'

Naruto gasped as he shook his head and this time he couldn't keep the blush from his cheeks. He knew that the table had been watching him and he could feel the smirk on the raven's face. "Sir…" He cleared his throat as his voice, even to him, sounded a little too hoarse as if he had really been moaning. "Sir please picture what you would like to eat."

"I was."

Naruto's head snapped up as he looked into the lust filled eyes of the raven. That bastard! He's doing this on purpose! Naruto opened his mouth to tell the raven that he would bring him a menu when the older raven behind him spoke up first.

"Sasuke pick your meal so that we can all eat."

Thank you sir! You tell the bastard! The raven smirked before looking once more into Naruto's blue eyes. Naruto was almost afraid of what vision he would see again but this time all he saw was a larger version of the tomato salad that he had already eaten but with grilled chicken and more blue cheese. Naruto sighed in relief as he nodded and quickly stood up.

"I will return soon with your orders." Without a look at the raven Naruto quickly collected his tray and left the businessmen and woman to their meeting.


Naruto leaned against the hostess table as he waited for his table to come and pay. They had finished their meal and drinks and Naruto had given them their bill. It was a long night and he was looking forward to getting home and taking Kyuubi for a walk; after all he did have to wait till nightfall to walk his pet. People would notice a fox in the light but at night he was mostly mistaken for a smaller dog with a long tail.

"How was your night Naruto?"

Naruto tilted his head to the soft voice and smiled. "It was…interesting Sakura-chan. What about you?"

Sakura smiled softly as she flicked her hair over her shoulder. Her sapphire dress showed off her curves but not in a slutty way like Ero-Sannin originally hoped it would. Sakura and Ino had both put their feet down when they were shown the dress he picked out. "It was good. And what do you mean interesting?" She grinned as she crossed her arms over her stomach, "It couldn't have been as bad as serving Oroch—"

Naruto quickly slapped his hand over the pinkette's mouth. "We will never say his name again." Naruto gave an involuntary shutter. The visions from the raven were mild compared to the snake bastard's idea of what he desired to eat. "I have the right to refuse service to anyone and I refuse him whole heartedly!"

Sakura reached up and removed his hand as she laughed, "Okay I get it. He's a little creepy."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow, "A little?! Try a lot! Plus I think he has the longest tongue ever!"

It was Sakura's turn to raise an eyebrow, "How do you know?"

Naruto blanched as he turned away, "You don't want to know…"

"Is this were I take care of the bill?"

Naruto jumped slightly at the deep voice as Sakura smiled and nodded at the man, "Yes of course sir. May I have your bill?"

Naruto turned around and smiled at the tall raven. "Was everything to your liking sir?"

The raven nodded slightly, "All my guests said you made the perfect choice. My compliments to your chief. They seem well rounded in the arts of cuisine."

Naruto nodded, "I will be sure to pass the message along."

The tall raven nodded, finished paying his tab before holding out his hand to Naruto. Naruto blinked owlishly at the man. Never before had he had a customer wished to shake his hand. The raven smirked, "Usually one shakes an offered hand."

Naruto blushed slightly before taking the offered hand. Suddenly his eyes widened as images flashed through his head. He bit his lip as the man pulled away and started towards the door. Naruto's hand flew to his head and all sound left as image after image flooded his mind. He was vaguely aware of Sakura coming to him and grasping his shoulders.

'The limo turned onto a dirt road while the occupants in the car tried to get the doors to open. The driver refused to lower the divider and he wouldn't allow them to get out. The older raven spoke something to the younger as the limo started to slow. The sound of the limo running over the dirt echoed loudly before the limo once again merged onto pavement and continued on towards a house in the distance.'

'A strange man held a black gun to the younger raven's head as he yelled to the older raven. The younger raven clawed at the hand that closed around his throat. The older raven's eyes narrowed as he spoke unhearable words at the man holding the gun.'

'Blood spurted in the wake of the gunshot. Onyx eyes that were once glimmering dimmed as the bullet ripped through his skull. The older raven yelled in rage as he leapt towards the man who had killed his brother. The gunman laughed as let the dead raven fall to the ground and he raised his gun to point at the heart of the raging man.'

Naruto screamed out and he pushed away from Sakura. His heart was racing as he tried to focus the images in his head. Oh my god! Oh my god! They are going to die tonight! The raven is going… Naruto covered his mouth as he fought with the nausea that threatened to fly from his mouth.

"Naruto?! Naruto what's wrong?!"

Naruto turned slowly to Sakura, "I need the keys to your car Sakura-chan."

Teal eyes blinked at Naruto in confusion, "What?"



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