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Chapter Eight

Sasuke watched as Naruto was led away from him and towards the towering pillars that were just visible over the rise of the land. He couldn't explain it but there was something that was pushing at the back of his mind; something that was telling him that he needed to be with Naruto. Sasuke knew that if he could ever nail the boy down long enough he might be able to figure out what that 'something' was.


Sasuke's eyes slid from Naruto's retreating back to the silver haired man that was growing to be a major pain in his ass, "Hn."

Kakashi smirked slightly as he walked over to the raven and leaned against the side of his own car, "He's becoming more and more like Iruka everyday."

Sasuke crossed his arms and turned away from Kakashi to see Naruto and his cousin, Obito, stop a few meters away from them. It looked like Naruto was having a fit or something as the boy was waving his arms around and looked flustered. Sasuke smirked as he thought about the other ways that he could cause Naruto to flush like that and they were wearing considerably less clothing while achieving said flush.

A soft sigh drew Sasuke's attention back again to the KMTF officer and he watched as Kakashi reached up and ran a hand through his hair. "Look Uchiha I'm trying to help you here. You can either listen to me or not the choice is yours."

"What could you possible say to me that would be of merit? By the way Naruto reacted to you I would say that your track record with him is about as good as mine."

Kakashi huffed out a laugh, "That's probably right but the difference between the two of us is that I'm not the one that wants a relationship with the boy."

Sasuke glared at the man but had to admit, if only to himself, that the guy was right. Kakashi had been around Naruto more and more importantly the guy had dated Naruto's father. "I'm listening."

"You know that Naruto's special so I won't go into that but you have to realize that Naruto's first ability is the one that is working against you." Kakashi turned more towards Sasuke and by the raised brow of the littlest Uchiha Kakashi continued, "Naruto is an empathic. He feels all the emotions around; even when he is trying to block them out.'

'Because of this Iruka had to teach Naruto about emotions and why people feel them about themselves and about others. My cute little Iruka has a flaw that you are suffering."

"Oh really and what, pray tell, is that," Sasuke just barely managed to not roll his eyes.

Kakashi laughed darkly and Sasuke felt the need to back away slowly. It was only by the memory of his father's voice telling him that Uchiha's don't run away that kept him still. "Iruka wants nothing more then to keep Naruto safe. He sees other people who could take his boy away as a threat. So what do you tell a young child when he asks you what he feels from two people 'making out' so to speak?"

Sasuke opened his mouth to say how stupid that was when he felt his stomach drop. If Iruka wanted to keep Naruto to himself and not let anyone come near him the sneaky bastard would tell Naruto that the people were feeling lust!

"That bastard!" Sasuke's arms fell to his sides as his fists clenched.

"You are a smart one. Good. I was a little worried." Kakashi pushed off the car and jammed his hands into the pockets of his baggy jeans. "Go slow with the kid. Be his friend. Teach him that lust is perfectly normal feelings to have to someone you like. It's not going to be fast and it's not going to be easy. After all…" Kakashi smiled so wide as he started to walk away that his eyes closed.

Sasuke gawked as he pushed away from the car and started after the silver haired fox. "After all what!?"

Kakashi glanced over his shoulder, "After all you're in love with kid."

Sasuke stopped so fast he almost face planted himself into the soft muddy ground.


Kakashi laughed to himself as he made his way over to Naruto and Obito. The littlest Uchiha would be fine. He just needed patience and that was something that Naruto could teach him and in return, who knows, Sasuke could teach Naruto that it was okay to feel and receive 'lust'.

Kakashi stopped just behind Naruto as the boy finished telling Obito about the strange morning that he had had. Kakashi couldn't help but smile. Naruto and Obito always got along great and whenever Obito would come back from 'Fox Watching' as he put it he would have a million stories for Kakashi.

"Now that you've told Obito your life story Naruto do you think we can finally go over the crime scene? I remember someone saying they had to work today and wanted to nap before it."

Naruto turned to Kakashi and glared; though the glare was more a pout with the eyes as Kakashi likened it. "It wasn't my life story. I was just catching up with Obito-san."

"Well Obito-san has to go and talk with the lead on the case and work on making a parameter and all the lovely police-y things that go with that." Kakashi glanced at his partner and was happy to see that he didn't miss a beat. After a quick pat to Naruto's back the Uchiha was gone.

"Way to tell your partner to 'run along' Kakashi."

Kakashi couldn't help the soft smile that ran across his face at Naruto's softly uttered words. Even after all the time apart they still had their banter, "Yes, well, I wanted you to myself."

"Nice try Kakashi but I'm not letting the Dobe out of my sight."

Kakashi turned towards Sasuke's voice just as Naruto yelled something about 'teme'. Kakashi knew that they would be alright. It was a match. He just didn't think that Itachi's hopes for Sasuke would remain. The boy was walking right into the world of weird with a bright neon sign over his head that read 'Newbie Here Please Fuck With Me'.

"Come along children. We have work to do." Kakashi started to walk towards the looming pillars and tried his damnedest to not listening to Naruto and Sasuke. There was only some much soap opera one could take when it wasn't Icha Icha Paradise.

When they were about six feet from entering the ring of pillars Kakashi felt Naruto tense. He turned around and saw that the boy was pale and was death gripping Sasuke's forearm. Kakashi raised a brow but walked towards the boys.

"Naruto?" He made sure that his voice was calm and gentle as he knew Naruto was likely to bolt if he was startled when he was this frightened.

"I..." Naruto closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He's come so far. I'm glad that he can center himself now. If this was a few years ago there's a good chance he would have bolted clear across the field. "Take your time Naruto."

"Why are there eight? I don't understand that." Naruto stated as he once again opened his eyes.

Kakashi looked over his shoulder quickly before turning back to the two boys. "Eight? You mean the pillars."

Naruto nodded his head and looked over Kakashi's shoulder, "I know that seven pillars are used for purity and that nine are used to seal. But Yamamoto-sensei never taught anything with eight pillars."

"Did you ask him about eight Dobe?"

Kakashi hid his smile in his fist as Naruto turned and glared at the Uchiha. "Of course I did you teme! I was learning about rituals so of course I would ask!" Naruto huffed and narrowed his eyes one last time at Sasuke before turning once again to Kakashi.

"Yamamoto-sensei said that rituals were summonings. That the amount of pillars and the markings on and around the pillars told a story. This story would lead to something or someone being called. When I asked him about eight pillars he went silent and so serious I thought I had offended him. He told me to never ask him about that again and that I was never meant to be near it."

Kakashi hummed as he rubbed his chin. Yamamoto was a smart man and the best at rituals and the occult. But why wouldn't he tell Naruto about an eight pillar summoning circle? And why wouldn't he want Naruto near one?

Kakashi closed his eyes and turned away from the couple. He didn't like going against what Yamamoto would have said to Naruto but at the same time there was someone out there that tried to summon something and they had failed. It would only be a matter of time before they knew it failed and would try again.

Kakashi new the police wouldn't handle waiting for Yamamoto to return and Kakashi knew that he only had access to Naruto for today. After that he knew Iruka would make it damn near impossible to get at the boy. Kakashi sighed and turned back to Naruto.

"I need your help Naruto you know this. We need to know what happened. The people that died have a right to know why they died. Without Yamamoto here I have to turn to you."

Naruto shook his head slightly, "I saw what happened Kakashi. I don't… I can't go through that…" Naruto bit his lip and started to back away.

Kakashi's eyes widened slightly, "Saw what happened!? Naruto please! This could really help us o…"

"He said no." Kakashi stumbled slightly; he hadn't even realized he had stepped forward at Sasuke's statement.

"Now look here Uchiha thi…"

"No you look here Kakashi," Kakashi's eyes narrowed as Sasuke gently moved himself to stand in front of Naruto, "Naruto said no. I happen to agree with him. You didn't see him when he came to from the incident in the car. Whatever he saw was horrid and I will not let him go through it again."

Kakashi raised his hands, "Okay then lets all just back up a bit. What happened in the car was stress wasn't it?"

Naruto grasped onto the back of Sasuke's shirt as he leaned around the boy, "No. I saw someone standing outside the car window. It was a young woman with red hair and hazel eyes. She was hurt. Badly. She came through the car and touched me. After…" Naruto closed his eyes and moved to once again hide behind Sasuke.

"The only survivor was a Jane Doe with red hair and hazel eyes." Holy shit! An essence! An essence survived the night and waited from the most powerful medium in the area. Someone she could tell her story to.

Naruto perked up, "It wasn't a ghost!? What was she then?"

Kakashi smiled slightly. They now had what happened within the circle and Naruto wasn't even going to need to tell him, "I believe what you saw and felt was an essence. An essence is the soul's way of leaving behind a witness to something horrible that happened. The young woman would have had to have had abilities like yours in order to even create an essence."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "This helps us how?"

Naruto sighed and sagged against the Uchiha's back, "An essence is like a recording Sasuke. It's in my mind but someone else, someone like Yamamoto-sensei, would be able to draw it from my mind and see what I saw. I wouldn't have to repeat what I saw and felt because Yamamoto-sensei would know everything I knew."

Sasuke huffed out a deep breath and shrugged his shoulders. "Sure. Why not. Does that mean we can leave here then if this Yamamoto person can just get whatever it is from Naruto's mind?"

"I'm afraid not. I need as much information as I can get. I need Naruto to come with me into the circle and look at the markings that have burned themselves into the ground." Kakashi had barely finished speaking and Naruto was already shaking his head in the negative.

"I'm not going in there Kakashi. I know I get feelings all the time but I know, without a doubt, that I am not meant to step with those pillars! Something happened within those pillars and I feel like that something will attack me."

Sasuke turned and collected the shaking blonde into his arms and gave Kakashi such a glare that he was glad that looks couldn't kill. Kakashi hated hurting the kid or making him feel bad but this needed to be done. There was only some much that Yamamoto would be able to get from an essence and Kakashi needed to know what Naruto felt within the circle.

Kakashi took a small step forward, "Naruto those people who died here need closure and we need all the facts to catch the son of a bitch that did this. I know you don't like how it feels but I really need you to come with me. After this I'll take you home. I promise."

Naruto shook his head and Kakashi was about to respond when Sasuke turned to Naruto and took the boy's chin in his hand. "Why can't you go in there?"

Kakashi tried to make himself as small as possible while still staying in the area. If Sasuke could convince Naruto to help him then he would let he speak.

Naruto bit his lip, "Something evil happened within that circle Sasuke. Something dark and unnatural came forth. I feel it will attack me if I step foot within the circle."

Sasuke's thumb traced over the raised scars on the young man's face, "I will not let anything happened to you. I promised Iruka that I would protect you but most of all I promised myself. How can I help you with this Naruto?"

Naruto sniffed and shook his head, "I don't know. I don't want to be here anymore."

Sasuke leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to Naruto's. Kakashi knew it was a kiss of comfort and by the look on Naruto's face it worked. "What if I carried you?"

Naruto's glare was almost cute if Kakashi wasn't hoping that that was all it would take to get Naruto to enter the circle. "I'm not a fucking damsel in distress teme!"

Sasuke smirked and pecked the boy again, "Not with a mouth like that you aren't. I meant you climb on my back and I carry you. That way you're not technically touching the ground and I entered the circle not you."

Naruto opened his mouth and closed it a few times before sighing softly, "You'll leave the area the minute I say I want to leave and nothing Kakashi says will make you stay?"

Sasuke brushed golden bangs from Naruto's eyes as he nodded, "I will listen only to you." Naruto smiled softly and nodded. Sasuke turned and offered his back to Naruto who carefully climbed on the Uchiha's back.

"Remember Kakashi," Naruto stated as Sasuke grasped Naruto's thighs and shifted the boy better on his back, "This is the last time."

Kakashi saluted with a grin as he turned around and walked towards the pillars and the scorched earth behind them. He really hoped that nothing was going to happen but he needed to know and Naruto was the person that would be able to tell if the worst was coming.


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