TITLE: The Pureblood Twist

AUTHOR: DeathSidhe

GENRE: Angst, Action,Tragedy, Adventure, Family

WARNING: Violence, Language, Graphic


DISCLAIMER: I don't take any credit for the Harry Potter Books and or characters,places, etc mentioned in the following story, all rights belong to J.K Rowling

REASON?: Alright so we've all seen the basic stories out there with either 'Harry,Hermione,Ginny,Ron,Fred,George' and so on are the type to always end up in some AU/AR world or thrown into a time travel situation whether forced or accidental. Most of the time they either have tear jerker reunions,attempt to change or save the past/AU worlds, go along for the ride and try to blend in, and last but not least some of them in these situations are battle weary,cold,distant, and usually disturbed by all of it(usually Harry) Now I've always wondered(and trust me I've searched) that why isn't Draco ever in these situations? shouldn't he get a chance to jump back in time? or at least accidentally at like 30 yrs of age be forced to face younger versions of his parents? Or even worse, Alternate versions? Nicer? Calmer? ones who maybe don't believe in pureblood nonsense? Maybe even support the Light Side? How would everything go down? We always know how Lilly and James Potter act around an alternate Harry, But what if Draco Malfoy was in his spot instead?

THE SUMMARY: In his later years Draco Malfoy was never really surprised by much anymore, one got used to blood in the Dark Wars, But still..when it all came to an end he should have expected something like this to come along and turn his world upside down. Now he was where? This is all Potters fault!!


'The Pureblood Twist'

Written by: DeathSidhe


Chapter 1: Dammit Potter!!


Mother used to say, if you would you could find a way, but she had never been one to walk through rain or fire had she? no of course not! that was all potter's doing, the chosen-one,savior, the lights bloody god. He supposed that in the end he should have suspected that when his life had gone done hill like it had, it was most likely all potters fault.

Everything had started when the time came for him to serve The Dark Lord, now Draco was a Malfoy to the core, so kneeling on one's feet and sucking lips on the man robes was not his idea of the so called 'power beyond your dreams' that other Death Eaters had spoke of, he'd yet to see them as nothing but idiotic servants, nevertheless back then he'd thrown together a half plotted scheme and literally backed out of becoming a Death Eater, and oh had that knocked a few heads around, the great spoiled,snobbish Malfoy, turning his back on everything he'd know 'obligations' the simple word of his life..or at least it had been once

It wasn't to long after that both during which he and Potter,after a long hour of disagreements, had in the end shaken one anthers hands and ended the long dispute that had once been between him, thus Draco had joined up with the Order of the Phoenix..rather what was left of it.

The war kicked off, with the blasted Golden Trio on the front lines. Slowly but surely their war in Great Brittan became known by the other magical lands, Durmstrang soon fell and was later turned into a Death Eater base, the women of Beauxbatons had been taken and forced into slavery by numerous purebloods seeking to continue their line somehow should they to fall. Without either Dumbledore or even Snape of all people to help them, their side was quickly losing, it was something that both Draco and Potter refused to accept.

It was the continued deaths of those around them that brought a sense of dread, of horror,of anger, and shortly after...determination

Draco could still remember it, he'd attempted to rescue his mother from the Malfoy manor, when his father Luscious of all people stopped him, in full Death Eater clothing and a wand raised, there was no warmth in those eyes, not that he expected it really. Lucius was a man of many things, but love for ones son? not really. Yet he would not lose his mother, even before everything had gone wrong, the women had done her hardest to save him from his path, even attempting the unbreakable vow with Snape, something the man had seen to with his dieing breath.

In the end, yes..it was a long hard duel..something that cost him, both mentally and physically, but a simple Avada Kedavra had ended it, and the once proud,stoic,cruel man..Lucius Malfoy, hit the floor, eyes wide,lifeless, pale..and gone

Fat lot of damned good it did him either, he'd ended up scarred horridly and then not two months later he'd lost his mother in the fall of Grimmauld place, the old headquarters. Nymphadora Tonks had sold them out, Draco knew from the start, Once a black always a Black, although the entire thing had hit Potter pretty damn hard, unlike the man's godfather, this 'Black' had gone and betrayed them all just so she could prove that even with a little black blood she wanted her so called 'more appreciation for her talents' Draco himself had seen to her death personally about four years later. One good swish and he'd chopped her head off.

By the time Draco was in his mid twenties, the Dark Wars had changed people, paranoia,riots,murder,death, it was all over, the Death Eaters ran the Ministry,guarded Gringotts, walked the streets of Diagon alley, these days the bastards were evening claiming official Auror roles and saying that their 'rule' was for the good of the world. All the while the members to the order of the phoenix had been hunted down and now lingered in the low twenties. Potter on the other had..over years he two had changed, the deaths of both the Mudblood and Weasel had knocked his world sideways, Draco knew for sure that something in the man had broken the day he went full blown into his plans and started a bloody damned massacre..psychotic Gryffindor, that's what he called them now, oh sure people in those houses were obviously brave, strong,bold and so on til the end of time, but they were also damned nuts! out of their freaking minds, the type to rush into a battle head longed knowing they were gonna die but still did it anyways. Yet..he couldn't really talk like that because hadn't Snape done the exact same thing? Draco had learned long ago after all the deaths and blood around him..people were just people..that was it. discrimination,pureblood,half-blood,muggleborn, goddammit it didn't matter! if you could fight and live, that's all that mattered. Because if you didn't live for the Dark Lord, you had to force yourself to survive..for something..for anything.

There was no Hogwarts, magical schools were out, these days it was a rule under Death Eaters,marked by age 11 and forced into their so called Dictator Ship, being marked was a big thing in their world now, to have it was an honor only for the royal Purebloods, half bloods ran the shops and taught what they could..but muggleborns..no that was another situation entirely..that lead to slavery, the purebloods brought their slaves around like house-elves..and the poor fools responded with "master" it was sickening to Draco and he had done his best to simply end their lives. it was during those times that Potter would stare at him, with that empty emerald gaze of his..and simply nod, he understood, in the frightening horror filled way..he understood, and sometimes that alone scared Draco all the more.

In his early Thirties with the Dark Wars still going on, things became desperate, long ago had they escaped to the muggle world of all places, Potter had taken up with some of the leaders and made up his own military of sorts, and even now Draco had his own pretty little muggle war title, not that it ever made him feel better that's for sure. Sometimes it made his head spin that he had soldiers under him to throw into the war, muggles of all things! and the easy way they died and more simply arrived, it almost boggled the mind! at first he hadn't wanted to do it, for obvious conflicting reasons, Voldemort himself had servants and the similar situation was very eerie, and it also involved a good chunk of his pride to be involved with muggles! to place one's hopes on muggles, to lead them into a godamned magical war knowing most if not all were going to die? was that guilt he felt?.....dammit

Then..it all came to an end..just like that he could remember it even now when he blinked his eyes..the wash of blood across the open battlefield, tripping over bodies unable to tell muggle or magical apart, the stench of it..not knowing who's intestines his hand had landed in, many times Draco wanted to vomit, his confidence swaggered left and right while he swished his sword through the chest of another Death Eater, blood of his victims splattered across his face and robes, his once sleek platinum hair now greasy and slung haphazard in a mess around his shoulders,

He could see Potter in the distance and taking on Voldemort himself, the battle looked fierce, suddenly Potter raised his wand and seemed to cast something that from his point Draco couldn't recognize it, then for one moment..their eyes met and he could of sworn he saw something in those eyes of his..sorrow? regret? There was a blinding flash, a tremor through the ground and suddenly..all was quiet.......far to quiet

When the dust cleared...Draco Malfoy screamed in horror


Pale grey eyes flickered open, the annoying sound of an alarm clocked blistered in the distance from the outside of his blankets, with a faint mumble, one long hand reached out and threw the bloody thing across the room only to smash to pieces, ha! he should have taken the beater spot in Quidditch, shove that eh!?

Of course he'd never had any such luck, not even twenty minutes later the light rapping of a knock upon the door could be heard.


He obviously didn't answer, damned recruits...brown-nosing bastards all of them!

"Sir I apologize for the inconvenience but the others have arrived for the meeting".

Ah..even more fun! christ he'd never sleep at this rate..

So it was that the man in question slowly pulled himself out of bed, one hand loosely held the blankets around his slim, yet muscled waist, pacing across the room he snarled and whipped the door open with a fierce tug and sneered the bumbling smaller man in front of him who had now gone pale white and seemed ready to faint at any given, and for a brief second he had the silly thought of pushing to see if the poor recruit would go flying into the wind for all the stick that he was.

Again he cursed this day and all his damned cheery recruits

"Very well, see to it that their accommodated and I shall arrive shortly". adding a raised eyebrow just for effect, he had the pleasure of watching the poor man flounder some and now stammer

"y-yes sir!". he gave a quick salute and was gone as fast as the halls could taken him.

Not half an hour later found Draco Malfoy,said man from earlier, now casually strolling down the long empty white hallways. Yet don't be mistaken, a good few years with no magic had changed said man completely. The war had long ago ended, magic was brought to life in the world of muggles, yet just as Salazar Slytherin himself had once feared, magic killings did start up..only this time the muggle world was far more then equipped and modernized to handle such things as what they deemed.. mere wizards.

Harry Potter had gone down as a hero in the eyes of all wizards, Draco only discovered far to little later, that the man himself had been a bloody horcrux, so Potter had done his last act as a Gryffindor, ultimate courage in taking his enemy down to hell with him.

Shortly after...the muggle world took it's own hands into things, those with magic either obeyed their laws or became locked up, wands were taken away, and many magical items were simply lost, without many wizards..it was almost as if..magic had died..the entrance to Diagon alley could no long be opened...by anyone...muggles ..ended the ways of magic.

But of course, Draco Malfoy was a Slytherin..and like hell he'd be caught red-handed, having vanished himself from the scene of the Final Battle, now he played the 'loyal commander of recruits' card and had done the unthinkable, Draco Malfoy had joined the godamned military, oh how his parents would be rolling in their graves. Yet he didn't really know how either of them would take it, his mother would no doubt cry that a pureblood had no way to use magic, while most likely Lucius would demand torture and a the second coming of Voldemort..pssh..not bloody likely..Muggles knew now how to combat their kind. Without wands..many of them had all been simply slaughtered, Draco tried to think of it as simple evolution with wizards being to far behind on the times..but no matter how he looked at it, his fellow kind had been slaughtered and here he was playing around in the shadows of the background..was he a coward? should he have gone down like a fool? like bloody damned Potter? look where it had got the man! death! and Draco was not anytime ready for such gryffindor acts!

In all his years now in under the command of the military he'd run into one other magical person, a young teenage girl, he'd heard later that she was transferred to some base in Russia or something..but the most disturbing thing..is the young girl had no idea what the Order of the Phoenix was! Draco had casually mentioned it as a magical thing since obvious the girl was an escaped Muggleborn slave from the Dark Wars, she had claimed that it was silly, simple bed time stories her mother spoke of.

Two hours after and Draco was still in shock...magical children, if any..learned of the Order through bedtime stories?!

This was one of those times that Draco was starting to feel old.....

Not even a week later after having dealt with said leaders of annoying muggles that he didn't want to think about right now, god he hated his work sometimes. Quietly he pinched at the bridge of his nose while striding across the courtyard intent on taking out midday frustration on recruits for his own benefit and feeling a bit to much like Snape once had against gryffindors, so it was that a sight of an owl caught him off guard completely. Instinctively Draco did a quick search n' glance around the perimeter in case anyone muggle was watching and praying to god that no one was going to jump out and say. 'aha I knew it!'

Carefully he took the strange offered letter and shooed away the bloody owl.

Who would write him? Draco simply sighed with thoughts that it was to damn early yet for wizard things

He was not prepared for the familiar handwriting of his once and now dead general to make his breath hitch

Dear Draco

If your reading this, I've gone and gotten myself killed and now owe Ron 10 galleons when I see him , ah the woes of a gryffindor, no doubt that to this day your still cursing my name through the mud, the thought itself brings me into chuckles.

My old nemesis this parchment is time spelled to deliver itself to you shortly after my passing, I've went and done something sneaky and Slytherin, oh don't sneer at me in such a way! I do have the potential to be cunning!

I went on to someplace hopefully better and now travel in what Dumbles once called 'the next great adventure' no doubt that with my death things have gone nuts? I know you to well Draco, your obviously shacked up somewhere and trying to survive. I am most sorry my old friend for having leaving like I did, hopefully it all went down in a blazing blast of glory, but I have the feeling that's it's not so. Still..that leaves one bit of business left unchecked.

Enclosed within said letter is a special Portkey..take it Draco..and live the chance..at something better.

With Regards,


He had no idea what to feel, there were no tears, no cheers or childish jibes to console himself, only an empty feeling.

What had the man intended? all these years and a simple letter of he's sorry? Draco let out a sound that mixed between anguish and irritation, all the while feeling quite a bit fool of himself.

So for once, Draco Malfoy took a leap, emptied out the rest of the letter, eyes widening as they gazed open the Malfoy crest

Suddenly he felt a tight tug on the navel as his world began to swish with colors and for a moment he felt oddly sick, the only thing he could think of was.

'..Dammit Potter!!