Summary: They made it through the battle alive and Naraku was dead. He thought the danger had passed, so he never expected to lose her like this, not 13 years later. And whats more, she lefthim to raise their daughter alone. Watch as Inu Yasha experiences the joy, laughter, and pain of parenthood.

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As the dust and smoke settled, everyone stood ready, prepared for the worst, however there was nothing there. Cautiosly, the four figures began to look at each other, scared that their comrads

might be injured or dead. As each face sought out the other three and confirmed that they were all alive and not in any serious danger, small, reserved smiles began to tug at the corner of all their

mouths. Before they knew it, they were all smiling wildly and racing to each other. They stood their in a huddle for a few minutes, in one big group hug touching each other confirming that this

was real. As reality sunk in, Sango and Kagome threw their arms around each other as Inu Yasha and Miroku did the same. Next, Kagome and Miroku embraced as did Sango and Inu Yasha, before

finally, Sango launched herself into Miroku's embrace and Kagome did the same to Inu Yasha. For once no one was embarassed and no one was pretending to be tough.

Miroku was unashamed of the tears falling down his face as he realized that he would indeed live to marry the woman he loved and he would never have to worry about his children bearing the


Even Inu Yasha let his walls come down as he embraced Miroku and Sango, something he never would have done otherwise. As he held Kagome in his arms, he felt his heart stir as a new feeling

settled over him, one he'd never felt before, complete contentness.

As for Sango and Kagome, they just enjoyed being in the arms of the ones they loved, feeling as if a huge weight had just been lifted off their shoulders. Naraku was finally dead, and the Shikon no

Tama complete and in their possesion.

For the first week following his defeat, the gang rested and recuporated in Kaede's village. Kagome returned home to visit her Mom and let her know the good news. It was upon her return to the

Fuedal Era, that the problems began. Although Naraku was now gone for good this time, the gang was faced with a problem that in their excitement and relief they had completely forgotten about.

The Jewel was now complete and under Kagome's protection, and just as before the object of desire for a lot of demons. Even though they knew she could take care of herself, they all worried

constantly about Kagome, especially Inu Yasha. The only way to get rid of the jewel would be to purify it, which also meant the well would permanantly close.

Inu Yasha had already told Kagome he would become human so she could purify the jewel and not have to worry about it's protection. At first she protested, but he stopped her. He understood

that she loved him just the way he was but that wasn't why he wanted to become human. He told her that he wanted to become human because as a half demon he would out live her, Sango,

and Miroku. He had finally found a family and he didn't want to have to continue living for years and years after they all died. Even with his decision, Kagome still agonized over what to do for many

nights. She and Inu Yasha had finally been able to admitt their love for each other and Kagome wasn't about to give that up, but if she were to stay with Inu Yasha, that would mean saying good-

bye to her grandfather, mother, and little brother.

It was early one evening, as Kagome sat in the grass looking at the stars just after the sun had set that Inu Yasha, Miroku, and Sango approached her. Unbeknownest to her, all three of her

companions had been having secret meetings trying to find an answer. They had watched her pain as she tried to convince herself that saying good-bye to her mom, grandfather, and brother was

what she truly wanted and that she would have no regrets. It was Sango who came up with the idea one night as she was trying to fall asleep. She had wanted so badly to help Kagome because

she knew the pain of losing her brother and father. She was afraid for Kagome though, it would be worse because she would be chosing to permanantly say goodbye, not being forced to. As she laid

there that night, she thought about how other than Miroku and Inu Yasha she didn't really have anyone. Her entire village had been destroyed, so their really wasn't anything here for her other

than bad memories. As she began to think about it, she realized that the same thing could be mostly said for both Miroku and Inu Yasha. She approached them both with her idea one day when

Kagome was out of range unsure of how they would react. To her suprise and excitement they both agreed whole heartedly with her. Next they went to Kaede, to see if she thought it could be

done and were thrilled when she answered yes. So as they came to Kagome that evening, they could barely contain their excitement and smiles.

As they sat down around her, Kagome smiled at them, although it did not reach her eyes. She was slightly suprised however, when Inu Yasha took her hand, which caused her to smile to widen

just a tiny bit.

"Kagome," Inu Yasha began, "we have something we want to talk to you about. However, seeing as it was Sango's idea, I think she should be the one to tell you."

As Kagome listened to them, her excitement grew. She couldn't believe that they were all willing to do this just for her. In the end, Kagome cried, but it was decided that in one week, they would

all say goodbye to the Fuedal Era of Japan forever, they were able to use the Jewel's power to not only make Inu Yasha become fully human, but to take Miroku and Sango through the well with


The first year was difficult for everyone, but eventually everyone adapted. Kagome and Sango shared her room, while Miroku and Inu Yasha, roomed with Souta. At first the house was considerably

cramped, but everyone adjusted. Souta was thrilled to have to more males around the house and Kagome and Sango enjoyed finding out what it was like to truly have a sister. Kagome's mom

took to Sango and Miroku immediately and enjoyed having "more children to care for" as she put it.

Before they even realized it, three years had come and gone. Miroku had taken over the shrine duties for Kagome's grandfather when he retired after deciding Miroku was an excellent succesor.

Inu Yasha had found work teaching at a local dojo and was now, with Kagome's help getting ready to open his own. Sango had worked as a waitress with Kagome at a small restuarant when they

first came back through the well, but she had since began apprenticing at a small jewelry shop. All of her years creating weapons and tools in the village had come in handy. The summer after

Kagome graduated from high school Miroku and Sango got married and moved into their own house, just a block away from the Higarashi Shrine. The wedding had been small and simple, with Inu

Yasha giving Sango away. Inu Yasha and Kagome were of course the best man and maid of honor. As they had planned the wedding, Kagome often joked how quickly all three of them had taken

to modern tradtions and customs. The ceremony had been elegant and beautiful. They had invited a few friends they had met since they had come, and everyone had a wonderful time. Kagome

had gotten the suprise of her life though when Inu Yasha had got down on one knee and pulled out a diamond ring. With her friends and family watching with smiles on their face Kagome had

tearfully said yes. She later found out that Inu Yasha had consulted her mother to make sure that his proposal was perfect.

So as Kagome entered her freshman year at university, life was perfect.

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