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Chapter 1 - After the Wedding

Standing alone on the quiet beach, Donna gazed into the clear night sky. Wrapping her red shawl around her shoulders, she couldn't ignor the bitter sweet aching in her heart.

Today had been an emotional rollercoaster - not only had she waved off her only child, her precious Sophie, as she set sail on her unexpected adventure with Sky, but she had married the only man she ever loved, Sam Carmichael.

Only days ago, her life had been so simple, now who knew what the future held.

"Donna?" Whispered a soft voice from behind her.

Donna jumped a little as she turned to face her new Husband.

"Are you alright sweetheart?" Asked Sam, as he softly wiped a tear from her cheek.

"I'm okay." Donna replied, reaching out for his hand.

Sam knew she was upset about Sophie leaving and the only thing he wanted to do, was take her into his arms and sooth away her sadness.

As Sam pulled her close, Donna rested her head on his chest and clenched her arms tight around his waist.

"I love you Sam Carmichael." She whispered.

"I love you Mrs. Carmichael." Sam responded, gently kissing the top of her head.

Donna let out a little giggle - it sounded funny, "Mrs. Sam Carmichael." She repeated still giggling.

Looking up at her hansom Husband, Donna couldn't resist the urge to kiss his perfect lips. Sam responded with equal eagerness. Their tongues explored each others mouths, as Sam ran his fingers through her soft golden hair.

He pulled her closer to him, his body tense and aroused - My god, how he needed this woman.

As they kissed and held each other for what seemed like hours, thoughts were running through Donnas' head - This is it! She thought, my Wedding night. Oh my god, it's been 21 years since she'd been with Sam. What if she couldn't live up to his expectations? What if he saw her naked and ran a mile?

Donna pulled away, barely able to make eye contact with Sam.

"I've got to go." She whispered, turning quickly and rushing off towards the villa.

"DONNA!" Sam shouted after her, a shocked look on his face. "Where are you going woman?"

"I'll meet you in my room in an hour." She called back, running up the stairs to the courtyard.

She was nervous as hell and needed the reassurance of her backup girls.


"I need help!" Donna gushed, as she fell through the door to the guestroom.

"You need something." Tanya laughed, passing her friend a glass of champagne.

"Where's Rosie?" Donna asked scanning the room, taking a gulp of her drink.

"Well…" Replied Tanya, "I last saw the so called lone wolf heading towards the beach with Bill." She continued, raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

They both laughed.

"At least one of us will be getting some tonight." Donna said, slumping down on Tanya's bed.

"WHAT?!" Tanya shrieked, looking down at Donna in disbelief. "It's your wedding night. Please don't tell me you've left the poor guy somewhere gagging for it?"

Donna looked up at her friend sheepishly.

"DONNA!" Tanya shrieked again.

"I know!" Donna fired back quickly. "It's not that I don't want to…god I want to, but it's been so long Tan, I'm…" Donna trailed off.

"Scared." Tanya replied, finishing off her friends sentence.

Donna slowly nodded while playing with a piece of her hair.

"What if I'm not what Sam remembers? What if he sees me in the morning and takes off? He's done it before, you know, when he left for home to get married!"

She was starting to get emotional, thinking back to when she was young and reckless.

"You listen to me lady." Tanya replied, sitting down next to Donna and wrapping a protective arm around her shoulders. "You heard what Sam said in the Chapel. That man has loved you for over 20 years. For god sake Donna, he came back for you!" She continued.

Donna rested her head on Tanya's shoulder, a knowing smile creeping across her face.

"YOUR RIGHT!" She shouted, jumping up to face her friend. "Will you help me get ready?" She asked Tanya excitedly.

"You betcha kid." Answered Tanya with a cheeky grin.


Donna looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn't 20 anymore, but she was happy with her appearance. Her subtle make-up reapplied and her hair loosely tied up.

"Done." She said, turning to Tanya.

"You look beautiful." Her friend replied.

"But what if …" Donna started.

"Enough of the what ifs woman!" Tanya cut in, throwing Donna a stern look.

"You're right again." Replied Donna, "It's now or never."

They both smiled.

"NOW, GO GET SOME!" Tanya shouted, pushing Donna towards the door.

Donna opened the guestroom door and took a deep breath. She was ready.


Sam paced the floor of Donna's room, thoughts running through his head -

Why had she run off like that? Was she having second thoughts? What if he couldn't please her like he had all those years ago?

"Stop it Carmichael." Sam whispered to himself.

Donna didn't know it, but Sam was just as nervous as she was.

Sam spun around, as he heard the door of Donnas room creek open.

There she was. The love of his life. He gasped at her beauty.


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