Summary: What if Max and the Flock had never gotten "the talk"? What is the outcome of an adolescence without an adult and knowledge of societal norms?

Chapter 30: Show

A shallow groan slowly echoed through the empty room as he sunk into her pink, willowed, worn out, flesh.

He sunk into her slowly, but quickly started.

In-out, in-out, In... Out.



He groaned into her skin. Do you like this? He wanted to ask her.

She was breathless below his looming form.

In, out. In,


Fuck me. She seemed to say.

He brought her hand up to fondle, cup and hand one of her breasts.

She squirmed and moaned in response. He was taken aback by her receptiveness to him.

"What does it feel like?" she had asked him.

"..." Fang paused. And then he turned to her fully, setting a dark gaze immediately onto her hesitant, curious, hazel ones. To make sure her eyes would have quick access to survey the exact bulge she was questioning right now. "Even better," he responded.

He hadn't coerced her; in his mind. She had asked him the question first. She had asked what it would feel like... with not fingers, but... with...

She had recalled that night, when the two had been laying on Iggy's bed, when she had first gotten her period. His hands had slipped under, touching and caressing her for the first time. His breath had whispered into her ear and fell unto her neck.

"Thats..." Fang said, his fingers probing her vagina carefully, "where my penis is supposed to go." Then, he touched her clitoris.

His penis. Where only his was supposed to go. She had remembered what he had said that day.

And ever since he had started bringing her to the soft, ecstatic, often volatile, throes of pleasure at night with his soft, sinewy, smooth fingers... She had always wondered.

"Even better," he had responded to her.

He continued to thrust into her, his pace moderate, slowly concentrating on bringing her to pleasure while relishing in the feeling of his own hormonal desires being fulfilled.

She moaned lowly from below him. Her sweet breaths wathed across his skin. Her soft groans and low whimpers reached his ears, consistently, with a savored frequency, as he determinedly pushed into the girl lying below him.

Treasuring the sounds coming from her throat, he realized... he loved and cherished her.

"Mmphgffg." He came, and crushed her body tight against his. Her breaths were loud, gasping, above his shoulder as he pushed his face into the pillow beside her head.

Catching control of his breaths rather quickly, his arms still wrapped around her form, he turned his head to her.

"Did you feel it?" his low voice rasped out, looking at her. Max was lying there, looking speechless.

After a moment, she nodded wordlessly, her eyes still looking at the ceiling. Her chest was still heaving.

Did you feel my fluid, emptying into you and only you? He had asked her without saying.

Wordlessly, she had nodded affirmation.

"Thats how much I feel for you," he finally said after a long while of lying there with her. Then, he got up, released his hold around her body, (pulling out of her lest his penis begin to harden once again), and slowly began to dress.

He left her room in silence, her body unclothed and lying ontop of stained sheets. He left her there to think about what they had just done; what he had just shown her.

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