This is for SugarSpiral, because I was such a pessimistic. Love you xx

"No! Can't you just drop it?"

"You brought it up!"

Wilson was trying to get House to forget the discussion they started in the morning, but in doing so didn't notice Houses team wander into his office. "Brought what up?" Cameron asked.

"Nothing!" Wilson protested, but House decided to continue. "Oh, nothing, Wilson was just about to tell me what he and his brothers used to get up to!"

At Cameron's delighted expression, Wilson's gaze shot to House, his eyes clearly saying "If you love me, you'll stop this now." House saw it, and made to tell Cameron to shut up and go cry over some kittens, but failed.

"Come on, Wilson! Tell us!"

Wilson looked at House for support, but found him staring at the floor, fiddling with his cane. At least he had the grace to look embarrassed.

Cameron seemed oblivious to Chase & Foreman's expressions, as well as Wilson's shifting to different feet. But, she didn't miss what happened next.

House swiftly took hold of Wilson's hand, glared at Cameron and said "Hey. The man said no. So do I, for that matter, so unless you wanna fight me, I really do suggest you leave us alone. All of you."

After exchanging swift glances, the team left. Wilson looked down at their entwined fingers, and gave House's hand a squeeze. He looked at Wilson and smiled. "So, what did you get up to?"

Rolling his eyes, Wilson leaned into House and whispered in his ear. "Seriously?" A nod. "Oh, I gotta go."

"I've got some paperwork to do, so I'll be back at about 7." Wilson then quickly kissed House before he could argue, then headed back to his own office.

For once, House was glad Wilson was late home, It gave him time to plan his surprise. He didn't mean for his team to barge in and interrupt their game…

When Wilson came home, he wasn't surprised to find the dishes still there from the night before, as well as this mornings breakfast bowls.

"House? Why are the dishes STILL in the sink?" No response. "House?… Greg?"

Still no response, so Wilson decided to try the bedroom that, until almost a year ago, he could only dream of sleeping in. He carefully opened the door, wary that House could be asleep. But when he opened the door, he couldn't believe what he was seeing,

Their bed had become a huge tent, with the duvet acting as the roof. He smiled when he saw House's cane holding it up in the middle of the bed when he peaked inside. His heart almost jumped out of his chest when he felt something brush his hand, but it was only House.

"You really thought… that I'd wash up?" he said while rubbing his eyes.

"I never thought you'd fall asleep.. Or build a fort."

"I just thought you'd wanna sit and eat pizza like the good old days…"

Only Wilson could go from shocked to confused to embarrassed in less than 5 seconds. He turned his hand over so he could entwine his fingers with Houses, electing a smile from him. He couldn't help but grin as House lent up and kissed him, slow and tender, full of the things Wilson knew he couldn't say, like "sorry".

House broke the kiss to lean over the side of the bed to get something that he carried as if it were made of gold.

"Pizza? I ate all of the anchovies for you."

But when Wilson looked down, he saw that the small fish were still there, but were arranged to make a smiley face.

He smiled, and House took that as a sign to continue breathing - he didn't realise he was holding his breath.

They wolfed down the pizza, and Wilson then said. "Apology accepted. Thanks."

"You're welcome. Now, how about dessert?"