"Ouch!" My hip slammed on what must have been the door handle; the room was too dark to see a thing. My eyes tried to adjust to the extra dark room as I walked, stumbling on clothes piles and laundry baskets. My fingers found the light switch, and I could finally see what I was doing. I lifted up my shirt to see a light purple bruise had already begun to form on my hip. I sighed and walked over to the closet.

"Bella, you okay?" Alice came running into the small apartment bedroom.

"I'm good." I smiled at her.

"What happened here?" She asked in disbelief. There were different articles of clothing hanging all over my bedroom; scattered on the floor, hanging over my dresser, and even in the small bathroom sink.

"I have nothing to wear…"

"You're right, all this stuff is old." She held up one of the shirts she got me just yesterday. "We need to go shopping."

"Alice, we just went shopping yesterday… And besides, I don't have time to shop! I have a job interview this afternoon."

"You have a job interview?" She asked confusedly.

Did I forget to tell her?


"Bella! This gives us even more of a reason to shop! Please let me take you, and I promise I'll get you back before your interview." She stuck out her bottom lip, and started to make her eyes glisten. I have no idea how she does that…

"Fine…" I rolled my eyes, and she started to jump around giddily. "Can we leave now?" And get this over with, for the billionth time in my life.

"Okay." She smiled, and we left the apartment.

After shopping in multiple stores, buying pretty much anything pretty insight, we left to go back to our New York apartment. I don't know how Alice and I could afford all these nice clothes, but not be able to afford a more luxurious apartment somewhere else instead of here, in this old rundown piece of crap. I really need this new job…

"I think you should wear this." Alice hands held a pair of black slacks and a white long sleeve shirt. "It's casual. But still business-like."

"I like it." I smiled, and took the items from her. "Thanks Alice."

"Any day," She smiled. "Call me if you need my expertise." I laughed to myself, and changed into my outfit.

"Wish me luck." I smiled at Alice as I put on my jacket, and shoes.

"Gook luck Bella!" She sang.

I looked up at her, and she gave me a reassuring smile. My hand grabbed the door handle, and I left to my job interview.

I looked up at the tall building, fascinated by its features. It was a huge beige building, with tall glass windows. I took a deep breath and walked in. The lobby would have been completely empty if it wasn't for all the people walking around. The space was huge! I saw on the right side of the room there was a secretary sitting behind her desk.

I walked over to her and read 'Cullen Incorporated' on the front of the large desk.

"Hello." She looked up at me.

"Hi, my name is Isabelle Swan; I'm her for the job interview." I informed her.

She looked through the many papers on her desk, and finally glanced at one.

"Alright, enter the elevator and go to the twentieth floor. Once there you'll turn right and go down the hallway. There'll be two large wooden doors, wait outside of them until the assistant tells you to enter." She looked at me for a brief moment, as if she was studying me. She grimaced slightly thinking I didn't see, or wanted me to see, either way it was very rude.

I turned around trying to not let her gesture bother me, and walked into the elevator. I sighed as I waited for the 'ding' and exited.

I remembered her instructions as I moved through the hallways. I finally landed in front of two large wooden doors. I took a seat on one of the waiting chairs beside the doors, and made sure I had everything.

I heard little 'clicks' on the floor, which must have meant the assistant was coming.

"Hi, my name is Jessica Stanley." She smiled at me. "Hi Jessica, I'm Bella Swan." I introduced myself. "Mr. Cullen is ready for you now." She gestured me to the large doors, and opened one of them. "Mr. Cullen, Isabella Swan is here." "Send her in."