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A/N: Welcome to Untitled! A Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Fan Fiction! This fan fiction is kind of moulded and worked around real events in real life, this story is kind of just our own interpretation of how we think a certain event went down, and what may have happened, or what we wish happened, etc. There are 4 writers for this account: Maya, Mitchie, Keiko and Gabby. This is our first stab at writing a fan fiction, so any kind of constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated and would really helpful us into making this better. Anyways, hopefully you guys like it and enjoy! ~jazzydreams.

Untitled – Chapter 1 – The Guy With The Gapped Teeth

Chapter Authors: Gabby&&Mitchie&&Keiko&&Maya Fluff Rating: AWW

"Okay honey, last shot," teased Starla.

"Thanks, Mom. That definitely helps with the nerves," Zac shot back. He'd been really nervous about this audition. This was his last and final audition before he gave up on the whole acting thing. Zac had an agreement with his parents that he had one year to nab a good part before his parents stop taking him to auditions. It is a bit of a commute, having to drive back and forth from San Luis Obispo to LA, just to audition for parts that he couldn't even get. Not to mention, he was graduating from high school this year and spending a good chunk of time trying to decide where he wanted to go was necessary.

"Well, I'm just saying, there're a lot of people up for this part, just don't get your hopes up too high, okay?"

"I know, I know, but you know, you never know, it's always worth a shot, right?"

"Right," she said, as she smiled at her son. She'd always been proud of the way he turned out. Intelligent, respectful and very humble, she was proud to be his mother.

"Zachary Efron!" called Jeff, the casting director.

"I guess that's my cue," Zac said as he got up off the chair.

"Alright, knock 'em dead sweetie." Starla said encouragingly, as he gave him a quick kiss on his forehead.

"Thanks, Mom." said Zac, as he began to walk away.

"Zac!" his mother called after him.

"I'll always be here no matter what, you know that right?"

"Yeah," Zac said, giving her a smile, "I know." He turned and continued to walk away.

"And Zac?" she called again.

"Yes Mom?"

"Don't screw up."

As Zac entered the audition room, 'You can do this,' Zac told himself. He was doing this for his parents, who have been behind him every step of the way.

"Hi, Zac, is it? I'm Kenny Ortega, the director and this is Jeff Johnson, my casting director, are you ready?"



"You're nervous," Gina asked her daughter who looked like she wanted to pee her pants.

"What?" Vanessa asked, pretending to not know what the heck her mother was talking about. "I'm not! I'm totally cool!" she continued, doing her best to sound as convincing as possible.

"Right, and if you're going to be successful at convincing mother, might want to stop gnawing at your fingernails," Stella said, sarcastically.

"Bite me," Vanessa shot back at her younger sister.

"Ooh. Sassy," Stella grinned, feeling triumphant that she always wins and the 'Who will be the first to annoy the other' game.

"You know, for such a little twit, you're already very sarcastic," Vanessa told Stella.

"Ooh, and where do you think I get that from?" Stella teased.

"I'm not sarcastic?! Besides, you should be thanking me because you're skipping school for this. So tell me something that'll help me, dearest sister," Vanessa said while giving her sister a pleading look.

"If you don't get in on this, you have American Idol? That good enough for yah?"

"Yeah, that's probably the best you can come up with anyways." Vanessa made the decision of making this her last audition before she goes for American Idol and make that her way into the business.

"Vanessa Anne Hudgens!" called Jeff.

"That's me."

"Okidokes, Nesquick, kill it," Stella said.

"Good luck." Gina smiled, encouragingly.

Vanessa took a deep breath as she entered the audition room. She was wearing her lucky shirt, so that was a bonus. She just tried remembering what Stella said, she had American Idol after this, it's no biggie. But even that would not calm her nerves.

"Hi Vanessa, I'm Kenny Ortega, the director and this is Jeff Johnson, you look a little nervous, you okay?"

"Yes, totally fine."

"Alrighty then, let's begin."


"Oh thank goodness you're back. I can't handle all this crying going on in here all by myself. People getting rejected and all, I think they're taking it all too personally. Anyways, how'd it go?" Stella asked, excitedly.

"Pretty good. There's still a dance audition that we have to come back for at 4pm, though," Zac replied.

"Oh okay, so do you think this might be a two day thing?" Starla asked.

"If I get through the dance audition, yeah it will be. Sorry," Zac said, apologetically.

"Hey! Don't be sorry sweetie, that's a good thing if you get through!"

"Really?" asking his mother if she really meant it.

"Of course! Don't get guilty about auditioning Zac, I mean if you get it, that's great! If not, well then who cares right?"

"I do."

"Right! And I do too." Stella replied apologetically. "C'mon lets go for lunch."


"Hey! There's the ditz!" Stella said as Vanessa approached.

"Thanks, gnome." Vanessa shot back.

"Ouch, hit me where it hurts," Stella replied sarcastically which earned her a slap in her head from her mother.

"Stop that," Gina interrupted, "How'd you do?"

"Uhm, I guess decent, they asked me to hang back for the dance auditions at 4," Vanessa replied.

"Ugh, great, more waiting." Stella commented. Gina shot her a stern look.

"I mean yayy! 4 more hours sitting," Stella exclaimed, sarcastically.

"Well, we could go shopping, but we'll just leave Stella here since she seems to not want to be included," Gina teased.

"What?! I was just joking, you know that I'm here for moral support right, V?" Stella said, putting her puppy dog eyes on so that perhaps Vanessa would help her out.

"Really? I thought you were here because you get to skip school," Vanessa said, mischievously.

"Ssshhh! What are you doing?!? Do you not love me at all?" Stella pleaded.

"Alright, alright, enough. Let's go," Gina interrupted, quietly laughing to herself at how funny her girls turned out to be.


4 hours later, at the dance auditions. Zac couldn't help but notice that girl with the long, dark curly hair. He couldn't help but observe how her petite and slender figure complimented her delicate features. He's seen her before, somewhere, at some movie premiere he went to. Thunderbirds! Her name's Vanessa or something. Right! Now he remembers, he went up to try to introduce himself. 'Jeez! She's even prettier than the last time I saw her. How could anyone be that gorgeous!' thought Zac, a little upset that she doesn't seem to remember him. She hasn't even looked at him yet. She seems so absorbed talking to Ashley. They probably met each other before this but haven't seen each other in a really long time, cuz they look like sisters trying to catch up.

"Ness, cutie alert," said Ashley. She'd been watching Zac staring at Vanessa during every single break they've had. Ashley's been laughing hysterically in her head at how Zac hasn't even noticed that Ashley's been watching him observing Vanessa. 'What a fool,' Ashley thought to herself, laughing, 'I'm like literally 5 inches away from her and he doesn't even notice that I've been watching him watch her for the past 15 minutes.'

"What?" Vanessa asked, unable to decipher what Ashley meant.

"Zac's been eyeing you for the past 15 minutes," Ashley said, trying to not make it obvious that she was officially giving him away. Not that he'd notice, he was too busy staring at his target.

"Who's Zac?"

"Oh he's awesome! So cute, adorable and a really funny guy... He's from Summerland! You know the guy with the gapped teeth?"

"Ash?!" Vanessa exclaimed, appalled that Ashley had described him that way.

"What?? I wasn't dissing the gap?!" Ashley replied, defensively. "I was just stating a fact, besides I think the gap makes him look even cuter," Ashley cheekily said, "Anyways, I think you guys would totally get along. I'll introduce you later okay?"

"Ugh, sometimes Ashley, you're so into everyone else's romantic affairs," an Ashley trademark. She's always the one trying to set people up.

"Hey, I'm cupid, what can I say," Ashley said as she winked at Vanessa and got up to get a drink of water.

As soon as she knew that she was out of Ashley's line of sight, Vanessa gave into the nagging temptation and looked over her shoulder. She catches the melting pair of bright blue eyes and quickly turns away.

'Crap she caught me! She must think I'm some kind of creeper,' he thought to himself as he turned away from the gorgeous pair of chocolate brown eyes. 'Just pretend you're doing something else! Then maybe she'll think you weren't actually looking at her.'

Vanessa giggled as she watched Zac fidgeting with his fingers and looking up at the ceiling like he was looking for something. 'Wow, Ash is right, he is kinda cute,' she thought to herself, blushing a little bit.

~Story by Gabby. Fluff by Mitchie. Sarcasm by Keiko. Edited by Maya.~