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"Oh my God, how could this have happened? I had no idea Sasori would even do this—this is very serious, Pein….Pein?"

The pierced vampire didn't acknowledge his partner's words, but remained fixated at the sight of one of his fellow blood-drinkers in a most unpleasant position, to say the least.

His grey-ringed eyes remained emotionless as he studied Hidan's three-bladed scythe lodged into Sasori's torso; the shredded gray tank he wore was slashed by the weapon, with his vampire blood blossoming dark splotches on the top and the even redder razors.

The burgundy haired man was sprawled on the operating table in the makeshift medic room, where Kakuzu usually dwelled for hours on end—if he were here and not still doing business in Russia that is.

Pein could very easily see that he seemed to be in great pain, judging by the way Sasori's eyelids were buzzing beneath the closed lids, and the agonized grunts that issued from between closed lips.

The leader of the cluster of vampires—and mate to his mortal lady— straightened himself, and turned to the owner of the weapon now firmly planted in one of his comrades' chest.

"Please tell me again, Hidan: What happened?"

The loyal worshiper of the evil god Jashin sighed irritably.

"Okay, but I'm telling you one more fucking time, and that's it. I'm done."

"Yes, yes, I understand."

Hidan took a deep breath, closed his lavender eyes, and then opened them again, with a grimace on his face. He leaned casually on one side, with his hand resting on the table near Sasori's unconscious head.

"'Kay, me and Dei-Dei—"

he paused to flash Deidara a cheeky grin. Deidara glared silently at him,

"—were just coming back home after the night out, y'know? And when I opened the big-ass doors, I immediately smelled blood. I was thinking 'unless some dumbass robber cut himself on some knife or some shit, the only two here are—oh shit, I said—' "

Hidan was changing his voice, switching from memory to his own account, as if he had heard it on TV or read it in a book, and was imitating the characters' voices for the audience's amusement.

It was something that was hilarious, yet…not at the same time.

"—Hidan," Pein interrupted, "please hurry, I just want a summary, not the details of your jumbled mind."

Deidara barked a laugh at this, making it as obvious as possible that he supported in the poking of fun at the Jashinist, however minor and subtle it may have been.

Hidan quickly flashed the bomber the bird, and made a face at leader. It was an odd face, kind of like pain, defiance, and annoyance rolled into one.

"Shut the hell, up! I'll get to it when I get to it, okay?"

Other than swearing and supreme devotion powers, Hidan was known for his ability to whine and act like a bitchy teenage girl.

An angry snort, and the zealot resumed his retelling of the night's events.

"Okay! Anyways, I realized that Sasori and Ayame were the only two in the house, so I ran up the stairs and what do I find?"

He paused for dramatic effect, but it was cut short by Pein's single-handed move-on-with-it gesture.

"Jashin's sake, you never let me roll out my insane story-telling abilities, do ya? I hate you, Pein, I really do."

"Just get on with it, damnit!"

The words were not spoken impatiently, but coldly and with authority. Hidan finally got the message through that thick skull of his.

"Okay, okay, jeez don't have a fuckin' cow. Long story short! Me and blondie ran upstairs to find Sasori leaning over Ayame in the hallway all rapist-like, and sucking the blood out of her like the heathen leech that he is."

"What is so wrong with that?" Konan asked. "Ayame is Sasori's food source, you know that."

Hidan turned his violet eyes to Konan, now suddenly serious, all traces of humor removed from his face. A sneer filled with disgust replaced all jokes. He was good at making those kids of faces.

"Cuz he was tryin' to end the life of our precious unborn nephew, that's why."

Konan's eyebrows lifted themselves in surprise. She gripped her hands into Pein's cloak. His head was bowed slightly, eyes closed, contemplating something.

"Pein..!" she whispered in his ear. "Sasori—"

"Yes, I know."

"What should we do?"

"First, we shall wake him and ask why he carried out his deed."

"Oh we don't need to do that." Hidan was kneeling now, balancing his head with his hand on the table, gazing at Sasori's head with disgust and disinterest.

"Why ever not?"

"He told me."

"Told you?" Konan asked, obviously confused, "Why would he tell you?"

"Cuz he wanted to, I guess."

Pein's eyes leveled with Hidan's, and he surveyed the albino, as if sizing him up and his claim. "Explain to me why Sasori committed this crime."

Hidan puffed his chest out and met Leader's stare, silently conveying that he was not spouting shit, like he was known for on other occasions.

"He said that Ayame would give birth to a monster," a flat tone of voice issued from Hidan's lips, and his eyes lowered themselves on Sasori's doll-like face, "that a half-human, half-vampire child would be the end of us all. Frankly, I don't know what the hell he was talking about. I mean, hybrids like those exist all over the world, don't they?"

Hidan returned his gaze to Pein's, and he saw that those violet eyes held traces of worry, confusion, anger, and empathy. Empathy for what? Ayame? The fetus?

"Yes, mortal women much like Ayame have been in this situation before. But there are many cases where the fetus grew out of control by its insatiable thirst for human blood. It's very hard to balance both a mortal and a vampiric lifestyle in one person. Sometimes things happen... It would be easier if the child was a pure immortal or a pure human being, but since it isn't, Sasori must've known that the risks for the child to be born a ravenous monstrosity were significantly high and set out to prevent future turmoil. " All this spoken gravely, like always. It made Hidan angry. Why couldn't this bastard feel for once, for Jashin's sake?

"Who cares about that! The point is, Sasori tried to freakin' kill the kid! He could've seriously hurt Ayame! She's all shook up about it! We need to hang his ass up to dry!"

Deidara glanced uneasily at Hidan. He was becoming so worked up. Itachi, Kisame, Tobi, and Zetsu were with Ayame in his room, guarding her, examining her, and comforting her. Surely by now Ayame would have come down from her high cliff of fear and hysteria.

He was not the only one troubled. Konan shifted uneasily, clutching her love's coat with fine, manicured nails that threatened to break from the pressure. This was becoming a little too much.

Hidan was leaning forward on the table, jabbing his finger at Pein, enunciating certain words. Pein's emotional façade was receding on his face slightly; the uncouth zealot was beginning to unravel the calm, collected coven head that he was.

He stepped out of Konan's grasp, meeting Hidan at the opposite end of the counter where Sasori lay undisturbed.

"I understand your concern Hidan," each word was spoken evenly with its own power, though the impact was becoming more effective, " but you must understand that while Sasori's actions were unorthodox, we must consider the fact that he was putting this coven's best interests first."

"Like HELL he was! Why are you taking that bastard's side?

All this shouting, all this arguing, all these emotions…

Konan blinked back tears. Remembering at one point when—

"Konan…the thing is a mistake.. I'm only doing this because I love you.."

"Pein.. please no, please…she'll be a good baby, I promise.."

A soft kiss on her lips, then her forehead.


"No..please.. I've worked so hard—we've worked so hard.. please.."


"Give me back my baby! Pein! PEIN!" A scream. A scream the blue-haired woman realized was her own.


Heart ache



For the love of a child.

"Both of you SHUT UP!"

The two vampires' heads snapped to her, at full attention, clearly shocked. Deidara flinched at her harsh words, and looked to the floor. This was getting to be a little too chaotic for the bomber's tastes..

Konan wiped a stray tear from her eye. She had to be strong. Had to prove to Pein that she was still not hung up about that incident all those years ago…

Intelligent, serious, blue eyes bore into gray-ringed, wise, weary ones. He knew what she was thinking. Always knew. Time to make him face facts: You can't rule by logic and reason alone. This one time has to be governed by emotion, and that was where she came in.

"Enough of this. Sasori is the least of our worries. Our top priority is seeing to the safety of Ayame and the baby."

"That's what I've been trying to tell this asshole!"

"I know. Pein, we'll deal with Sasori later. Right now, we must see to it that his assault did not trigger lasting damage."


She turned her back to him. Time to get out of here before he caught her with that knowing stare, the one that made her break down and cry every time on the spot. Damn him.

"Deidara." The blond stood to full attention, gazing warily at the suddenly serious mortal. Women are scary and confusing things.

"Uh, y-yes, Konan?"

"Ayame is currently residing in your room, yes?"


"Good. I want you and Hidan to secure Sasori so that he does not run off should he awaken."


"All righty then! Let's tie this bitch up!"

"Pein, help them."

The vampire was about to say something, but she was out the door before even one word was on his lips.

"Oh no! My poor nephew! That Sasori is a big meanie!" Tobi sobbed into Ayame's belly, completely disregarding all boundaries.

"Tobi, off!" Kisame jerked the masked half-vampire off the pregnant teen by his scarf.

"How do you feel?" Itachi asked.

Ayame sat up, turning her head to the always passive, always calm vampire sitting on a chair next to her. His red eyes bore into hers, seeming to attempt to answer the question for her without any assistance on her part.

"I'm fine now. I think the baby's okay…." She rubbed her belly, "..I can feel it. He's still alive."

"On another note." This was Zetsu, on her other side. "What are you going to name it? I was thinking of Jimmy, or maybe Pork chop."

"Noo!" Tobi wailed, jumping up and down in a fit, "I don't want my nephew to be named after meat! He's not a snack for you to eat, Zetsu! Nooo!"

The swirly-masked man-child began to beat his fists at the much taller, more heavy set, monochromatic vampire, who watched, bemused.

Kisame groaned. "Great, now you set him off! Way to go, Zetsu!"

"Yes, not one of your brightest ideas." Itachi agreed.

"Hey, I didn't know. Of course we did. What do you mean we? I had no idea you were going to say that. Sure you did. No I didn't. Yeah, you did. No I DIDN'T!" And now began a split personality fight, uncommon, but not unheard of from Zetsu.

"Putting that aside, are you sure you're all right?" Itachi asked smoothly. "No pains? Nothing troubling you? Sudden blood loss like that has been known to trigger early contractions."

Ayame forced a smile.

"No no, really, I'm fine."

Itachi merely shrugged, as if there was nothing more he could do at this moment, and exited the chair. He strode past Zetsu, Kisame, and Tobi, who were making a ruckus with their petty skirmish.

"I'm going to the library." Was all he said before leaving Deidara's room.

Konan had been standing in the back, silent and unnoticed until now.

She immediately rushed to Ayame's side and took up Itachi's empty seat. She fixed her blue eyes on Ayame's green ones, trying her hardest to look deep inside the teen's soul.

At the same time, Tobi, Zetsu, and Kisame were bickering amongst themselves quietly.

"Are you kidding me? That's a stupid name!" Was Kisame's loud whisper.

Tobi hopped on one foot in agitation, trying to meet Kisame's height.


"Tobi, shut up!"

"But Tobius Junior is a great name! I thought of it myself!"

"Which is why the name sucks ass!"

"At least it's better than Pork chop!"

"Hey, that hurt!"

Tobi put up a gloved hand in Zetsu's face, sassy-like.

"Talk to the hand 'cuz the face don't wanna hear it, girlfriend!"

Ayame giggled. She could just imagine Tobi pouting behind his mask.

"Tobi, you're so immature!"

"You're the one who's immature!" Kisame shouted back.

"YOU'RE ALL IMMATURE! NOW SHUT UP AND GET THE HELL OUT!" Ayame jumped at Konan screaming. Took the wind out of her lungs, it did, and she hadn't even been hit or anything.

The two "immature" vampires and one "immature" vampire-in-training quietly and sheepishly slunk out of the room.

Tobi was the last to exit, and paused at the door, holding the door knob.

"Tobi still thinks Tobius Junior is a great name. Think about it, will you Ayame?"

Ayame waved at him.

"I will, Tobi."

She could hear him giggle, no doubt smiling behind his mask as he slowly closed the door.

After waiting several moments, Konan turned back to Ayame.

"Well, now we're alone." She said this as if she had nothing to do with it, as if them leaving was all on their part, not her screaming at them "to get the hell out."

"Yes, I guess we are..." Both women preoccupied themselves with staring into space, avoiding eye contact with each other.

Awkward silence.

"Uh, Ayame..."

"Hm?" Her jade eyes met cold ice blue ones.

Konan paused, then continued.

"Why do you think..Sasori did what he did?"

The color left the girl's face. She began to wring her hands, looking down at them as she watched their progress.

"..I don't know." she whispered softly, "I think he said something about it—him-being a mistake..."

Konan took the teen's hands in her own, cool ones. Nurse's hands holding a patient's. But the patient remained a trained eye on her blanket.

"Ayame, dearest, look at me."

Hesitantly, the pregnant girl shifted her green gaze to her fellow mortal.

"I'm sorry that the love of your life does not want to be involved with your son, but I want you to know, we, the Akatsuki, are here for you."

Ayame gave her a sad, quizzical look. "Are you? Are you guys all really?"

"Well..Pein is having second thoughts..."

"Why, is he on Sasori's side, too?" She wrenched her hands out of Konan's grasp and fisted the blanket until her fingers turned white with rage.

Ayame then stared at the opposite wall, fuming silently, like all adolescents like her are good at doing.

Konan was taken aback. Her mouth was half open in shock. But then a smile sympathetic smile showed up on her lips. A mother's love for her child shows no boundaries. Whether expecting a bundle of joy or having one—or two—or even three— running around on little feet, maternal instincts will shine through.

She herself felt motherly nuances, even though she never had the chance to use those to their fullest extent.

"Pein is considering the possibility of the baby turning out to be a monster..." Konan said quietly. The smile was gone when she said this; must make Ayame understand that she was on her side, and no matter what Leader said, she was going to protect the baby until birth. And then, hover over both children like a mothering hawk, ready to tear out anyone's flesh if they so much as breathed on them out of turn.

Ayame looked down and began watching herself tugging on the sheets between her hands.

"He won't be a monster.." she said quietly. She looked up at Konan, and Konan saw that her eyes were becoming red around the edges.

He won't be."

"Of course he won't, honey. Pein is just worried of the possibility...you have to understand, things...things happen..sometimes...sometimes something could go wrong..."

"Nothing is gonna go wrong. I'll have a normal birth, and it will all be good. Sasori will finally see that his son isn't a freak like he painted it out to be, and we'll all be one happy family."

She said this with such affirmation, that it was though she had actually seen it in the future and confirmed it to be unavoidable.

Konan bit her lip gently. No point in changing the girl's mind or persuading her to allow even a percent of a chance that the baby could be something other than a cuddly lil' pink bundle of joy.

Instead she once again took her hand in Ayame's, and squeezed it comfortably, and said, "I'm sure it will all work out in the end."

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