"So, he, he left you?!" Raye sputtered out.

Serena was having Lunch at a small café in the Juban district. That just so happened to be owned by one of her best friends, Lita Kino. Five girls were crammed in to a booth discussing, or also known as random high pitched shrieks, Serena's latest predicament.

"Yup!" Serena said matter a factly "Just like that. He told me he didn't have time for this relationship anymore. It wasn't going anywhere and that me and my bastard daughter needed to stop cramping his style."

"Wait till I see him again. I am going to beat the living crap out of him!" Lita pounded her fist on the table in anger.

Amy, always the sensible one, "Serena, where are you and Rini going to live? There is no way that you can afford that rent on your own. I mean, it's a penthouse in the Azabu district."

"You can live with me!" Mina cried.

"No, Mina. Thank you anyway. Seyia said I could live in the place for half the rent. Which means I will have to get a day job though. I'll just ask my mom to watch Rini during the day or put her in day care."

"There is no way in hell he is being that nice. What's the catch, Serena" Lita never liked Seyia and she knew that something was up with this "so called" deal.

"Well, he said it when we were fighting" He also said be ready to deal with the consequences. "I don't think I can even afford half of the rent. But, when I looked on-line for places in my price range… ew." Serena shuttered. "I just can't raise Rini in those places."

"Serena, we are all here for you. We will always be here for you. Rini is a daughter to all of us. We all helped raise her after your last great crisis and we will do it again." Raye said with determination in her eyes.

"Thanks guys. I love you all so much." Serena said with tears in her eyes, " I just wish I knew what Seyia was thinking right now."

In an office building in down town Tokyo

Seiya Kou looked out his 30 story window of his posh office at Tokyo. He turned around and watched as his young hot secretary buttoned up her top.

Man, I love being single. But, what am I going to do about my apartment? I just can't pay for Serena to live there.

He loved Serena. She was the most beautiful thing that had ever come in to his life. Long legs, golden hair and blue eyes he could get lost in for days. He was ready to play daddy to be with her. Or, he though he was. He constantly watched his brothers go out with models and pick up random girls at night and then tell him stories the next day. He was one of the best lawyers in Tokyo for kami's sake. And he was just as good looking as his brothers, if not better! So, he broke up with Serena. Losing her was horrible but the bright side was no more little four year old going everywhere with them.

No more picking up toys and teaching her how to potty train. He was a free man now. He would get someone else just as pretty as Serena, if not better looking. But, for now he would just have to have every woman he could get his hands on.

"Mr. Kou?" His secretary poked her head in the door. "It is time for your meeting."

"Thank you, Heather. I will be right there."

Seiya walked to the conference room. They were welcoming a new member to their team. The president of the firm, Mr. Chamberlain, sat at the front of the table. Next to him was a man who had ebony hair and a tanned skin.

"Gentlemen and Ladies, I want to welcome to our team Mr. Darien Shields. He graduated from Harvard Law top of his class. He has been practicing in the States for a year now and we are lucky to have him." Mr. Chamberlain said proudly.

"Thank you, Mr. Chamberlain. I am proud to be back in Tokyo and working for Chamberlain and Sons" said Darien.

As they were walking out of the meeting Seiya went to go meet the infamous Darien Shields. He had heard of him, for he won a huge case when he was just interning at a law firm.

"Seiya Kou" he extended his hand.

"Darien Shields" they shook hands.

"Are you glad to be back in Tokyo, I hope it hasn't changed much?"

"No, it's wonderful to be back." Just hoping I don't run in to any old ghosts.

"So, where are you living?"

"Just in a hotel right now. I was going to start looking this weekend but I heard there is a shortage of good places in Tokyo now."

"Very true." Then an idea struck him. "Hey, I have a place that you can rent. It's a penthouse in the Azabu district."

"Are you serious! I'll take it. When can I move in?

"Let me just make a phone call" Seyia smirked.