a/n: So…I am new to fan fiction, and I for sure never thought I would be writing one myself. All the stories I have been reading on here are really and truly great, written by some very talented people. This is just for fun. Stephanie owns Twilight. Rated M for the usual.


I am in the seventh circle of Hell.

Forks, Washington. I was shipped here this weekend due to Renee being sick of my 'rebellious behavior'. I cannot believe that I, Bella Swan, am being subjected to living with my non-existent up until now father, Charlie, in this podunk town. Unbelievable. They are actually forcing me to finish up my senior year here, at Forks High.

I had a busy social life back in Phoenix. Underage drinking, parties, and hooking up with the occasional varsity football player. I don't know if they even know what a party is around these parts. I've been here exactly 2 days, and tomorrow is the first day of school. I can't say that I am even remotely excited. And Forks High School? Forget about it.

I have been coming here in the summers to visit Charlie for as long as I can remember, but that was only for a week at the most. I never remembered it being this depressing. The trees are all covered in a green wet moss, and it rains all the time. Ok, so I'm a little lacking in the tan department, but I like a little sunshine and heat in my life. This year is most definitely going to suck.

I am making my way to FHS in my "new" welcome home present. A hunk of junk 1960's red rusty truck. Thanks for the humiliation, Charlie. I cannot believe Renee took my beautiful new BMW away. At least she took pity on me and let me keep the credit card. God, if I had only not thrown the biggest and best party of the year at Phil and Renee's when I thought they were going to be away. Let's just say they busted me with alcohol and god knows what all over the house, and a couple of stupid priceless baseballs missing out of Phil's memorabilia.

Phil is a hometown hero, a local celebrity if you will. He's a pro baseball player for the Cardinals, and was born and raised in Phoenix. I have had everything I have ever wanted for the past 5 years since he and Renee have been married. He knows if he keeps me happy, Renee will be happy. Fast learner. Long story short, their flight was cancelled and I was fucked.

So, I got myself up, took time to blow dry my long mahogany brown locks, and actually took some time on my makeup and finished it with my signature strawberry gloss. I put on a power outfit today, knowing nobody in this shit town will be dressed impeccably like I would be. Skinny jeans, black boots with 4 inch heels, and a low cut black top that really shows off my tits. Let us not forget the scarf, black leather bag, and designer sunglasses. I had to look hot today, for I could never be a social pariah.

When I finally made it to my new school, I ignored all the gawking and cat calls going on from the underclassmen in the parking lot. Oh, please. Take a picture. I finally found the main office and received my schedule from a woman with a very interesting hair color. Isabella Marie Swan: First period: Calculus.

I stroll into my first class with my shoulders back and my nose in the air and hand the math teacher my paperwork. I glanced around the classroom. All eyes on me per usual.

"Miss, Swan, please take the empty desk between Mike and Alice if you will," Mrs. Sorryididntcatchhername said.

I walked forward and checked out the people I would be sitting in between. This Mike guy was definitely a tool, boyish, and didn't exude any kind of sex appeal. Gross. Alice had a cute face and wild spiky hair, and had on a Gucci jacket from this season. Hmmm. I wondered if Forks really wasn't the town time forgot.

"Hey, I'm Alice Cullen," she said and stuck her too eager little hand out for me to shake.

"Bella Swan," I said, giving her a small smile.

"So, how has the grand Forks been treating you so far, Bella Swan?" she asked, a huge grin on her face. Was she on some sort of uppers? If so, I need some of what she's on.

"Honestly, I haven't been here long enough to really know yet, Alice Cullen." I said.

"Oh that's right, you just got in this weekend," she giggled.

"How'd you know?"

"You are big news around here, babe. We don't have very many new people come to Forks, especially not the Police Chief's daughter."

"Oh, ok, makes sense I guess," I said. She was eyeing me up and down, cataloguing my outfit it seemed, when I heard a voice coming from my right and turned my head.

"So, uh, Bella, what up, the name's Mike Newton. Was wondering if you would want me to take you on a personal tour of the school after this class?" He extended his hand and wagged his eyebrows. I looked at his hand like it had some sort of flesh eating virus. Was he really trying to hit on me?

"No." is all I said. He looked shocked, as if he had never turned down before. Doubtful. I shrugged and tuned my attention back to Alice. She was wearing Gucci in Forks fucking Washington for chrissakes, so she had to be one of the few people in the know.

"Ugh, Mike's a loser," she said smirking.

"So, Alice," I asked, "What do the wayward boys and girls at this school do for fun? You know, parties, booze, and what have you?"

She chuckled, "Actually, I'm super excited you asked!" Yeesh, she's a perky one.


"Can I tell you something?" she asked.


"We all thought you were going to be a total loser, you know being Chief Swan's daughter and all. But honestly, I think you'll fit in just fine. And when you walked in here looking all superior and gorgeous, I knew you would fit in perfectly with us! No offense of course."

"Thanks, none taken. And who exactly is 'we'?"

"Well, the group I hang out with basically rules the school. We say jump, everyone asks 'how high?' It's funny actually. We caught wind that you were coming and totally came to the conclusion you were going to be a total dud. Like Chief Swan would ever let you out of the house knowing the things we do around his precious small town. But, you know, maybe you could be an advantage. No more getting busted by the cops!"

Did she just say that last part out loud?

"Unless you're narc, that is." She eyed me up and down skeptically.

"Ahem." I cleared my throat. "The reason I have been imprisoned in your Forks, dear Alice, is because I threw the biggest party my school back in Phoenix has ever seen. Drinking, debauchery, sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. So, no, I can assure you I am no narc. Plus, I hardly even know Charlie."

"Sounds good to me! So, um what've you got going on Friday evening?"

"Obviously nothing," I said and studied my manicure.

"Well, one of the underclassmen, Jake is having a huge party this Friday at his dad's house. Are you game?"

I looked up at her and smiled, "Of course I'm fucking game!"

The bell rang and we faced forward, to listen to the teacher drone on and on about god knows what. I heard something hit my desk and realized Alice had thrown me a note.

Sit with us at lunch! I want everyone to meet you. Great shoes by the way.

I scribbled and threw it back.

Thanks and of course. Where do you guys sit?

She read it and smiled.

You'll know.

The bell rang and I collected my things. I got up and Alice tapped my shoulder.

"What's your next class?"

I looked down at my schedule. "Biology with Banner."

"Oh, great! Jazz and I will walk you. My twin brother Edward is in that class, too."

We walked toward the door when I looked up and saw a very tall strapping young man looking up at us with a smirk. He was definitely yummy. He had blonde shaggy hair, and a long, lean body. Alice walked up to him and planted a kiss on his lips. Shit, he's taken. I wonder what else Forks had to offer.

"Jasper, this is the elusive Bella Swan."

"Hey there, sweetie, pleasure to make your acquaintance." Damn! And I had a thing for southerners. We walked toward the science hall and they walked me to the door of my biology class.

"Here we are," Jasper said in that too cute southern accent. Alice was looking down the hall and around the room mumbling something about 'dumbass' and 'late'.

"Well, thanks for walking me guys. I'll see you at lunch, and make sure to save me a seat."

"No problem, Bella," Alice said, " I'm looking forward to you meeting the rest of the gang. Bye." They turned and left, Alice whispering in Jasper's ear as he nodded.

I was feeling a lot more confident at the moment knowing I had made a friend and that I actually had plans on Friday night. I had only been here an hour and a half. I didn't expect too much less of myself though, to be honest. I walked into Biology in the same manner as I did math. Tits out, head up, tossing the hair. I gave my papers to who I assumed was Mr. Banner. He told me to sit at the empty lab table, which suited me just fine. I made my way to the table not making eye contact with anyone. I could tell everyone was watching me again as I unpacked my bag. When I settled in I began to hear the whispers.

"Oh my god, Chief Swan's daughter is hot!" and "Who does she think she is?".

Whatever, catty bitches. I got my notepad out, and scanned the room. I wonder which one is Alice's twin brother. I looked for a male, maybe 4'11-5'2 at the most, with spiky black hair and a button nose. It didn't appear as though he was present today. I was tuning out Mr. Banner's incessant banter when half way through class I heard the door click open.

"Thank you for joining us today Mr. Cullen. I assume you have a pass for me to sign?"

"Don't I always Mr. Banner?" I heard the smooth, sexy velvet voice reply.

Wait a sec. Cullen? I looked up and saw the back of Mr. Cullen's form talking to Banner. He was tall. But Alice was so small. I looked him over, and at least from the back he looked more than decent. When he turned around, his eyes met mine for a brief moment. I was totally and utterly shocked.

Well, well well. Mr. Sex-on-a-stick had just walked into my life and was making his way toward me. Forks wasn't turning out to be so bad after all.