Harry was watching Ron closely at dinner, trying to gauge his mood. He seemed cheerful, though perhaps a bit tired. Harry had made their reservation at the expensive restaurant two weeks ago and invited Ron, who accepted the gesture without questioning it. He had been planning this moment for months, and yet, he still felt nervous and unprepared.

"So…" Harry sighed shakily and took a gulp of wine before continuing. "How… how do you feel about… children?"

Ron chuckled and Harry looked down at his lap, defeated. "Harry, I know we're wizards, but there are some things even magic can't do."

Harry gripped his fork. "I know that. I know. I'm not stupid. I meant…" He took another long sip of his wine, telling himself to stay calm. "I meant… what about… how do you feel about adoption?" He watched Ron's reaction carefully, but couldn't read the thoughtful look on his face. After a moment of thundering silence, Ron cleared his throat and shrugged lightly. Harry frowned and waited for more of a response, but Ron only continued eating. "Is that a no?"

Ron chewed slowly and swallowed heavily before answering. "It's a… I don't know and I'll think about it. Honestly, it never crossed my mind before." He bit his lip and looked up at Harry. "I know how much you want a family, and…and I want one, too, I do, but it's kind of a scary thought, isn't it?"

Harry nodded and reached across the table to grab Ron's hand. "Yes, but it doesn't have to be. It's not like you'll be starting a family on your own… I'd be there – I'll be here." He let go and smiled warmly across the table. "Just think about it."

"I will." Ron promised honestly and turned his attention back to his plate, temporarily shoving Harry's question out of his mind.

The rest of their dinner was spent discussing Quidditch and their latest work as Aurors for the Ministry of Magic. Harry was relieved to find that Ron wasn't too shaken by his ideas, and hoped that he would have an answer soon.

After leaving a generous tip for their flamboyant waiter, Harry and Ron walked hand-in-hand out of the restaurant. Pulling each other closer and stealing kisses on necks and ears, they turned onto a dark alley and hugged each other tightly as they spun and Disapparated.

As their feet hit the bedroom floor of their cosy home, their lips met and they held on to each other to ride out the dizziness of Apparating after so much wine. Harry pushed Ron down on the bed and yanked off his shoes and socks, followed by his trousers. Ron propped himself up on his elbows and grinned at Harry, who removed his own clothes with a fury. He watched as Harry's lean, muscular body was revealed, inch-by-inch, until he was hard and biting his lip at the thoughts of what he might do to that body – or what that body might do to him. Sitting up, Ron unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it away, then pushed his boxers off his legs and onto the floor. Harry, licking his lips, crawled on top of Ron and kissed him roughly, his stiffening cock rubbing against Ron's thigh. Ron groaned as their bodies met and Harry's scent overwhelmed the smell of wine; his cock throbbed painfully and grew harder.

"Harry…" Ron pulled away from Harry's mouth and attached his lips to Harry's tense neck. "Please…" Ron thrust up against Harry and moaned, unable to get enough friction for his aching erection.

Harry smirked and leaned his head down to thrust his tongue into Ron's ear. Ron moaned and reached to grab Harry's arse, kneading the soft, round flesh and teasing Harry by dragging a finger down between the mounds. Harry shivered and moved back to Ron's mouth, sucking on Ron's tongue obscenely. Ron groaned throatily and reached between their bodies to touch their straining cocks, but Harry sat back and shook his head, grinning wickedly.

"Harry"-- Ron squirmed desperately under Harry's weight--"please, oh, Merlin…" Ron's eyes shut as Harry moved further down the bed and then leaned forward, taking Ron's cock in his warm, wet mouth. Ron whimpered and thrust uncontrollably into Harry's mouth, so Harry braced his hands on Ron's hips and held him still as his tongue moved slowly – too slowly.

"Fuck, Harry, please!" Ron gripped Harry's hair roughly and Harry groaned, sending deep vibrations through Ron's cock. Gasping, Ron let go of Harry and grabbed the sheets instead, cursing and begging for Harry to do more, to go faster. Harry ignored Ron's aching pleas and continued lavishing Ron's cock with slow, swirling movements of his tongue, occasionally moving up and sucking gently on the tip.

Ron was in agony, begging and pleading and cursing and babbling to keep himself sane as Harry worked slowly, bringing him closer with each flick of the tongue, but never close enough. Harry abandoned Ron's cock and licked down to his balls, sucking them gently as Ron whimpered and arched his back. Moving lower, Harry swished his tongue over the smooth skin behind Ron's balls. Ron's hands flew back to Harry's hair, holding him there. Harry smiled and continued teasing Ron's perineum.

"Harry – Harry – Harry!" Ron let go of Harry's hair and moved to grab himself, but Harry was too quick. He sat up and grabbed Ron's hands, shaking his head and taking in Ron's state. His face was flushed red and his body was covered in sweat. And he was shaking, desperately, waiting for Harry to finish, to bring him over the edge and into ecstasy. Harry smiled and wrapped his hand around Ron's aching cock, stroking him idly. Ron gasped and bucked his hips, trying to get Harry to move faster. Instead, Harry let go.

"Turn over."

Ron stared up at Harry, mouth open. "Harry," he panted, "fuck, Harry, I'm so close. You're being a bitch about it tonight…" His complaints trailed off as Harry gripped and twisted his nipples. Ron panted and arched his back again, silently begging for more.

"Turn over." Harry repeated his command and moved away, allowing Ron to turn and lay on his stomach. "Good boy." He sat on the back of Ron's legs and kissed Ron's neck roughly, sucking until he was sure he had left his mark. Ron was still shaking from the overwhelming pleasure, unable to handle the slow pace Harry was insisting on that night. Harry abandoned Ron's neck and licked slowly all the way down him spine, causing him to shiver and curse and grind his erection against the sheets. Harry gripped Ron's hips again, holding him still as his tongue continued its path lower, until it reached its destination. Ron cried out as Harry's tongue stroked him intimately, gripping the sides of the mattress. Harry, finding it nearly impossible at this point to ignore his own aching cock, thrust and swirled his tongue roughly and rapidly until Ron was desperately emitting one long, continuous, helpless moan.

Harry sat up and pulled on Ron's hips until he was up on his hands and knees. Ron turned his head and looked at Harry, who was fisting his own cock and biting back moans.

"Fucking wanker." Ron dizzily reached to touch himself, but was stopped, yet again, by Harry. Ron whimpered, shaking even more than before, as Harry quickly grabbed his wand off the floor and wordlessly coated the inside of Ron's arse with a cool, slick lubricant. "H-H-Harry…" Ron's desperate moans went straight to Harry's cock as he moved back on the bed and positioned himself behind Ron's quivering body.

"Don't come until I tell you to." Harry's voice was deep with lust and need.

Ron's laugh was strangled in his desire. "Harry, I'm not that magical."

"Don't," Harry tugged roughly on Ron's cock and Ron gasped in pain, "come until I tell you to." Ron nodded wordlessly and Harry, satisfied, worked two of his fingers into Ron, spreading the lube. As his fingers brushed Ron's prostate, a gasp caught in Ron's throat and Harry felt Ron's muscles tensing. "Not yet," Harry warned gently and added another finger, twisting and turning them as Ron's shaking intensified. He removed his fingers and smeared the gel onto his cock before replacing two of them. Ron whimpered. Harry smiled and searched for Ron's prostate again, grinning at the way Ron cursed when he found it. Rubbing it carelessly, Harry used his free hand to stroke himself. Ron's arms gave out on him and he crashed, face-first, back down to the mattress, gasping and panting loudly, his hips still up in the air and squirming. His body was on fire and the intense need buried in his cock had taken over his brain, his world.

Harry, amused and feeling himself teetering on the edge of his own orgasm, pulled out his fingers and plunged his cock into Ron. Ron shouted Harry's name and then buried his face in the sheets, biting them and concentrating on not coming. Don't come, don't come, don't… don't, don't, don't, don't…

Harry reached around Ron's waist and grabbed his cock, stroking it in time with his frantic thrusting. White bliss burst in front of Ron's eyes and he choked on a gasp.

"Harry – Harry – I can't – I need – oh fuck, fuck, fuckfuck – Harry!" Ron nearly sobbed when Harry let go of his cock and pulled out.

"Get on your back." Harry's voice was soft and shaking, his need for release taking over his desire to drive Ron to insanity.

Carefully, moaning shakily and uncontrollably, Ron twisted and fell on his back. Every movement of his body, so turned on and so desperate to hit ultimate pleasure, was bringing him closer to orgasm. Harry grabbed Ron's legs and pulled them up, leaning them against his chest. Breathing heavily, he slid easily back into Ron and, after a few long, slow thrusts, resumed his earlier quick pace. Ron's face twisted in pleasure as Harry's cock brushed continually against his prostate. Completely overwhelmed, he couldn't even manage to lift his arm to touch himself. Whimpering, Ron looked up at Harry and begged.

"Please, Harry, please, please, fuck… oh Merlin, fuck – Harry!" Ron gasped as Harry grabbed his cock and stroked it rapidly, squeezing. Gasping each quick breath, Ron tightened his muscles around Harry's cock and watched as Harry's eyes widened and thrusts became more erratic.

"Now, Harry, please? Please… please… don't… don't come… please… don't… oh fuck…" Ron's last gasp caught in his throat as he saw Harry nodding and felt Harry's warm seed filling him. Panting and shaking and moaning and shouting, Ron came on Harry's chest, blinded by the burning pleasure coursing through every vein. His mind went blank as Harry continued stroking him, drawing out his orgasm as long as he could.

Finally, Harry slipped out and collapsed on Ron, pushing his legs down. Ron, still shaking, wrapped his arms weakly around Harry and kissed him softly.

"Never, ever, ever do that again," Ron panted and brushed the hair out of Harry's eyes.

Harry smiled. "You liked it. You loved it."

"That actually hurt, Harry." Conceding a smile, Ron pushed Harry off and tried to catch his breath.

"It was fantastic." Harry rolled off the bed and grabbed his wand to clean up their mess. Rejoining Ron on the bed a moment later, he curled up next to him and flung an arm carelessly over his chest.

"Fantastic," Ron murmured, plummeting into sleep.

"Fantastic… g'night… love you…" Harry buried his face in Ron's sweaty neck and spiraled down into a dream about Ron and their future together.