For Richard by planet p

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Author's Notes I'd thought that with such a huge – 'cult' – following in Australia, and screenings in so many countries around the world, that there'd at least be a category for Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) in the TV Shows section, but there you go.

Maybe someone could start a community in the Misc. TV Shows section for Inspector Rex fanfics and fan poetry?

Rex's POV

When Richard died, he was sad for a long time. He remembered that he'd cried. He found that he wasn't particularly interested in anything at all after Richard's death.

When Alex came to take Richard's place, he didn't think it would ever be the same. He didn't think that he could ever go back to doing what he done before, when Richard had been with him and alive, but he gradually came to realise that Richard would want him to move on – to be okay – and that he'd want him to keep doing what he did best – fighting crime and saving lives!

Super lame, yeah.