Summary: It all started because someone took the day off. Now she has to teach third graders. Could a certain Yagami's life become anymore difficult? Michi Koukari.

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Bruises on Top


"Pleeease Hikari-san? Can you just look after the class today? I'm sure Keiko-san will come tomorrow, we just need a substitute for second block. Besides the kindergarten section you teach is at noon, it'll be perfect!" begged a brunette as she clasped her hands together and bowed down to the woman in front of her.

Yagami Hikari sighed as she pulled back some brunette hair behind her ear. She was wearing her casual clothes today, a pink long sleeved Chinese top and khaki pants. This casual outfit was not something for teachers to wear at a Japanese school. But this was an unexpected request. Today was supposed to go smooth , so that she would be able to pick up her brother and his young son from the Shinkansen station at four. She still had some preparations before they came. Oh if only her son had done his homework earlier yesterday then everything would have been gone even more smoother if she had to teach a class…

Sighing, Hikari nodded in agreement. "I'll do it then."

The other brunette bowed even lower, to give Hikari more respect. "Thank you so much Hikari-san! It's so hard to find a substitute at short notice. I do wonder why Keiko-san didn't come today though…"

The two brunettes entered the teachers office. They headed to one of the desk that belonged to the third grade teacher, Oki Keiko. The desk was pretty much clean and everything was in order. Hikari was surprise to see a folder on top of the desk that contained the students name. The other woman next to her began to talk about what class she would be doing.

"You're actually substituting as a physical education teacher, there's no problem is there?" the woman asked glancing at Hikari worriedly.

Hikari smiled and did a peace sign. "My specialty."

The woman sighed in relief. "That's good."

The woman left Hikari alone to sit on the desk and read the names off the list. Her chocolate eyes scanned the attendance sheet and surprisingly noticed two familiar surnames.

Ishida Shizuko

Izumi Ami

Hikari smiled at the familiar last names and wondered how her friends were right now. It's been so long since they last had a get together. Hikari began to wonder how long it was since she saw all of the digidestines together. She remembered that Ken and Miyako were married. Sora and Yamato were moving to New York City where Mimi was currently living. Then Daisuke announced he was also tagging along with Sora and Yamato. Iori was going to enter Tokyo University along with studious Jyou who wanted to get a PhD. Takeru was doing his own thing in college while trying to become the next president of the Journalism Club. Taichi was going to a Master Degree school to get his Political Science major in Kyoto. Koushiro of course stayed in Odaiba who was working under Sora's father. Then there was Hikari, studying to become a teacher.

It was about twelve to thirteen years ago since their last meeting together. Now she was wondering, after all this time, how her friends were doing. Maybe she should plan a reunion some day soon.

Hearing the bell ring, Hikari stood up from the unfamiliar desk. She grabbed the whistle from the top left corner of the desk and she headed out to class.

Being a physical education substitute couldn't be that hard on Hikari. She would just use the her kindergarten teacher skills she had always been using since she first started. Hikari walked all the way to where the gym was and waited. She knew that the kids were changing and were ready to start their exercises. While they were doing that, she decided to do light exercises then followed by baseball. Finally seeing a group of boys in the gym, she had politely (yet strictly) told them to line up on their numbers that was taped on the floor.

The boys obeyed and soon the rest of the class were now in their spots. Hikari smiled and took real notice of two familiar faces that reminded her of her dear friends. One girl looked exactly like her friend, Ishida Yamato, except her hair was longer than her friend and very much taken care of (no gel or other hair products). Hikari then took notice of another little girl who was pretty small for her age. She resembled the computer genius, Izumi Koushiro. Even her personality was very similar to her friend. Timid and shy, she also spoke too politely for her age.

Hikari raised an eyebrow. 'Could these two be…No, I'm just over thinking too much.'

She cleared her throat and raised her hand, silencing the young talkative ones. "Alright everyone, I need a volunteer to come up front."

A boy with purple hair raised his hand. Hikari stared at him and smiled. "Alright, come up front, umm…?"


"Ichou-kun please face your classmates."

The boy obeyed the teacher and face his class. He gulped as his classmates just stared at him. "N-Now what teacher?"

"Just a moment," Hikari said smiling at the nervous boy. She now faced the class. "Alright everyone, Ichou-kun will say an exercise and everyone must follow. There will be two sets of ten. Alright now Ichou-kun, being."

"Y-Yes!" stuttered the young boy. "Umm … J-Jumpin Jacks!"

Hikari smiled as she saw the rest of the class mimic the boy next to her. All of them did two sets of ten in each of their exercise. It took them no less than fifteen minutes to finish up seven exercises and now it was time for her to announce which sport they will be playing today. She gathered the class and asked them to surround her, so they may be able to hear her announcement clearer.

"Alright, before we start. I need to give you the name of the sport that we're going to play," she said as she watched the class. Some of the boys had exciting expressions on their faces, while the some girls looked worried if it would be a dangerous sport. Hikari gave a heartwarming smile. "We're going to play baseball--"

Some loud boys cheered, but once they saw a small frown on their teachers lips, they quieted down.

"Anyway… since baseball can be some what of a dangerous sport, I need to set a few rules. Number one: pay attention to the game, I don't want anyone to get hit by the ball. Number two: no fancy moves, try out for the baseball team if you want. Finally number three: have fun," Hikari crossed her arms and noticed that some of the boys sighed since they couldn't use fancy moves to impress their friends. The girls on the other hand didn't mind. "Now, I need the class to split in half. Understood? Now go form yourselves in groups of ten. No boys versus girls, make it mix and even."

Her chocolate brown eyes saw that there were more boys than girls. She patiently waited until the teams were finally formed. "Alright then, lets go out into the field."


Young Izumi Ami sighed as she missed hitting the ball for the second time. If she missed once, she would be out and her teammates would get upset at her or just give her some pity. She frowned at the idea of her classmates treating her bad, but she couldn't help it. She wasn't an outdoor person. She was always at home with her grandparents helping them with chores or making her father smile when he was down. Ami always pleased them as she showed them her report card that contained good grades.

"Ami-chan! Pay attention to the ball!" cried one of her classmates.

She knew she needed to pay attention, but it was so hard when she didn't know how to play this sport! She lowered the wooden bat and stared at the pitcher. She took a deep breath and her onyx eyes concentrated on the ball.

"Here I go Izumi!" cried a male classmate as he threw a straight fast ball at her. She moved forward and swung her bat.

Sadly to say, instead of hitting the ball the girl threw the bat and she fell onto the ground as the ball had suddenly hit her forehead. There were gasps and some classmates of hers screamed with fright. There laid Izumi Ami, unconscious.

"Izumi!" cried the substitute teacher as she ran to the small girl who was at the ground unconscious. She told the boy who was the catcher to stay back.

Hikari bent down and checked the girls breathing. It was steady, but she needed to see the school doctor. She heard the little boy that was near her cry, she looked at him and tried her best to give a comforting smile. "D-Don't worry, Iniku-kun. She's alive, just asleep."

The boy nodded, tears spilling down his cheeks. "O-Okay teacher."

She looked at the look alike Yamato girl. "Ishida! I need you to get one of the male teachers to come quick, make it fast!"

The girl stiffen, but nodded. "Okay!"

Hikari now paid her full attention to the unconscious little girl. She noticed the green color that was showing on the little girls forehead. It would soon become a bruise. "I'll stick to soccer next time…"

It took five minutes for a male teacher to finally come and take over the class while Hikari took the small student to the school nurse. Once she had left her with the friendly school nurse, she dashed to the teachers office and went Oki Keiko's desk. She pulled out the student's personal information folder and scanned the phone number section. Hikari went down the names of the students and finally saw the black text making out 'Izumi Ami'. Grabbing the folder she ran to where the phone was.

Most cases teachers wouldn't call the parents if something happened to the student, like fainting or vomiting in class. Students would just rest in the Nurses office until they get better, then they were ordered to go back to class. However; Izumi Ami was hit with a pretty fast ball, hitting her forehead. That was a reasonable excuse to leave school and go see a doctor about it.

Shaking from the event, Hikari dialed the house number and frantically waited for someone to pick up. After two rings, she was already getting frustrated. "Pick up you uncaring parents!"

"That's awfully rude to say that for a stranger who suddenly calls for the first time," replied a male voice from the other line.

Hikari's cheeks turned pink from embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry! Listen, I'm a teacher from Odaiba Elementary School and…"

She could mentally hear the person from the other line frown. "Your daughter…I mean…They were playing baseball and…no wait…"

Hikari was tongue tied, the event of young Ami getting hit with a pretty solid ball in the forehead repeated her mind over and over. The voice from the other line got her attention.

"Excuse me, but what happened to my daughter?"

Hikari took a deep breath. She was a teacher and she shouldn't be giving one word summaries that didn't even make sense. How silly … working in this school for six years and she was acting so unprofessional. Hikari cleared her throat and began to tell the story to Ami's guardian on the other line.

"It's best if she were to see a doctor," finished Hikari impressed that she had told the whole story without stuttering. The other line stood quiet for quiet awhile. "Hello…?"

"I'll be there soon. Thank you for informing me about this."


Hikari sighed. She was the most horrible teacher that any school had hired. Why oh why didn't she stick to soccer instead?


"There will be a big ugly bruise on that forehead," muttered the nurse to Hikari. The dirty blond short haired nurse stared at the little unconscious girl's forehead the whole time. Being fascinated by the green color turning dark purple on her forehead.

Hikari gave the blond a small glare. "Really? I haven't noticed at all."

"Well can't you see it? I mean it's so--" the nurse was cut off as someone had opened the door. Hikari turned around and her eyes widen.

The man right in front of her had read hair and worried onyx eyes. He looked so familiar to Hikari, but she couldn't put her finger who he resembled to. He walked to the two women and his eyes landed on the small girl.

"Ami-chan…" he muttered as he went towards his daughter.

The school nurse and Hikari backed away, giving him some space with his unconscious daughter. Hikari bit her lower lip as she noticed the father and daughter bond that she was seeing. It was truly her fault that this had happened. If she had only chosen soccer instead of baseball then everything would have been fine. There wouldn't have been a phone call to a parent or an injured student.

"So care to explain once again what happened?" asked the male in front of her.

"Ah, well …"

Hikari was cut off by the nurse. The nurse gave a small parchment to the father. "It would be better if you take this child to the hospital, we don't want to be blamed if she had brain damage or something like that."

The man blinked and took the paper. "Yes…I'll do that. Can I take her now?"

"It's for the best," the nurse replied.

"I'll get her stuff from the classroom, while the students are still outside," piped Hikari. She left a bit too quickly and ran to the second floor, since it contained grades second to third. She entered the empty classroom and carefully read the name tags on the desk.

Finally finding Ami's desk, she grabbed her small green backpack and left the room. Going back downstairs she headed to the nurses office. Her mind was now plagued with the man's physical features, he looked so familiar to her. She just didn't know where she had seen this person at all. Sliding the door open, she noticed the nurse and father talking about the young girls health condition.

Green eyes noticed the brunette teacher coming in. "Ah, Yagami-sensei! I need a favor if you don't mind."

She didn't notice the shock and curious look that was plastered on the redheads face. Hikari walked towards them and nodded.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Listen, I need you to…"

"Yagami Hikari?" interrupted the father.

The nurse frowned and crossed her arms. Why was she getting interrupted all the time?

Hikari glanced at the father, who looked shocked and at the same time confused. She raised an eyebrow. "That's my name."

The man bashfully rubbed the back of his neck, "…Wow, I didn't know you were my daughters teacher."

Hikari blinked. Why did he seem so friendly not to mention familiar. "Do I…?"

"It's me, Izumi Koushiro."

Her eyes popped like saucers. "K-Koushiro-san?"

After everyone was spread out of Odaiba, it was only Koushiro, Hikari, Miyako, and Ken who stayed in the city. The four of them were always in touch every Saturday because Miyako always invited them for lunch or dinner. However; after Miyako and Ken left to find another (spacious) apartment north of Tokyo, Koushiro and Hikari had stopped communicating. Sure Taichi had mention to her how Koushiro was doing every now and then, she also knew he still lived in Odaiba, but she never really tried to phone the computer genius since she was pregnant with her only child.

"My, my, my do I see an unrequited love here?" questioned the nurse who had sparkles in her green eyes.

Hikari gave a small confused look at the nurse. Just where did her imagination began?


"No, she's just a friends sister who I haven't seen in a very long time," he corrected the nurse. Hikari and the nurse both noticed the small blush he had from embarrassment.

"I see…so you began to love your friends sister? But couldn't because she was taken by a good friend of hers and then…"

The two other adults ignored the school nurse and Hikari had suggested to take the unconscious girl to the hospital. Koushiro nodded and picked up his only daughter, giving her a piggy back ride. They left and said their goodbyes to the school nurse. Walking to the entrance of the school, Hikari gave a quiet apology to her long friend. Her head was hanging low.

"I really am sorry Koushiro…" muttered Hikari feeling guilty about the whole thing, she noticed the sleeping little girl who looked like a little angel.

Koushiro gave a soft smile. "Don't worry about it Hikari-san, accidents happen."

"Still … If I had chosen another sport instead of baseball then perhaps…"

"It would have been more or less the same," grinned Koushiro to Taichi's young sister.

Hikari's head perked up. "Eh?"

"Ami-chan isn't an outdoor kid really. She was never really interested in playing any kind of sport. I really should blame myself for that though…" he chuckled. "She's always watching me doing work, so I'm guessing she's copying my actions."

"So she's another computer genius?" questioned Hikari, curiosity hitting her.

Koushiro glanced at the Yagami and grinned. "Thank goodness she's not. I don't want bad habits on my daughter."

Hikari giggled at the statement. "You're being very hypocritical Koushiro-san. Staying on the computer all day isn't a very good habit you know."

Koushiro gave a nervous chuckle. "Let's not tell her about that…"

"My lips are sealed. By the way… where's her mother?" asked Hikari, then she noticed the stiffed posture that Koushiro gave off. Hikari frowned and mentally hit herself for asking such a personal question.

"Ah, well … she's currently not home right now."

Hikari nodded, even though she knew he couldn't see it since he was putting his daughter in the car already. "Oh, I see…Umm, I know it's a sudden invitation, but I was wondering if you wanted to come to my parents house and eat dinner after Ami-chan's appointment check. I mean … Taichi's finally coming back to Odaiba."

Koushiro put on the seatbelt for her daughter and patted her head. He then faced Hikari and nodded. "I'll come. What time though?"

"About six."

"I'll see you and Taichi there then," he smirked as he waved goodbye at her.

"We'll be waiting," said Hikari as she mimicked his actions. She watched her old friend get in the car and turn on the engine. He gave her one last smile and drove off. Hikari watched the car until it was already gone. She sighed and faced the school, there was about an hour until her afternoon kindergarten class would start.

'This is such a long day…' she thought bitterly as she entered the school gates.


"So you met the President of America?" questioned her son as he kept asking his uncle questions. "How was he like? I heard he isn't liked by his people."

"Paa, you never told me this!" piped her nephew, who freakishly looked like her older brother when he was a kid.

She heard her brother laugh. "Well he may not be liked by his people, but he sure has one funny accent! It's hard not to laugh!"

Hikari sighed and swore she was going to hit her brother for being such a liar. He never went to America or met the President of America. Currently her mother and father were currently away on a family visiting's and apologized to their older son for not being there at presence. Of course Taichi didn't mind, he was going to live with his parents again anyway. He also wanted to spend time with Hikari's son, his only nephew.

Taichi's eyes carefully watched his litter sister as she was preparing food and every now and then she would glance at the clock. He frowned, was she expecting someone or was she hiding a secret from him.

"Hey Hikari wha--"

Ding Dong.

"I'll get it!" cried Hikari like a little kid and dashed out of the kitchen. The three Yagami male looked at each other in confusion. They stood silent until Taichi broke it.

"Hey Hikaru, is your mom … dating someone?" questioned a suspicious Taichi, his crossed arms were leaning on the table. His overprotective personality was clicked on,, and he was about to beat the hell out of the guy who was going to step inside his families home. He was not going to let Hikari get hurt. Again.

Hikaru stood quiet, eyes becoming worried as he saw his mothers face beam. His mother would have told him if she was seeing some guy right?

"I dunno…"

"Waaai! I get an uncle!" cheered the young Yagami as he raised his hands in cheer. Taichi glanced at his little boy and smiled. How he got a very cheerful son, was unknown to him. He liked it that he got his awesome looks though, he was a very proud father. A male voice suddenly caught his attention.

"Sorry I'm late. Mother wouldn't let Ami-chan go out until she was sure she was alright."

He knew that voice from somewhere, but where? He heard his little sister giggle.

"It's alright really, we're about to start dinner anyway. Hi Ami-chan…feeling better?"

"Yes ma'm," replied a little girls voice.

"Hikari is fine."

"Yes, Hikari-san."

Hikari sighed. "Like father like daughter I guess. Please come in."

They heard shoes taken off and footsteps heading their way. Hikaru bit hit bottom lip and Taichi's son just smiled. Taichi's eyes widen as he saw a redhead carrying a little girl.


The redhead smiled at his long friend. "Nice to see you again, Taichi-san."

Taichi glance at his sister. "You never said Koushiro was coming."

Hikari grinned and gave two thumbs up. "You never asked."

"You little…"

"I'm thirty-two, big brother," corrected Hikari crossing her arms. She was very sensitive about being called young and little, then her brother was treating her like a kid.

"Well you're acting like a twelve year old!" complained Taichi pouting his lips and accusingly pointing at Hikari.

She just stared at his childish accusations. "Look whose talking."

Koushiro and the kids sweat dropped at the sibling verbal fight. They soon stopped as Koushiro coughed and got their attention.

"I think dinner will get cold…" muttered Koushiro, setting his little girl on the floor. That's when Taichi's son took a careful look at the girl beside him. He made a sour face as he saw the bruise on her forehead.

"Your forehead looks like it's about to eat your face," he said innocently as he pointed at Ami's forehead.

The little girl looked down, Taichi covered his son's mouth, Hikaru pinched his cousin in the arm causing him to yell in protest, and Koushiro bent down trying to reassure her daughter that she looked fine. Hikari frowned at the whole scene.

Taichi, still covering his son's mouth, bowed his head down. "Sorry! He's a bit too…"

"Insensitive. Really Tetsou, your name should really be Baka," finished the older boy.

"My name isn't Baka!" complained the young Taichi look alike.

Soon the little girl started to cry. Koushiro patted his daughter and Hikari bent down saying that her forehead was fine. Taichi once again apologized to Koushiro about his son's rudeness. It took them about thirty minutes to finally have everything calm down to normal.

"My, time has pass us fast. I never knew you had a son, Taichi-san. He looks just like … you," finished Koushiro looking at the young boy chatting happily with Ami after he had apologized to her.

"Hey, I never even knew you could get a girl," muttered Taichi watching his son carefully. He didn't want him to make another rude scene again. "Surprise, surprise eh?"

Koushiro's onyx eyes then landed on the quiet boy who was next to him. "So, he's your son too?"

Taichi glanced at Hikari then to Hikaru, "Actually…"

"He's my uncle," said the boy staring at Koushiro who was blinking. He then pointed at Hikari who was busy on cooking. "That's my mom."

Koushiro blankly stared at the boy in front of him then to Hikari. His gaze then landed on Taichi, who mouthed 'It's a long story'. Koushiro nodded and then smiled at Hikari's son.

"So what grade are you in?"

"Fifth," was his short reply.

"I'm in third!" piped Tetsou grinning madly.

"Is that so?" said Koushiro feeling a little awkward towards Hikari's son's attitude towards him. "Ami-chan is also in third grade."

"Whaa! I'm going to be your new classmate then Ami!" cheered the little boy grinning ear to ear at the little redhead.

"That's nice Tetsou-san…"muttered Ami looking a little perplexed.

"Well dinner's ready," announced Hikari bringing two plates for the younger children. Her son decided to help his mother in passing the plates that contained food. It was beef and egg mixed together on top of rice, prawn and vegetable tempura, and miso soup. It looked pretty normal to Koushiro and Taichi decided to gladly appreciate non burnt food.

"I missed aunties cooking!" replied a happy go lucky Tetsou.

"It's very good Hikari-san," said the polite little girl.

The kindergarten teaching just smiled at them and appreciated the compliments. Her brown eyes stared at her brother and his friend who sighed in relief. She raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong?"

Taichi and Koushiro nervously glanced at Hikari. Taichi coughed, "W-Well I'm just glad you didn't take after mom…"

Koushiro stat silent and ate his dinner. He tried to push off the memories of that food that he had years ago. It had caused great un-pleasurable feelings for him. He coughed, trying to once again shake away the feeling of nausea. Instead her gave a compliment. "Really good food," he muttered. It wasn't a lie, it was good, but not as good as his mothers. But it was eatable.

Hikari ignored her brothers comment and decided to eat her food. Even though the others didn't notice, Hikaru saw a light pink tint on his mother's cheeks.

'I wonder what's wrong with mom,' the older boy wondered.

'I knew those cooking classes paid off,' thought Hikari mentally sighing.


"Ooh! I want this one and that one!" the little boy said as he pointed at two different kinds of pudding. "And that one too!"

Hikaru sighed as he saw his cousin wanting more than one pudding. Had he forgotten that his mother only said pick one type of desert after they entered the convenient store?

"You're going to be a little pig Tetsou," he said as he crossed his arms. "Pick one."

"Aww Hikaru, you're no fun!" pouted the brunette with freakishly wild hair. Why couldn't his uncle not cut that hair, wondered Hikaru.

"Hopefully it doesn't run in the family," he muttered his thought out loud. His chocolate brown eyes then landed on his mother and that mans daughter. They were on the bread section and his mother was pointing at some type of bread. The little girl looked doubtful and pointed to another type of sweet bread. She looked nervous, but then at the same time he felt that she was really happy deep inside. Hikaru wondered why.

His cousin finally picked one type of pudding and ran towards his aunty. He cried out, "I got one! I got one!"

His aunty nodded approvingly and her attention went back to the little girl who seemed to have trouble picking what dessert to get. "That one is lemon bread, it's really sweet and delicious. It's big too, so you can share it with your dad."

Ami nodded and pointed to the other bread next to the lemon one. "I think I'll get that one, dad likes chocolate."

Hikari smiled and nodded, she grabbed the chocolate chip bread and the pudding that her nephew had just gotten. "Alright, Hikaru did you get something for yourself?"

Hikaru shook his head. "Still debating."

Hikari sighed at her son's undecided personality. Just where did he--

"So where's your mom Ami?" questioned Tetsou who was next to the redhead.

This caught the attention of Hikaru and Hikari, who turned around and frowned disapprovingly at Tetsou's question. That really was a very personal question.

Hikari bent down to her nephew and put one of her hands on his shoulder. "Ah, Tetsou, you really shouldn't ask--"

"She left to the Digital World," answered the little girl, not giving off an awkward aura.

Tetsou and Hikari blinked.

"Digital World?" questioned Hikaru tilting his head and crossing his arms. "What's that?"


Taichi sighed as he leaned back on his chair. "Man it's great to be back in Odaiba."

Koushiro chuckled. "Couldn't stand the formality?"

"Heck yeah! I mean really who talks so politely these days?!" busted out Taichi, the he realized. "Oh wait you and your family."

"We just have manners Taichi-san," said Koushiro, sighing. "By the way, why did you come back to Odaiba? A few months ago you told me that you were too busy to even visit."

Taichi stood silent and took a glance at the clock. "I'm just here to get away from something I guess."

Onyx eyes blinked. "You? What could it be?"

Brown eyes met Onyx. "A divorce."

"So I guess it didn't work out that well…" whispered Koushiro giving Taichi some sympathy.

"No, she was having an affair with some other guy," said Taichi not really caring about the topic. "Kinda glad though, she was becoming very pushy and I didn't want Tetsou to see that. Anyway, I didn't really love her at all. I heard Mimi is having some similar problems, at least that's what Hikari told me."

"Mimi-san too?"

Taichi leaned back his chair and put his arms behind his back. "Yeah, her and Micheal got a divorce three years ago, but now he wants custody of his kid. You know how Mimi is, she'll fight for what she wants."

"Same old Mimi-san," chuckled Koushiro.

"Yeah, well what about you?" asked Taichi finally sitting properly. "You never told me you had a daughter. I mean you of all people a father? I thought you were seriously going to marry that computer of yours."

"Ah, well I was busy and I never really thought about telling you. I mean I have, but the thought just slips away."

"So where's your wife?"

"…She's currently not here at the moment," muttered Koushiro looking away from his good friends glance.

Taichi raised an eyebrow, sure he could be nice and let go of the topic. However; being in a bullet train for three hours in the smoking area really irritated him. So he needed answers, now.

"Oh? Where to?"

There was an awkward silence that the holder of courage didn't really like. Finally he got his response. It was a response he wasn't exactly expecting though.

"Digital World."


Yeah, yeah. I know you want to know the pairings right? Well it's Michi (I'm obsessed with this pairing now). Koukari here and there. More to come. .___.; Yeah, this is a story where the kids finally get their digimon more or less. Hopefully you guys liked this first chapter. Do review. (: