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Long Time Friends

Hikaru did not take long to reach a forest which was odd because usually forests were never nearby plains. Would they? It had only taken him five minutes to actually reach one too. Hikaru decided not to question or ponder at the thought, and just hide himself and Ami from that gigantic bug that had attacked them. It was a good thing that he played soccer which meant he had to be capable of running long distance. He found a tropical tree to rest at. Setting down Ami on the ground, he panted for breath.

Those five minutes of his life must have broken his running track record in his physical education class. He had overrun that flying bug monster!

Knees weakening, he fell on the ground. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with his forearm, and continued to catch his breath.

"Where are we..." Hikaru questioned as he glanced at his surroundings. "Is … Is this the digital world?"

Hikaru's posture stiffened when he heard a loud cry out in the sky. Quickly, he went to Ami's sleeping side. His head moved in many directions trying to see if the area was really safe. He didn't notice Ami struggling to open her eyes. Once she opened them she quickly blinked, and moaned. Hikaru's attention was now on the little red head.

"H-Hikaru-san...?" said Ami, as she turned her head towards his direction. She slowly lifted herself in a sitting position. "What h-happened..."

Her onyx eyes widen as she stared at her surroundings. She concluded that they were in a forest, but then there were some trees that didn't belong in the forest like those tropical types of trees. Not to mention those tropical plants looked way too exotic to survive in a forest. "W-Where are we..."

Once more there was a cry in the sky, and Ami was about to cry out as well. That was if Hikaru's hand didn't cover her bottom half of her face. His eyes narrowed slightly. "Shh! There's a monster in the sky trying to … well eat us or something like that … wait stop crying Ami … !"

He heard her hiccup, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. The poor girl was trying her best not to make a sound as she cried, but utterly failed. She let out small muffled sounds as Hikaru still had his hand covering her mouth – trying to prevent loud wails of crying. Completely nervous, Hikaru tried to calm down the younger girl. "Please Ami, please don't cry!"

Vrrmmm, Vrrmmm

"That noise is …!"

It was a sudden event when the ground began to shake, and trees had been tumbled down by orange claws. Ami instantly got closer to Hikaru for some type of protection. In front of the children was a giant orange stag beetle. It gave a loud cry to the sky before speaking.

"I'll smash you human children!"

Just as those orange claws were about hurt both Ami and Hikaru, a loud voice cried out: "Lighting Paw!"

A small white kitten, with large yellow and red stripe gloves and black nails sticking out of it, had punched the stag beetles claw, and was pushed away by such a strong force. The cat had done a back flip before landing on the ground. Quickly, the walking two feet cat had spread her arms almost in a protecting stance in front of Hikaru and Ami. The cat spoke in an older matured voice. "Stay away from these kids!"

Ami gently tugged on Hikaru's shirt. The brunette boy glanced down at the red head. "C-Cats can t-talk?"

Hikaru shook his head dazed. "They're not supposed to."

"You're back."

"Yeah …"

"How was … the talk, Takeru?¨

"…There was no talk at all. Taichi forbade me to talk to enter the house, and then … that happened."

"What happened?"

"Catherine, Taka is asleep right?"

"Yes, I put him to bed hours ago. But Takeru, what happened?"

"Apparently Hikaru and Koushiro's daughter – Ami, are in the digital world right now. They somehow entered the world with Koushiro's digivice. I couldn't properly talk to Hikari after that."

"Oh no! What – "

"Mom? Dad? What's the digital world? What's going on?"

Both Taichi and Mimi stared at the hallways suspiciously. The two could not help but think of this whole building as a studio set for making an action film or perhaps something out of a science fiction movie as well. The outer design and architecture was very modern and looked rather futuristic. The interior design was very much the same as well – sophisticated furniture that Mimi was almost envious of - the two wondered how much money employees would get paid in such grand place. Taichi and Mimi could not help to keep their eyes on Koushiro's back as he talked to Hikari beside him.

"Just how much is he making?" muttered Taichi suspicious at his longtime friend.

Mimi frowned, as she crossed her arms. "Is he making more than me?"

"Just what do they do here?" muttered the two in unison as they continued to stare at the red head in front of them.

"You know," whispered Mimi next to Taichi. "I bet the janitors at this place make 500,000 yen monthly."

"That's half of what I make!" cried out Taichi in shock.

Koushiro and Hikari glanced back at the two other brunettes. Hikari frowned at the sudden noise her elder brother was making, and Koushiro only raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about Taichi-san?" questioned Koushiro, as the group entered inside the elevator. The red head pushed the number five button before crossing his arms. "So?"

Taichi took a good look at his friend. "How much do you get paid monthly Koushiro?"

Blinking his onyx eyes a couple of times, he responded. "At the end of the year I make about 10 million yen."

The digital world researcher stared at the Yagami siblings and Tachikawa as they had fish like faces. Suddenly more expressions showed up: Mimi gave an anger type of look; Hikari had more of a depressing one, and Taichi a determined feature.

"That's more than what I make! I think..."

"I only get 150,000 yen a month and 200,000 if I stay longer hours at school..."

"Koushiro hire me dammit! Aren't I your best friend? !"

Koushiro tried his best to ignore them, as they made it to the destined floor. He led them to his office as they still continue to talk about his yearly payment. Turning on the lights, he suggested for them to sit on whatever chair they could find. His office was wide, but there were lack of chairs, mainly because he would go to the lab to do most of his work. Just as they were looking for some chairs, Koushiro turned on his computer, and let out a small curse. He had forgotten his yellow laptop back home.

'Oh well, I can still communicate and open a digital portal here. Or I could … no it's still in a testing process.'

"So what now?" questioned Taichi as he took a sit between the two women. "How do we get Hikaru and Ami back?"

Koushiro bit the insides of his cheek, as he typed on his keyboard with a magnificent speed. "I'm contacting Tentomon and Gennai right now. Taichi-san can you look for a projector in those cabins, and Mimi-san can you pull down the screen that's on top of the wall over there?"

Hikari sat uncomfortably on her chair as she felt useless since she was not helping one bit at all. Couldn't Koushiro order her to at least tune down the lights or something? She really disliked the feeling of being useless.

"Mimi-san, can you turn down the lights? Taichi-san please bring the projector here."

Before Mimi turned down the lights, Koushiro had plugged in the desktop computer to the projector. Once turning off the lights, Hikari and the others could see what Koushiro was doing in his computer. Her lips formed a frown as she noticed one folder that read "Ami Pictures". Although she knew Koushiro would never be the type to dote his daughter publicly, she was still surprise that he had a folder that was probably filled with pictures of his daughter. Perhaps he even had pictures of his wife, Yoshino.

They continued to watch whatever Koushiro was typing on his computer by paying attention to the screen. Suddenly they were staring at a black screen, and then a face appeared. A face very familiar to them that Hikari, Taichi, and Mimi had to scream out the name: "Gennai!"

"It's been quite a while chosen digidestined!" said a young looking Gennai just a bit younger than they last saw him.

"It's been almost a billionyears since we saw your face around!" exclaimed Taichi happy to see Gennai again. For some reason Taichi began to feel excited as he greeted Gennai.

Koushiro decided to correct his friend. "Actually Taichi-san it's been..."

"Are you still living in that nasty out dated fish house?" questioned Mimi with all seriousness in her voice. "If you need anyone to remodel that house, feel free to call me!"

The people in the room and in the screen chuckled out nervously. Mimi had a strange taste in interior design that was rather unique. Not that anyone would speak out that opinion unless they were like Miyako who always tended to praise Mimi's design skills. Instead of giving a definite answer to the older brunette mother, Gennai quickly changed the subject. "So what brings you guys to contact me?"

"My daughter and Hikari's son have entered the digital world with my digivice," announced Koushiro to his old friend. "Is there any way you can pin point where exactly they are, and send Tentomon or one of the other digimon to protect them while Taichi-san, Hikari-san, and Mimi-san go to the digital world?"

Gennai looked thoughtful, and soon he nodded his head. "I will send that application to your email. Koushiro, you should install this to Taichi's digivice, Mimi's, or Hikari's. It will make it easier to find those children since I believe you have already installed it to your own digivice."

"What application? What's going on?" questioned Taichi glancing at his red head friend.

"It's just a program that I installed in my computer and digivice," said Kousiro as he kept the screen where Gennai appeared, and began to click in another icon, and typed out furiously. "Can all of you give me your digivices so that I can install the application?"

The three adults gave their digivice to Koushiro as he installed the program he and Gennai created to their digivices. He began to explain what this application was for. "With this," he said as he handed Mimi's digivice back. "It will help us detect Hikaru and Ami since they're not any type of a digimon race or species. Meaning that we can pin point where they are because they're humans."

"So this is like an application to find humans in the digital world?" observed Taichi as he was handed back his digivice. "That's pretty advanced."

"Yes," said Gennai once Hikari's digivice installed the program. "This was to make sure the digital world will be safe from humans for the time being."

"What do you mean?" questioned Mimi as she tilted her head to the side. "Are digimon going to start living with us or something? Or are more of us going to start popping in the digital world?"

The young Yagami sibling stared at Koushiro for a moment. The small fond smile he had on caught her off guard.

"Yes, something like that," whispered the redhead as he was done typing something on his computer.

"Really?" both Taichi and Mimi cried out in surprise.

"Done," announced Koushiro as he ignored the looks he received from his friends. "I found the location where Biyomon and Hawkmon are at the moment. I'll send them a heads up in advance that you guys will be there in a few minutes."

Mimi placed her hands on her hips. "You make it sound as if you're not going."

Koushiro gave his friend a long tired stare. "Mimi … Hikaru and Ami have my digivice. How do you think I'll be able to –"

Mimi cut him off. "Yeah, they got in because of one digivice meaning that a digivice can take two people in the digital world!" Her lips formed a proud grin as she had won an argument with Koushiro which she never does. Taichi being next to the honey haired brunette gave a warm pat on the back.

"Good going Mimi!" grinned Taichi proud at his friend.

Hikari gave her own smile. "Besides I'm sure Ami would want to be with her dad after being overwhelmed with the digital world."

Scratching the back of his neck, Koushiro began to protest. "I can't. I have to –"

Mimi quickly went to Koushiro's side, and linked her arm to his. "Is that the portal?" questioned Mimi with a determined look as she stared at the screen that had a perfect image of a random place in the digital world.

"Eh? Yeah uh, Mimi-san…wait stop! What are you – !"

"Taking you to the digital world idiot," said Mimi as she placed her digivice in front of the computer screen.

"I'm home! Sora? Is something wrong?"

"Takeru just called…"

"Hmm? Is that so? What did he say?"

"Yamato…do you think it should be time to tell Shizuko about … the digital world?"

"…She's a bit too young still, but – hey what brought this talk anyway?"

"Well, I just got off with Takeru and Catherine and … they told me about how Hikari's son and Koushiro's daughter got into the digital world."

"Wait … Hikari I can understand, but Koushiro has a daughter? !"


"Hurry!" cried out Gatomon to the children as they tried to find a way to hide until it was safe. The two children behind her were panting for breath, and the little one was barely keeping up. The cat like digimon found a simple cave to hide for the mean time. "This way, hurry!"

The two human children soon found themselves inside a cave where they would be protected fom that orange stag beetle that was chasing them down. The taller of the two, spoke to Gatomon. "What … is that thing?" he said as he was trying to catch his breath. "What are … you?"

Also catching her breath, the little girl spoke next. "You can talk," she stated.

Gatomon, who was making observations of the cave to - make sure the cave was really safe, turned around to face the two human children, "That thing is called Kuwagamon and he's a champion level digimon. I'm a digimon, and yes I'm a digimon that can speak. Now, what are two human children doing in the digital world? We haven't had human children in … years."

The boy fell down to the floor, and just stared at the cat digimon.

Gatomon eyed the boy suspiciously. He seemed familiar to the champion level digimon, and Gatomon was sure that he gave off a familiar scent. A scent that only one person could smell like that. Trying to fight of the nostalgic feeling, Gatomon turned to the little girl who began to cough uncontrollably.

"Ami?" asked the boy in concern. "Are you alright?"

The girl continued to cough not being able to respond. Fearfully, the boy stood up and went over to her side. "Ami…? Ami are you alright?"

The young girl shook her head, and that's when the boy noticed her red cheeks and hitched breathing. Alarmed the boy turned to the digimon. "Help her; I think she needs a doctor to see her!"

Panicked, Gatomon turned to the entrance of the cave. "One of the ways out is unsafe; we have to see if there is an exit at the end of this cave. Can you carry her?"

The boy nodded his head, and tried his best to give Ami a piggy back ride. Without a moment to lose, they headed deep into the cave. Ami began to have coughing fits, and she tried to suppress them since it was the only noise being made. The brunette boy turned to give a small smile to the sick girl, but he soon frowned when her only focus was at the ground.

"What's your name anyway?" questioned Gatomon as she was leading the two human children out of the cave.

"Hikaru," responded the young boy feeling responsible for Ami being sick. "Yaga–"

Ami began to have another coughing fit.

"…and this is Ami. What about you?"

Gatomon responded nonchalantly, "Gatomon."

Hikaru nodded his head. "Gatomon, are you sure there's another exit to this cave? Will we find someone to look at Ami?"

"If my cat instincts are correct I believe we might be going to the Koromon village. I have a friend there who might be able to help."

"So you're a cat?" questioned Hikaru as he curiously watched the digimon. "I thought you said you were a digimon."

Gatomon's ears twitched. "I'm a digimon with a cat like appearance."

"But you said you had cat instincts!"

The poor digimon gave a playful glare at the boy. "Tentomon is better at explaining it to human children than I am! No big deal! Now move!"

Hikaru decided to keep his lips sealed as he followed the cat digimon deeper into the cave. He only hoped that there would be a way to heal Ami. He felt responsible for bringing her to this world while she was ill. There had to be someone in this world that would make her better. He regretted ever pulling a stunt like this now.