Chapter One 'Back Home'

Bella, Alice, and Edward were all sitting on the airplane headed back home. Bella had just saved the man she loved from killing himself. She can't believe she thought she tried to kill herself.

True it was stupid of her to jump of the cliff but still he shouldn't flatter himself. Edward looked over at her since Alice was in the middle of them per Bella's request he could touch her. Edward knew that she was still very upset he could see it all over her face. But she did come and save him from empending death. That had to me something from them. Right?

'Stop staring at her,' Alice shouted with her mind. 'She has every right to be mad at you.'

'I know that Alice,' Edward said back to her. 'But I do love her you know that.'

'Oh yeah you certainily showed that when you left,' Alice thought. 'I don't think she even trust

me anymore thanks to you.'

'This isn't about you,' Edward said glaring back at him.

"You know you guys can say whatever your saying to each other out loud," Bella said looking out the window of the plane.

"How did you know?" Alice asked arching her eyebrow.

"You can't stay quiet for long," Bella said with a faint smile. "It is one of the things that I missed about you," she said looking over at her.

"I missed you too," Alice said with a smile.

"But that doesn't mean I forgive you," Bella said turning back to the window. Alice looked down at her hands and sighed deeply.

"It isn't Alice's fault," Edward said. "Don't blame her," he said.

"You're right," Bella said. "It isn't her fault but she still could have called or written," she said.

"Letting me know that all of you didn't abandone me," she said. "But I wouldn't even know if I would have believed her," she said turning away.

"Bella," Edward said causing her to raise her hand.

'Give her some time,' Alice said through her mind. 'She is bound to take you back I hope.'

'Me too,' Edward thought still staring at her.

They had arrived back at Forks within a day and Carisle was there waiting. "Hello Bella," he said causing her to give him a nod and walk past him.

"Here," Edward said trying to get her bag for her.

"Don't," Bella said sternly. "I can do fine on my own," she said.

"Do you want me to give you a ride?" Carisle asked looking over at her.

"No," Bella said. "I am going to give Jake up a call," she said.

"So you are just going to sit here and wait?" Edward asked with anger in his eyes. "For that….that," he couldn't get the words out.

"Werewolf," Bella said. "Yes I am," she said. "Thank you for the offer Carisle," she said before walking away from them.

"Let's go son," Carisle said. "I fear only staying here and watching over her will make her more angry with you and with this family," he said feeling sadden.

Edward knew he had hurt his entier family with the exception of Rosalie. They had come to think of Bella as part of their family and he took that away from them. "Yes father," Edward said.

Alice watched as Bella got out her cell phone and called Jacob. He had arrived at the airport within an hour and she got into the car. "So you saved the bloodsucker?" Jacob asked.

"Jacob," Bella said looking over at him.

"Sorry," Jacob said holding up his hand. "I just don't know what you see in him," he said pulling out of the airport.

"I don't know either," Bella said. "But I am not taking him back," she said. "I can't trust him anymore I can't trust that he won't leave again," she said causing him to get serious.

"And if you could," Jacob said. "Would you take him back?" He asked looking between the road and her.

"In a split second," Bella said feeling weak for having admitted that.

"Its okay love does crazy things to people," Jacob said touching her hand.

"I thought you hated Edward," Bella said looking over at him and he stared back at the road.

Bella arrived back at the house with Jacob at her side. "ISABELLA MARIE SWAN!!" Charlie yelled from the kitchen.

"Ouch the middle name," Jacob said causing her to shush him.

"Thank you for bringing her home Jacob," Charlie said. "But Bella and I need to have a discussion," he said in a firm voice.

"Go easy on her," Jacob said. "She is love crazy," he said.

"I am not," Bella said smacking him on the arm and watched him leave. "Dad," she said.

"Don't dad me," Charlie said. "You are ground for the rest of your life," he said.

"Dad," Bella siad. "I had to help them out," she said. "If you know mom was about to do something stupid wouldn't you go and stop her," she said causing him to look down.

"Yes I would," Charlie said. "But you are still grounded," he said. "Two weeks," he said. "No tv, no phone, no friend, no bike, no nothing," he said. "Just school and back," he said firmly.

"Fine," Bella said. "I will be up in my room," she said heading to her room.

Bella went to her dresser knowing that she needed to take a shower. As she stood in the shower all her feelings came pouring out through her tears. Once she got back to her room she went to her window and locked it shut. Then she went over to her bed and tried to go back to sleep.

Edward had set up his old room just like he had it before. He realized Bella would be in bed by now and headed over to her house. At least he could watch her sleep. That was something. He stood on the ledge and went to open the window. It wouldn't budge.

'She locked it,' Edward thought to himself.

A complete sense of sadness went over him and he headed back to his house. Alice saw him come through the door. "She locked her window," Alice said causing him to nod.

"Sorry bro," Emmett said looking over at him. "She'll come around," he said.

"Why should we care?" Rosalie asked with a glare in her eyes. "She is just some stupid human," she said receiving a growl from Edward.

"Rose," Emmett said looking at her.

"What?" Rosalie askes standing up. "She has cause this family so much trouble already," she said before walking out of the room.

"Rose!" Emmett said following after her.

"Don't listen to her Edward," Alice said. "The vision I had before you made us leave was that

Bella would be a big part of this family," she asid with a huge smile on her face.

"And now?" Edward asked causing her to shrug. "I am going up to my room," he said.

"Maybe we should talk to her," Esme said looking over at Alice. "Invite her over for some cookies," she said smiling.

"That would be a great idea," Alice said with a small smile on her face. "It so good to be back home," she said holding onto Jasper that kissed the top of her head.