Bonds of Magic
Part 1
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Harry Potter sighed as he walked down a little used corridor within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Things had been going well for him until the Welcoming Feast. He had what was a tedious summer with the Durleys, studying, practicing, training, sleeping and eating. All of which was not that much fun, but necessary. All of which was made easier by the fact that he had used the Room of Requirements, before leaving last term, to obtain all the necessary material to commandeer the wards around Privet Drive. A task far easier since he was the foci of said wards and he was inside them. Also all the camping gear that his godfather had bought for him, a wizard-tent, fully stocked mansion within what would appear to be a Muggle two-man tent. Sirius had also gotten him several books, new clothes and shoes, and other items that a young wizard with a Dark Lord and hordes of fan-girls after him needed. He had taken precaution and dowsed Hedwig in potions and placed wards upon her to protect her, thus allowing her to safely handle his mail to his friends, questions to his professors on school work, several textbook authors asking for clarification and questions on theory they were expects in, and several unanswered queries to the Ministry of Magic on Sirius and his behalf.

The ride to Hogwarts had been pretty standard, catching up with his friends, Malfoy's meaningless taunts, and arriving at Hogwarts for the Welcoming Feast.

After the Welcoming Feast, Dumbledore had called him up to his office to discuss his "disappointing disappearance" over the summer, which he easily deflected with made-up a story about Mad-Eye Moody's security measures and having followed Dumbledore's own instructions. Knowing that Dumbledore believed so much in magic, itself, it was easy for him to use Occlumency to make it seemed that he was telling the truth, regardless of the flaws in his story. If Dumbledore's own Legilimency said he was telling the truth, then Dumbledore believed him. It also helped that Fawkes, unexpectedly, backed him up, producing several pages of Dumbledore's notes that Harry had followed during the summer.

He had only signed up for NEWT Defense, NEWT Charms, and NEWT Transfiguration. He had also signed up for several "Independent Study" courses on Potions, Enchanting, and Spell-Analysis. Three magical areas he had come to love during his summer studying.

He was quickly seeing the difference between NEWT classes and OWL classes. In OWL classes, it was all about memorization and theory on basic, everyday magic. NEWT classes, the students were required to read the material ahead and but everything together on their own.

Two good examples were the NEWT DADA and NEWT Charms classes.

In NEWT Charms, they were studying the creation of wards and Professor Filius Flitwick was just there to offer advice. There was no "hand-holding" instruction on ward-casting, just the assignment to protect a miniature house from various damages. The assigned book only listed how a useless ward could be established over something, but the student had to figure out on his own how to change and adjust the example to fit the requirement of the class assignment. His experience with the wards around Privet Drive and his studies helped a lot in that class.

In NEWT Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA), they were practicing how to defend against dark wizards and how to duel. The class textbook listed only the rules of formal, informal, and free-form dueling, example of some significant, historic duels and it was up to the student to come up with their own style.

The new DADA Professor was Hit-Witch Elizabeth Eaglestone, who was under contract to Hogwarts for a year. In her first class, she showed that she was heavy on practical side, and extremely light on theory. The opposite of last year's class with Umbitch was structured. More over, where as Umbitch was ugly, Professor Eaglestone was quickly considered one of the hottest witches at Hogwarts, of any age. She was in her late twenties, very good-looking, and gentle yet firm in her class. She had a truly desire to make sure everyone could defend themselves.

She seemed a bit more focused on him, than he would have liked but it did give him a chance to duel against a professional Hit-Witch. Normally, he would be dueling against a fellow student, but as the odd-man out, he was paired with the Professor. To both their surprise, he was actually holding his own, although she was holding back a bit. Although, each class, she held back less and less, and he pushed himself more and more.

Everything seemed to be going okay, save one thing.

Hermione Granger.

For reasons she was not sharing, Hermione Granger had seemed to have going through the Hogwarts Library looking for information. She was a witch on a mission.

A mission to annoy and disturb him it seemed to him.

On the rare occasion, he got her to speak with him, it was always "later", "not now,", and "no, it's not about Voldemort." Otherwise, she tried to avoid him. This, for her, was not easy.

After a week or so of putting him off, she had finally was going to tell him what was going on. But he had to meet her in an unused classroom that was off the beaten path.

As he entered the classroom, empty save for a couch-like furniture and Hermione, herself. But upon seeing her, he could only stare at his best friend of six years as if he was seeing her for the first time. Before, he had only seen her in the baggy outfits she wore on the Hogwarts Express and her Hogwarts School Uniform robes.

There standing, looking cute and nervous, was Hermione Granger. She was wore a thin, almost see-through yellow sun-dress that seemed to cling to her womanly form. And based on his limited knowledge and observations, he did not think or see how she could wear anything else. The sundress ended just about her lower-arse level. He was sure if she bent over, he would be able to confirm quite easily if his theory on her lack of undergarments was correct.

Her hair was done up in a pony-tail. He could not recall her hair being anything but untamed and bushy. The pony-tail was more of a style that the other girls in Gryffindor House used than her. The same with the almost three inch heels she was wearing. He had to admit, they did make her legs seems more sexy and feminine, somehow.

Gone was his best friend, who happened to be of the female gender, and somehow been replaced by this sexy, young woman. Oh, he had always known that Hermione was a girl. Girl dorm, girl bathroom, and such were very big clues.

Also he could not miss those melons attached to her chest. He actually wondered when they had arrived and why he had not noticed them until now. Probably due to the concealing nature of the school robes and baggy clothes she wore.

Upon noticing that he was done checking her out, she flung herself into his arms and rested her head upon his shoulders, crying. "Oh, Harry." She sighed. She kept repeating, "I'm so sorry" over and over again.

"Hermione, what's going on?" he inquired in confusion. She had been distant towards him, even going so far as to try to avoid him. For the classes they had together, she was the first to leave and the last to arrive. During class, she seemed a bit spaced out. Fortunately, the classes had been only review of the past five years, and vague warnings about the NEWT exams coming next year. Still, the teachers did not seem concern. Of course, there were the same teachers that had allowed all the bigotry, violence, and abuse to happen without any repercussion or consequences.

"Oh, Harry," Hermione signed again and clung to him as if her very life dependent upon him. Her sundress seemed to have somehow bunched up, exposing the lower parts of her lovely arse that he was very curious to touch, but restrained himself, to only hold her around her lower back. He was being very careful not to get too close to her arse. He was a hormonal teenager though, and was very curious how a feminine arse would feel like in his hands, as well as the rest of the mysterious bits of a woman.

With his arms around her, she got herself under control and started to babble while resting her head upon his shoulder. "I'm so sorry, Harry. It was horrible. That evil... witch. Umbridge was trying to set you up all last year. She told me... at the end. She had the so-called trial all lined up and planned out. The trial would be a complete farce, and purposely a week long to drag everything out and the hit hard towards the end so that gossip on the weekend would be out of control and no one would know where or care where you were exiled to. Ron, she planned to just throw into Azkaban for a year or so. And me... me... She had the nerve to say she'd just have me Kissed immediately, as no one would care if a mud-blood like me got justice or not." Her voice tried to mock Umbridge as she said, "Someone more deserving of magic would get my wand, at discount, since it would have to be fumigated to work correctly."

"What?" Harry roared. His mind was spinning and wondering what had brought this on. Umbridge had not been seen since Hermione had tricked her into the Forbidden Forest at the end of last term. Plus, at the Welcoming Feast and during the trip on the Hogwarts Express, Hermione was happy and looking forward to the new school year, and all the higher magic they would be learning for their NEWTs. Still, Harry had to ask, "But Umbridge couldn't have had you just have you Kissed..."

"Oh, Harry," she remarked, "but she could... as any high-level Ministry official could. I've checked the Library and with various teachers. Trials are only given to pure-bloods. A Half-blood might get one, such as yourself, but the rest of us, are at the mercy of whichever Ministry official wishes to dispense justice."

"But?" Harry inquired.

"It's all about the Houses and the Heritage Ritual," Hermione answered. "It's archaic! It's barbaric! Argh!"

All he could do was hold onto her and offer what support he could. He did not notice that his hands were now resting upon bare skin.

"It's like the Roman Empire, all over again," she said. "Patrons and vassals. Lords and slaves! Lords can do anything they wish, and the rest of us have to just take it! The more I learn about the Wizarding World, the more backwards it is!"

She continued to rant and crave for several moments, still clinging to him and laying her head on his shoulder. It was a surreal experience for him. It might have been a dream to him, if she had not several of her rants were very similar to his Uncle Vernon's rant about the Muggle World. Not what you know, but who you know , how much money you have and such things.

She calmed down a bit, and continued, "As I'm Muggle-born, I am worse off than a House-less witch, as my parents don't count at all. Muggles have no standing within the Wizarding Worlds as magical bonds and magical contracts have no effect upon them, save certain specific circumstances that are too rare to happen. I have no Family Magic to offer or inherit to boost my standing.

"A House-less witch, at least, still has some family and friends to back her, plus whatever history or knowledge she could take away. And just because her father or Lord doesn't wish her for some reason, there might be others that will. A Muggle-born has nothing to offer, no history, and no lore, just herself. Marriages within the Wizardry World are usually the result of a magical-bond which is formed between a wizard and a witch. These bonds can form at any time, and under numerous conditions, thus are very easily to make. That's why you have to be careful, Harry. You could make a bond with anyone and not even knowing it.

"The main concern is opening and closing, which deals with a witch's magic-core. When a Witch is born, her magic-core is closed, until she has intercourse with a Wizard. When he ejaculates into her womb, while only one sperm is needed to fertilize a Witch's egg, each of those sperm has magic within it, and all that extra magic goes into her magic-core, opening it. Cracking would be a more accurate description actually. It is through these cracks that a witch's' magic seeps into her child, more so than the Witch's own magic within her body. Not only is this seepage make the child more magical, but allows a witch's core to grow."

"What about a wizard's core?" he asked in curiosity.

"A wizard's core is never closed like a witch's," she answered. "From the point of conception, a wizard's core is constantly growing, while a witch's core only grows while in the womb and after it's been opened. This is why many witches wish to be opened. That and the bond that forms between her and her Wizard, gives her comfort and stability. Also why a wizard will usually be more powerful than a witch."

Harry held onto Hermione, absent-mindedly caressing her naked lower back, as he asked, "So I take it in this transfer of power, a Wizard is weaken, and can be bound. But why can't an open witch do that too?"

"The ritual would prevent the wizard's magic from touching her closed core, and only a closed core, that would allow the witch to manipulate the wizard's magic within her to bind him. An open-witch can't do," was Hermione's answer. As a seemingly after-thought, she added, "Plus, a close-witch cannot bind a Lord."

"What?" Harry said puzzled.

"Any wizard with a sworn follower, ideally ten or more, but just one will be enough to protect him from a closed-witch," she stated. "Or a wizard with a bond with the magical-realm can all be called a Lord. It's the origin, at least within the Wizarding World, of Jus Primae Noctis, Law of First Night.

"A witch who wishes to marry could go to her fiance's Lord or Head of House to be opened, safely on everyone's part, and the all the bonds formed would strength the House. The witch would be bond to the House through the Lord, and the husband would be bound through the witch, as well as his original bond to the House."

As Harry was pondering this, she added, "Many assumed this was our situation between you, me..." She hesitated a little and then added, "And Ron."

"Huh?" was his response, he had no idea how Ron got involved into this very strange conversation he was having.

"From a Wizardry point of view, it makes a twisted kind of logic," she pointed out with a bit of humor. "There are strong bonds between us... and Ron... for various reasons. Not knowing what we've been through, it's easy for others to assume that that bond was formed from you opening me. Either you took pity on completely clueless Ron or just followed one of the older ways making Ron your vassal, by sharing me with him."

"But," he began.

"Harry, it's all magic and bonds," she remarked. "That's what the Wizarding World is built upon. It is the responsibilities imposed by Magic and Tradition that keeps the Lords in check. Of course, these days, there are so few Lords... You can guess who two of them are."

Harry just nodded, frowned a bit, and getting back on track he prompted, "And the Heritage Ritual?"

Hermione blushed and stated, "Heritage Ritual allows a pure-blood or half-blood to come into their Family Magic somehow. As such, no one thinks of Muggle-born, but Family Magic does have to start somewhere, after all. Honestly!

"The ritual itself is just a declaration of who you are and that you're of age. Usually, one's parents stand with you. But one's Master or Lord can stand in place of them..."

"You wish for me to be your Lord," he cut in. "Both to protect me and for you to do the Heritage Ritual to establish your own Family Magic."

Watching his face as he spoke, she just nodded her head and waited. Carefully, she did press herself against his body, holding him close to her body as she waited his response.

He signed and said, "Fine. What do I have to do?" He could not fault her logic, and he did want to help her. That it would piss the pure-blood factions off was just a bonus. Plus, as Hermione's Lord, he could get her to rest and relax more. He felt that she got herself worked up too much over too many things. He was a bit wondered that she would not graduate, but would end up a patient at St Mango's, for stress and burn-out.

She could not help let a few giggles escape. She made sure to rub his body, in what she hoped was a pleasurable way. A bit nervous but determined to continue, she stated, "You just need to relax as there isn't much you for you to do. I'll be doing most of the work."

He just looked at her, just knowing she had not told him everything. And whatever she was holding back would be something he would not like.

She fidgeted under his stare, and continued, "well... for the Ritual, I'll have to be completely nude, as the day I was born. As well as, it would be best if you would open me just before the Ritual, for maximum effectiveness. During the Ritual, itself, you'll need to draw some runes upon my body, as well as, touch me in a somewhat intimate-manner... I don't know how, as the Ritual itself, will tell you how and what to do. Whatever that means."

He choked on his nervousness and remarked, "Naked?"

"By me performing oral sex on you, we'll have a bond between us. Not as great as when you open me," Hermione stated in an off-handed manner in an attempt to get him to relax. She added, "It's supposed to be very pleasurable for wizards..."

A look of complete shock, as he had not pieced everything together just yet, appeared upon his face. Slowly, his face relaxed and a look of determination filled his eyes. His eyes seemed to have a soft glow to them, radiating a hidden, restrained power.

Looking more nervous and uncertain, she inquired, "Harry? You'll still do this? Please?"

Not trusting his voice, he just nodded his head to show he would continue.

Not trusting her hands, she triggered the finishing spell she had placed upon the transfigured sundress and stood naked before him. With her courage showing in her eyes, she said, "I know that I'm not much... I'm not beautiful like Susan or Lavender, but I will follow and obey you always, Harry."

It was not a formal pledge, nor any magical oath that he had studied over the summer, and yet, he felt some connection - a bond - form between them. It was a very strange, yet familiar feeling. He was aware of her, in a way that he was not sure he could describe.

All of a sudden, he knew things he was sure he did not know before. The foremost among them was that Hermione Granger, his best friend, was determinately nude, leaning her body into his, and her hands were busy getting into his inner pants. He just knew that she had planned this out, and was actually looking forward to what she was about to do.

What she was doing was directing him to the couch, while working the fasteners to his pants under his robes. He could also, somehow, feel Hermione's beautiful naked body against his own, through his robes.

She quickly worked to free his fleshy wand out and as she caressed it lovely, she remarked in a voice that was both very serious and yet somewhat playful, "Always remember, Harry. Good witches swallow." With that she kissed his fleshy wand and proceeded to perform oral sex upon him.

When he ejaculated several moments later, he was not sure if it was his imagination or not, but he could feel a small piece of his magic leaving his body and entering Hermione's. He could also feel a sense of containment and happiness radiate from her.

She licked him clean, replaced his fleshy wand back into his robes and snuggled up along side of him, not bothering to dress or cover herself.

Seeing this, Harry began, "Uh-huh, Hermione. Shouldn't you..."

She placed a finger on his lips to silence him, and repeated, "I need to be naked for the Ritual, and you need to be able to not only deal with that, but even touch me without embarrassment or hesitation. I know it's a challenge, Harry, but I will make sure you enjoy it. To help, I've found several spells that will enchant my clothing to be transparent to you. We will need to practice every chance we can."

He put his arm around her, pulling her closer to him, and remarked, "It's not a challenge, Hermione. I do want to help you out. And if sex and you being nude is what you need for all this, then who am I to argue?"