Bonds of Magic
Part 02
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"It's just Hermione," Harry kept telling himself.

Of course, it was just Hermione and nothing else. No clothing, no books, nothing but Hermione. Her. Him. Alone in an unused classroom with nothing else but the couch they were rest on.

Well, he was resting on the couch, fully clothed, but with a completely nude Hermione upon his lap. Okay, technically, she still had on a pair of high-heels, but shoes did not count as clothing. And she had not sealed him back up, from her wonderful - performance was the only word he could think of - that she had performed upon his fleshy wand. He could feel a bit of a draft down there, but that was also off-set by Hermione's fingers, which were caressing him still.

"Hermione," he began with a shaky voice.

She seemed to completely fascinated with his fleshy wand, a look of complete concentration appeared upon her face, and she had seemingly forgotten about everything else. Which shown, as her head jerked up to look at him. She blushed and replied, "Yes, my L... Harry?"

He was trying to look at her nude body, but it did not seem that it would be proper to do so. That it was somehow wrong to do so.

"My L-" she began, "Harry. Please look at me. I know I'm not much, but you must be able to see me and touch me, Harry."

He knew she was correct, and although, he did have to correct her on, "Hermione, you are a lovely girl, as much as Susan Bone or Lavender Brown. It is just that this is way out of my experience. We have a couple of weeks until your birthday." With a determine look upon his faced, he added, "I will try, Hermione."

He knew that she knew that he was serious and she smiled at him.

She reluctantly got up, and stood before him. She then proceeded to use herself as her demonstration model for pointing out key female anatomy parts, their names and what effects he might induce by touching her there.

He got up, stood before her, and touched each named part as she mentioned it. He also allowed his fingers to caress her smooth, silky skin. On her advice, he also cupped her breasts, weighing them, feeling them and massaging them.

He had to admit, that having a female breast, especially one as nice and full as Hermione is. It felt good in his hand, and he enjoyed the look of pleasure that she got on her face as he explored the pair.

How long the two of them explored her body, neither could say. But he did point out that they would need to get back to their dorms soon.

Hermione was reluctant for Harry to stop touching her.

Wandlessly, he casted the time-charm, and saw it that curfew was coming up very soon.

She looked at him, surprise on her face, but said nothing. She knew he would just brush it off saying it was just his practicing a lot during the summer and not to the fact that wandless ability had more to do with power and understanding of magic itself than a summer's worth of practice.

She pulled her book-bag out from behind the couch and placed her clothes out onto the couch. There was a pair of panties, a bra, the inner school robe, the Gryffindor House tie, pants, socks, and the outer school robe.

She took her wand and went to tap her clothes with it when she stopped, looked at him, looked at her bra, back to him, and back to the bra. She then went back into her bag, took out a piece of parchment, waved her wand over it, and then handed the parchment to him.

He looked it over. It was a charm he was not familiar with. He could see that it was a limited-area area applied to the body, but not what it would do. He looked to Hermione.

She looked at him, and lowered her eyes as she said, "I'm not sure what the pure-bloods call it, but I've called it the bra charm. I've only found that recently, among all the other information I've uncovered recently. It will provide all the support my breasts need, without all the hassles and problems a bra has. I've tried to cast it on myself..." She blushed a bit, looked down and then back up at him and continued, "I was hoping that it might be easier for you to cast it upon me."

The charm casting instructions were pretty straightforward, and he could see that the wand-movements would be a bit awkward to cast upon one's own breasts.

He looked around for his wand, which he seemed to have lost track of while Hermione had performed oral sex upon him.

Seeing him looking around for his wands, Hermione handed her own wand to him and said, "Here, you can use mine."

When Harry touched her wand, she felt a warm rush spread through her. This was almost as good as the feeling around her breasts as the bra-charm settled over them. It felt like Harry was holding them, safely and securely in his hands.

He returned her wand and she tapped her inner and outer robes, her socks, ties, pants, and shoes. From his perspective, her clothes and shoes took on a transparent nature, much like a clear window. She gathered bra and panties and handed them to him, saying, "They'll just get in the way." Not knowing what else do with them, he placed both articles of feminine clothing into his inner robe's pockets. He stuffed them in deep, afraid that the two feminine articles might fall out or be exposed otherwise. He did not wish to have to explain what he was doing with them.

The two, now dressed, ended towards the Gryffindor Tower. The common room had a few students still up studying, playing various games, or just hanging out with friends. They ignored everyone else, and just headed to their respective dorm rooms.

Once in his dorm, he placed Hermione's bra and panties on the bottom of his trunk, got out his pajama out, changed, and got into his bed. Once in his bed, he casted his normal set of charms, which he had recently turned into a ward-set, and placed his wand under his pillow for easy reach. While he thought it unlikely that he would actually be attacked within his own dorm, he could not afford to leave anything to chance if he could help it.

He dosed off for a bit. He knew that some time had passed since he had laid down, but not sure how much time had passed when he was surprised to feel Hermione slide her nude body over his pajamas. She placed a finger upon his lips for him to be silent as she whispered, "We have less than two weeks, Harry. We need to make the most of the time we have."

He nodded his head in agreement, and she removed her finger. She then took his hands and set them upon her naked form to explore her more.

When he accidentally pinched her in a somewhat sensitive spot, he started to apologize, but Hermione started to explain how as her Lord, he would be expected to punish her, according to the situation and to correct her. She went on and on about it, seemingly almost eager for him to hurt her then and there. It was very disconcerting to him at her willingness and even eagerness for him to use her for both pleasure and pain.

He did not want to deal with such thing, even knowing she had several good points that he could not refute. But, he was her Lord, so he placed his finger upon her lips to quiet and said, "Hermione, go to sleep."

And as if he had casted a sleeping-spell upon her, she did.

Having been raised by the Durleys, Harry was a light sleeper by nature and he could awaken very quickly. Thus, one point he was asleep and the very next moment he was not. He quickly identified that he was in his bed in the sixth-year Gryffindor House dorm. He also knew he was not alone, and that someone was Hermione Granger.

A completely naked Hermione Granger was between his legs savoring the feel and taste of his fleshy-wand that she had pulled through his pajamas, as if it was her favorite icicle on a hot summer day.

She seemed to sense that he was awake, moved her hair out of the way and looked directly into his eyes. There was a look on her face as she looked at him that he could not place. She stepped up her performance upon his fleshy-wand, while maintaining eye contact with him.

He found himself orgasming shortly thereafter. He noted that she took her time cleaning him off. She also had a smile on her face as she looked at him again and said, "Good morning, my Lord." Her eyes seem to shine as she said the word "my" and had an unknown-to-him look as she said the word "lord."

It was a look that he wanted to see more often, and yet, it caused various feelings throughout his body that made him a bit uncomfortable.

Hermione then seemed to glide up his body, with her hard nipples trailing against him, which he could feel through the pajamas. He had heard from one of the upper-classmen that an aroused nipple was hard enough to cut glass, and he wondered if that was true. He did not see any cuts or scratches, but he could feel where those nipples had been.

She stopped a few moments from his lips, and a few scents, which came from Hermione's scented shampoo, reached his nose. She looked into his eyes with a bit uncertain but determined look upon her face as she whispered, "Please, come to the Library with me."

Since learning of the Tempus spell, and especially, since losing his watch during the Second Task, he had become which prolific with it that he could easily cast it wandless and practically subconsciously. So he knew the time and mentioned, "But, Hermione, the Library doesn't open for another hour and breakfast won't be ready until then either."

"Madam Pence allows me in early, Harry," she whispered. "Besides we could always just sneak in." The way she said "we" made it sound more like "he", and he had in fact snuck into the Hogwarts Library, especially the Restricted Section, numerous times throughout his six years there. Many of which he had not gone with either of his friends. Nor he had ever told either of them about those trips. There were several such things that he kept to himself. He had so little he could truly call his own.

With a pleading look, she asked again, "Please." She also rubbed her nude body against his pajama-covered body.

He was not sure of her behavior, nor did he like it, but he did know that she had her reasons. She probably wanted to show him all her research, which would be a good thing. Still, his displeasure was noticeable when he said, "Fine."

Hermione noted his displeasure but also his agreement, and got off of him quickly. She quickly gathered his toiletries and clothes, which she put into his school bag, and dragged him out of his bed and dorm. Unmindful of the fact that she herself was nude and he was only clad in his pajamas.

She lead, or rather dragged, him into the Boys' Shower Room, and she selected one of the stalls that was a bit more private than the rest as he, himself, had set up various charms and this year wards around it.

She proceeded to undress him and wash his hair and body quite thoroughly.

If it was happening to someone else, Harry knew he would be amused, but it was happening to him, so he was tolerate of Hermione's enthusiasm. It was a bit strange being washed by someone else, especially such an enthusiastic girl as Hermione, who seemed to make sure his fleshy-wand and ass was squeaky-clean. And yet, she also seemed to be rushing through everything, as she wanted to get to the Library as quickly as possible.

He had to order her to get dress, as she seemed perfectly wishing to go through her day completely nude. Of course, with her outfit transparent to him, she would be doing just that.

They got to the entrance of the Library when there was still a half an hour before it would open. She explained that the door would open quickly and shut just as quickly, so they would have to rush through. She was not sure that she could technically allow others within, but figured they could try that first. She took a piece of parchment that was three inches by five inches out, told him to get ready, waived it at the door, which quickly opened. They did rush through, but Hermione did commented that the door actually only closed itself after Harry was completely through, not the rush that she had come to expect from it.

She quickly walked around, pulling down books, and looking through the shelves.

He motioned for her to stop, which she did, and he asked her, "Why don't you just summon the books you want?"

She could only look at him. Her eyes blinked and she seemed to contemplate his words, but could not seem to comprehend them fully.

He added, "This is a magical library, after all, so it only stands to reason that magic would place a large part in how it's used." With that he said, "Accio books on Heritage Ritual."

A dozen books of various sizes gently deposited themselves upon the table in front of them.

Hermione could only stare. She did not think the summoning charm could be used in such a vague manner. All the books specifically stated that the charm would only work with a specific item stated and kept in mind.

There were several books she had not found before. Of those, two held only a page of information that other books held more detailed. But she did spend the next hour or so showing him all the references and information she had found.

So into the new books and trying to explain what she had already found, she missed Dobby the House-Elf's appearance and the food that he brought with him. She only dimly registered the breakfast sandwich that her Lord had her eat and several beverages that she drank.

This would become their habit; Hermione would wake Harry up by practicing her oral sex skills. They would share a shower, she would dress him, and he her, and they would go to the Library. Within the Library they would research what books they could find on the Heritage Rituals, magical lords, Houses, patronage system, Wizard Governments, Opening a Witch, Wizardry Traditions and Customs, and any other subject they could think of. They would then have their breakfast in the Library as well as their other meals, brought by Dobby, and they would attend classes as needed.

They would stay within the Library until Harry got tired or Harry noted that Hermione was which point he would call it a night and send her to bed. And the pattern would repeat.

Harry had to admit that Hermione's plan of seeing her nude and touching her every chance he had seemed to be working. Why just today, she had found a sex-magic book and not once did he blush or react in an embarrassing manner.

The book had several interesting rituals and charms for lovers to perform for mutual pleasure, it held little less. But the book held more important information then a simple how-to sex manual for Wizards and Witches. It was what was not said and how what was said was important as well. It showed a vastly different view of the Wizarding World then what the Weasleys had presented to them.

Harry was beginning to realize that his vision of the Wizarding World had been shaped solely by the Weasleys and his dealings with the Ministry. He was making the same basic mistake that Hermione made regards to the House-Elves, using Dobby and Winky as representatives of their race over all. He never checked with others, just taking everything with blind faith.

Still, Harry erected wards around their table, as he had begun to think of it. The wards gave them some privacy, not that others would not know they were there, but they would not see anything wrong, and would not bother them needlessly.

As such, Hermione was able to talk him into allowing her to be completely nude within the Library. Even to go so far as to sit in his lap.

Which was how several of Hermione's study-partners found them. He knew the group had slowly formed over the years. Third and fourth year, saw several witches from Hufflepuff House seeking her out for help, in ones and twos, from their year and younger. During fifth year, the group officially formed, and Defense Associate study group was a by-product of that original thought. By having him teach it drew more from the other Houses.

Regardless of its actual origin, Harry knew it was a good idea, although, he would have preferred one of the Seventh Years leading it. Still, he was not completely clueless about the other houses, although limited to his own year and those his adventures had crossed.

He easily recognized Susan Bones of Hufflepuff House in the front, followed by Padma Patil Ravenclaw House, and Daphne Greengrass of Slytherin House brought up the rear. He was not sure if Susan was pulling the others by sheer willpower, or the others were pushing her front. Either way, the group was slowly but determinedly making its way to them.

As she was sitting in his lap, he could easily feel the nervousness radiate off of Hermione.

The three witches stopped a short distance away when they noticed that Harry was there, being hidden slightly given the wards and Hermione's position in his lap.

Seeing the three witches pause made him recall one of the rare chances he got to watch the Durleys' Television where something similar was presented, feeling a bit bold and lacking anything else to know what to do, he paraphrased what the main character of that scene had said, "Sit. Friends of Hermione's are welcome."

The three witches quickly sat down in compliance on the other side of the table. Just as quickly, they each placed their wands upon the table, casting-tip directly deliberately away from him and Hermione. He noted that Greengrass had a neutral look and was looking around as if seeing that particular table and corner of the library for the very first time. Meanwhile Bones and Patil looked comfortable and had secret smiles upon their faces.

Seeing the gesture about the wands, and recalling a Western tale he had read, he placed both his and Hermione's wands in a similar position on the table. Greengrass's brow arched in surprise at his action but she remained silent upon his gesture. He was sure, he had done something unexpected and held greater meaning than he meant as a sign of trust and friendship.

The silence lasted until Susan could not contain herself anymore and asked out of curiosity, "How do you know we're Hermione's friends, Harry?"

He smiled at her, and answered her, "its one thing to be part of a study group, but it's another to be together outside of study-time. Besides, I can tell you wish to see how she's doing and all. So I'll leave you all be." With that, he placed Hermione onto another chair, took his wand, and went to his dorm.

About twenty minutes after he got into bed, not that he was counting, Hermione joined him, sliding her nude body up his legs and stopping a bit to perform some oral sex before resting her head upon his shoulder. He had to admit, he was surprise none of the Gryffindor Witches had mentioned or said anything of the lack of Hermione in her own bed, as she had been spending a lot of time in his. He did place a few wards around his bed, but they were not that much different than the ones he had been placing around himself since he was able to cast privacy and security charms back in his first year. That they would also protect Hermione from his dorm-mates' notice was just a bonus.

Harry was relaxing in the Gryffindor Common Room while Hermione was in her Rune Class. He was going over his school notes and notes for the Heritage Ritual when he heard a loud Ron ask him, "Where have you been, Harry?" He could see the irritated look upon his face.

A bit nervous, Harry remarked, "Hermione's seventeenth birthday is coming up..." He was not sure how much to tell him about the Hermione's Opening and Heritage Ritual.

But Ron interrupted with, "So soon? Wow... where has the time fly? Seems like it was just yesterday we were First Years." He nodded his head and finished, "In that case, I'll just keep out of the way then."

Harry could only look at his other best friend in surprise, and realize that either Ron was making some false assumptions again. Or he really did know what was going on and was giving his two friends room.

He was not sure which case he would prefer. He also realized that he had been neglecting Ron, but he did not care. With that thought, he returned to preparing to help Hermione with her project.