Meredith POV

It has been a month since Derek left. He kissed Rose in a scrub room and told me after I told him that I was ready to settle down with him and start to expand our relationship.

Now…now I'm alone staring out my window at the pouring rain wishing that things were different not just for me, but for my unborn child.

Yes you heard right. Today I found out that I'm pregnant. I went to see Addison's replacement at the hospital and found out that I'm two months pregnant with the love of my life child. Now it's just finding the courage to tell my friends, co workers and Derek.

The next morning Meredith woke to the sun shining thru the gleaming wet window of her bedroom. Stretching her tired limbs over her head and arched her back like a little kitten waking from its nap. Then all of a sudden her hand shot to her mouth and to her stomach over her child. Meredith ran as fast as she could until she reached her bathroom and vomited in the toilet within minutes.

"MEREDITH GET MOVING OR WE'LL BE LATER!" Izzie yelled from down stairs

Lifting her head from the toilet Meredith rolled her eyes then rested her head against the wall behind her and took a deep breath.

"I can do this." She whispered to nobody. She stood and walked the few feet to the sick and splashed cold water on her face. Taking one last breath she walked back to her bedroom and got dressed for the day.