Derek had gone back to his hotel and took a fast shower and dressed in a black and white tux for the special evening out with Meredith. Grabbing his wallet he headed to his rental car and headed to a flower shop to get Meredith some new flowers.

Derek pulled up at the end of the dirt driveway to wait for the babysitter. He noticed another car pull up a few minutes later and got out of the car.

"Derek?" The dark haired women asked as she stood from her car.

"Lexie. Thanks for coming tonight and on such short notice."

Lexie looked at Derek thru silted eyes. "When Iz called me and told me that you were back in town and wanted to take out Meredith I couldn't help but feel nervous."

"About what?"

"You. You are back in the picture after so much hurt. I don't want me sister or niece to go through with the pain again."

Derek looks straight into Lexie's eyes "I promise I will never leave or hurt Meredith or Emma ever again."

Lexie watched him of a few seconds then nodded and walked toward the house.

Derek let out a sigh then turned and grabbed a long white box from the back sit of his car and then followed her to the front door. Taking a deep breath, Derek raised his hand and knocked on the front door and waited for it to open while Lexie hid out of sight.

A minute later Meredith opened the door with a crying baby in her arms.

"Derek" She said tiredly.

Derek had his mouth apart slightly and looked at the screaming baby in her arms then took a closer look at the woman holding his child. Meredith's hair was messy and she had a dish towel hanging over her shoulder.

"What's wrong with Emma?" Derek asked.

"Nothing, she has some gas built-up. When she gets it out, she'll be better." Then Meredith finally took in Derek's appearance. "Um… What is with the tux?"

Derek looked away from the crying child and then remembered about his plans for them tonight. "Oh…" he said looking down at his appearance. "I'm here to take you to dinner." He held up the flowers he was holding and showed them to her. "These are for you."

Meredith shifted the baby that was still fussing in her arms. "Thank you for the flowers…and for the other flowers…and for all the other stuff that you sent here for both me and Emma, but I don't think it would be a good night to go out."

"Why not?" Derek asked getting scared.

"While for several reasons." She said finally getting Emma to take a pacifier to quiet it down for the time being.

Derek leaned into the door frame and gave Meredith his McDreamy smirk. "And the reasons are?"

"Well for one. Look at you" she said looking him up and down. "You look great…handsome…perfect…and I look like I was hit by a tornado. Another reason is that I don't have anything that would be dressy enough to go with that tux. Another reason is Emma…I don't have anyone to watch her on such short notice. And with her gas problem I don't think anyone would want to watch her right now."

Derek watched her as she talked just smiling at how cute she was. "Are those all the reasons?"

"What do you all? They are good enough reasons."

Derek stood straight up again and took a couple steps forward towards her causing her to move back a couple steps so he wouldn't walk into her and Emma. She watched him place the flowers down on the foyer table then held up the white box his was carrying.

"This is the answer to your first reason" he then placed the box next to the flowers on the table and stepped towards her again to slowly take Emma out of her arms so she can look in the box.

Meredith watched him cuddle Emma to his chest before going to the box and lifting the lid. She gasped at the sight of an emerald green sparkly gown that was neatly placed inside. There was also a pair of strappy sandals that matched the gown.


The look on her face was all that Derek needed to know that he choose well. "And for the next reason there is enough time for you to get cleaned up. And for your last reason…" he looked down the bundle in her arms then to the door.

Lexie took that as her queue and entered the house smiling at her sister. "I will watch Emma…gas and all. You need a break Meredith…go have a good time."

Meredith looked back and forth between the two then grabbed the white box and flew up the stairs in a hurry.