I pulled up into the parking lot, in my old truck. It was just before lunch, the principal had phoned Charlie this morning to let him know that I was only expected to do a half day, since I had been flying most of last night. It was good to see the familiar school again. I must admit I had missed Forks.

I should probably elaborate, last year I moved from Forks, my childhood home to live with my mom in Phoenix, but then she met Phil. That wasn't the problem, I liked Phil well enough, he was generous and kind, but most of all he made my mother very happy. I was truly happy for her when they got married, I was. But things were not the same; my mother only had time for Phil. I wasn't resentful at this. She was in love. Who was I to judge? She just was always busy with him.

When Phil changed teams- he plays baseball for a living- I thought it was time I left them to it. So Renee and Phil moved to Jacksonville. Sure it was just like Phoenix in some ways, and I had enjoyed living there, but I was giving them their space. So I made the decision to come and live with Charlie again. In the small town of Forks. One word to describe it?


It was raining today, go figure. But it was only to be expected here.

I dashed into the main office, and the woman there greeted me warmly.

"Miss Swan", she said. "It is so good to have you back; I trust you and your father are well?"

Charlie is the chief of police, so he pretty much knew everyone, so everyone knew me. Joy.

I thanked her and started walking to the cafeteria, I was nervous. This was surely going to be a scene. None of my old friends knew I was here, as I had only landed this morning, and this was sure to cause a stir. But I was anxious to see them all again. I missed them.

Outside the cafeteria I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door, I walked inside and stopped, scanning the room. Well that was my intention, I did not have time.

The whole room turned and looked at me, the noise stopped abruptly and everyone was silent.

"BELLA!?" I heard a high pitched voice yell. I looked to see who it came from and my eyes rested on the face of my oldest friend. Jessica.

Her hand clapped to her mouth, and her tray fell to the floor.

"BELLABELLABELLABELLABELLAAAAA!" she screamed again, as she ran towards me, her brown curls bouncing as she ran.

She flung her arms around my neck and pulled me into an embrace.

"Oh my gosh, oh Bella, I have missed you so much!" Tears now falling from her eyes.

I returned her hug. "Jess, don't cry, I missed all of you too!"

Next to run me was Angela, she whispered quietly in my ear. "So glad your back Bella." Angela was quiet, easy to be around. She didn't feel the need to fill every silence with mindless chatter.

I was hugged by countless people, even Lauren Mallory I'm pretty sure, before I could finally sit down. Tyler pulled me into a death-squeeze and I think kissed the top of my head, and Mike lifted me up so my feet no longer touched the ground, his hands were a little lower than necessary, but I'll let it slide just this once.

Finally I got to sit down, and catch up with them all.

It all calmed down a bit after a while, and we slipped into idle conversation. Jessica was explaining all her plans for the spring dance that she was helping organise for in a month's time. I let my eyes wander around the room, not really paying attention. Trying to recognize every face in the room, some people were still glancing at me every so often, but apart from that things were continuing as normal.

That's when I saw them.

Sat in the corner on a lunch table to themselves five students sat, well I say students, they looked like they could have been old enough to be teachers here. They were all very good looking and... alike. But different at the same time, they all had pale skin, chiselled features and perfectly windswept hair. The two girls, were polar opposites, one was tall, with long blonde hair, and a body any girl in this room would probably kill for. The other was small, with short dark hair, spiking out in different directions. Then there were the three boys, one was huge and muscular with short dark hair. The second was tall and well built but not as muscular as the first, he had blonde, slightly curly hair. Then my eyes fell on the third, he was tall but not as brawny as the others, he looked almost lanky compared to them. His hair was the colour of bronze, tousled into casual disarray, he looked slightly more boyish than the others, and his bright green eyes locked on mine in as I looked at him.

I quickly looked down, I realized I had been staring at him for a while; I tried to tune him out get back into the conversation. Jessica however was not on my side. "Bella," she said behind her hand. "Why is Edward Cullen looking at you?"

My eyes widened in shock, it couldn't be him could it? "Who's Edward Cullen?" I asked innocently.

"Sorry I forgot you wouldn't know the Cullen's. You see those five over there?" She tried to point discreetly over to their table. I nodded without looking over. "Well they moved here, err, probably about three or so months after you left. They were all adopted by Doctor Cullen and his wife."

"So why is no one... you know with them?" I asked

"Because...their a bit odd Bells." she whispered.

"How so?

Angela turned to join in our conversation. Jessica continued to the both of us, "the blonde one, her names Rosalie, she's with the huge one Emmett, they're both seniors, along with Jasper, the one who looks like he's in pain. And Jasper is with Alice. But Jasper and Rosalie are actually related, twins, they are technically Hale's, but every one calls them the Cullen's. "


"Think about it Bella, they're all together, but brother and sister, it's just not right." Jessica explained like it was obvious.

"Of course the ones who are dating are not related or anything," Angela pointed out looking at Jessica and rolling her eyes. Was there something I was missing?

"Anyway" Jessica continued, "they're all a bit strange, I've talked to Alice a bit in class. She's just weird. Like...I don't know, she's just so... you'll see I'm sure. Anyway Edward, he is very stuck up."

"No, that's unfair Jess," said Angela with a glare. "Edward is just distant, he doesn't associate with others very much, keeps himself to himself and his family. But you'll see they can be very distant from each other too."

That's when the bell rung for biology.