Sorry I haven't written in a while. I have had a… well kinda writers block. So I am trying to get to all my stories and make it so they have been updated in the past six months. Ok well hope you enjoy the next chapter


"Derek I am so sorry. But are we actually siblings."

"Yah right Space Case. We are family because our rents decided that they were in love. I met you when I was 15."

"Edwin… he found me."

Derek looked hurt. "You remember Edwin but not me?"

"I remember him coming into my room right after I collapsed. That is all. Is he my brother?"

"Like me. You have a sister named Lizzie. She is the only one whole is not a step sibling."

"Why did you call me Space Case?"

"It was one of my many nicknames for you." Derek laughed.

"I am thirsty."

"Let me get a nurse. I am so glad to hear your voice. Oh by the way I hope you like this." he said setting something down on the table as he stood.

I lifted up my arm to grab it but knocked it down under the bed. I was going to ask the nurse when she came in but instead a whole bunch of people came in my room intead and I decided to leave it to later.

"Casey, this is your sisters Lizzie, Marti, and Sandra. And your brothers Edwin, and Nate."

"Nice to uhh… meet you I guess."

"She really does not remember us does she?" one of the girls said. Some part of me wanted to put name tags on them. "Uh… could we put name tags on them?"

They all laughed. "She is still Casey." the oldest looking boy said.