Twilight-The way it should have gone

I do not own the rights to Twilight or any of its characters; this is just a fan-based work of fiction and I'm not getting monetary gain from these stories..

*Note this starts right after Bella jumps off the cliff* Enjoy

Jacob pulled me out of the water. I couldn't breathe, my lungs were screaming for air. I started coughing—air, it felt good. Coughing became all I could think of.

"Are you crazy what were you thinking?" Jacob demanded, his voice coming from somewhere above me.

I looked up at Jacob and tried to make an innocent face but from the lack of air I could tell that it probably looked more like a grimace "What? you said it was fun."

Jacob let out a low frustrated growl, I realized just how upset he was "I'm sorry Jacob, really really sorry. It was stupid. I didn't think about how the storm would affect the currents."

I stared back at Jacob as I clutched my sides still trying to get my breathing back to normal.

"Bella, you--" Jacob started then he froze. I looked at him waiting for him to continue but he never did instead he turned around to face the water. He moved so fast I didn't see him--I only heard him swear.

What was going on? I turned and looked out at the water and then wished I hadn't. Victoria was there looking like a goddess of the ocean. She was only a few hundred yards away wading toward the shore.

Jacob howled and his wolf form suddenly exploded in front of me and crouched into a protective stance with teeth bared. He looked so big but I knew the strength of vampires and was afraid for him. He howled again never taking his eyes off of Victoria's crimson ones. Where was the pack?

After Jacob's howling stopped it seemed as if the whole world had stopped and was frozen in silence. Then I heard it, a distant howling. The pack was coming. I felt hope for a second and then an image of Sam and Jacob lying torn and bloodied on the ground flashed before my eyes.

I didn't want anyone to die because of me. I stood up bracing myself against a piece of driftwood. My arms and legs were caked in sand. The wind from the storm was hitting my wet clothes making my teeth chatter but my breathing had oddly enough returned to normal.

"Victoria, we end this here."

Victoria bared her fangs and her crimson eyes sparkled, "then why don't you come over here and start paying for the crimes of your mate." Jacob growled furiously making his position clear on where he thought I should be. Victoria just smiled and continued, "where is your mate? I was hoping he would show up and could watch you die."

"He left," I answered curtly. Edward, my beautiful Edward--No! I couldn't think about him now.

"Pity" Victoria snickered before tilting her head towards the beach. Three wolves came running out of the trees. She looked back towards me with thirst and longing showing through, "I guess those dogs will have to be my witnesses and tell him the good news."

"You think you can defeat an entire pack of werewolves?" I was still scared but the wolves had spread out making a protective barrier in front of me and I started to sense that there wasn't going to be a fight today.

"My new family will defeat them and drink their families blood and the blood of their tribe until there is no one left to even remember them...unless you surrender yourself before the next full moon." Victoria hissed as she slid back into the water, her red hair flaring out on the waves before she disappeared completely.

Jacob risked a look back at me and I saw fear and anger in them. He back up to me and nudged me away from the water--away from her. She had to be still out there. Sam and the others stood guard while Jacob led me away. We walked in silence I had million question to ask him but it would have to wait until he phased back. It seemed to take an eternity before we reached Sam's house on the edge of town and he disappeared for a minute. He came back wearing gray sweats which I assumed were Sam's since his were lying shredded on the beach.

"What was she taking about her 'new family,'" I demanded, "and don't lie to me about not knowing because I could see that you know what she meant."

"Jacob?" I was waiting for him to answer. Then he took a deep breath and seemed to try to talk but he couldn't find the words. It hit me as I was looking at him--he looked sad. "Jacob, what happened?" I asked softer and more cautiously this time.

"We..the pack...caught her scent this morning like I told you and we went after her. We managed to track her down near that meadow where we caught Lauren......we had just attacked her...there was another vampire..."

I stood there stunned. Another vampire? How many vampires are there that want me dead?

Jacob had stopped speaking. I could see he was still upset and that he still hadn't told me the whole truth. "Jacob, what happened--with the other vampire... oh God, did someone get hurt?"

"Embry got smashed up a bit but he'll be fine, don't worry, superhuman healing remember?" Jacob flashed me a nervous grin trying to keep me calm. "Bella...we recognized it--the vampire. It was that girl that worked up at the lodge."

What? My mind was still trying to process. Embry injured. Calm down I told myself. Then I remembered reading about that girl. She had supposedly been killed by wolves three weeks ago. Three weeks ago...oh no, I saw it clearly now. "She's making a newborn vampire army."

I remembered hearing about them when I had been pestering Edwa...when I had been over at the Cullens looking at their family history wall.

"Bella?" Jacob interrupted my memories.

"This is bad, Jacob, very bad." I tried to tell him but my insides were starting to feel funny and I felt like I should be screaming.
"It'll be okay, so what if she made another bloodsucker we can still take them"
"No you don't understand, once a person has be bitten and they turn into a vampire they are really, really strong....stronger then even normal vampires. And Victoria won't stop with just one newborn vampire she'll create more and more until she has kill you all."

I don't know how long we stood there in silence. My mind had enough trouble processing vampire and werewolf problems on a normal day much less days where I was recovering from a near death drowning experience.

We probably would've stayed there lost in our thoughts if Emily hadn't show up. She had been crying. Jacob and I rushed over to her car as she pulled up. Jacob spoke first, surprisingly soft "Were you over at Embry's? Is he okay?"

"Yeah, he's healing really fast though he's complaining about being as hungry as a bear. I'm going to make him some of those corn muffins he likes so much."
" shouldn't let him get away with getting good food like that...he may start getting injured on purpose." Jacob joked with Emily, he looked relieved and less tense then before. He shot me a warning look when Emily's back was turned. He needn't have worried I had no intent of telling Emily about the Victoria's plan; I'd already seen how much she worried about Sam and his brothers.

"Do you guys want to come into the house, I'm sure that there will be some corn muffins available for you too." Her eyes traveled over to us. She gave us a puzzled look "Bella, why are you all wet and covered in sand?"

Jacob slapped his forehead "Oh shit. I'm sorry Bella, argh, I'm an idiot. We should take you to a doctor." Emily looked at us still completely lost and a little worried. I quickly decided to explain it to her before Jacob could give his version. "Jacob said he'd take me cliff diving but he had to go off with pack and I kind of...wandered over there and jumped by myself without thinking about how the storm would affect the currents and Jacob had to come save me." I gave her a sheepish grin before turning back to Jacob "but I'm okay, I don't need a doctor and my clothes are practically dry now."

Jacob seemed to be on the verge of arguing with me but the look I gave him made him think twice. "Well then" said Emily breaking in "you should come in before the storm breaks and you get wet again." As if to emphasize her point a lightening bolt flashed off in the distance.

Once we were safe inside Emily insisted on taking me into her room and getting me some completely dried clothes and a hot shower. I had to admit I felt much better after the shower and with clean, dry clothes rather then my damp, sandy ones. Hopefully, I'd be able to hid them when I went home and get the sand out before Charlie noticed them and started asking questions. I could hear Emily working in the kitchen. I walked over to the kitchen and got a whiff of something that smelled absolutely delicious. I guess Jacob thought so too. He was staring at the stove so intensely that I just had to laugh. He turned and looked at me with a confused look. Emily started laughing too --"Boys, I know"

"Thanks for the clothes, Emily, I'll be sure to bring them back tomorrow if I can make it down."
"Oh, you don't need to hurry. I have plenty of others and besides pretty soon I won't be able to fit into them anyway." She smiled at me. I was confused, why won't she be able to fit into them? She saw my confused expression "Jacob, didn't tell you?"
"Tell me what?"
"I'm pregnant."
I had no idea of what to say--"Oh...congratulations, wow, a baby.." Luckily Emily didn't need more then that she launch into a description of how happy Sam was and how they were going to turn the spare bedroom into a nursery. I stood there nodding my head and agreeing with her. I could see the love she had for Sam in her eyes and the love for this new made the hole in my chest hurt--and even more so when I realized she was avoiding the subject of how werewolves and vampires would influence their lives. How easily things can be destroyed...