It's been years since I last wrote anything, so this is just something I'm using to help me get through the crushing piles of work. Please let me know what you think. :)

Chapter 1

My name is Jahar Nyleria Teldon. I am an Andalite, I have two children and a husband who lives as a slave millions of miles away. And after that introduction most Andalites will find some reason to leave. As if that is all there is to me. I am the wife of a disgraced war prince, a prince who then had the lack of consideration to allow himself to be enslaved by a yeerk and thus became even more of an embarrassment to the Andalite race. I live with a cloud of censor over my head, tinted with threads of pity. My son trained as an Andalite aristh, and is old enough to realise that he will never be allowed to be a prince. My daughter is a bitter, introverted female who knows she will never find a mate.

For years and years I held onto the hope that one day news would come that my mate was freed, and racing back to me. After a while the dreams began to dim. Even news that he had been shot down, that his misery was ended would have been a relief. The only news I ever received was of his continuing monstrosities. Again and again my loving, clever, brave husband was used to commit the foulest atrocities. And then the news came. War Prince Elfangor Sirinial Shamtul, the beacon of the Andalite people, the shining hope for our race was dead. Worse. He had been slain by my husband.

And along with that crushing news came a tendril of hope. My mate, my own dear Alloran sent me a message. Somehow he found a chance to freely express himself. To send me news of his love and his hope for freedom.

I decided that very day to leave the home world. It would soon become public knowledge that my mate had participated, however unwillingly, in the murder of Elfangor, and then I would be shunned even further. And also, now I was tired of waiting. I had waited for years for the male warriors to bring my mate home, and they had failed. I suppose I had realised a long time ago that they weren't even trying, realised when I started hoping for news of his death.

Not any more.

I knew where he was now. A planet called Earth. I would go to that planet. I would rescue Alloran, or die trying.