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It began with a glance.

A quick one, meant to be filled with the animosity and hatred that had always elbowed its way between the two, but something unexpected found its way there.


They tore their eyes away and left, one to his instrument and memories, the other to opulence and scheming, but neither forgot that single, wrenching moment.

And when the time came, they consummated it.

A furtive kiss, timid at first, quickly developing into much more. The next morning, when the schemer and the musician parted, they vowed never to meet like that again.


They each already had their mistresses, of course; one's was power, the other's was a goddess; but it went beyond that.

They were afraid. Afraid of what their forbidden coupling could turn into.

Love, perhaps? Would it have? We will never know.

All we know is that, for a night, the lord and the captain found peace in each other's arms.