Chapter 2 (Age of Loneliness):


Topher is at his 10 year high school reunion party. Sitting by the bar, dressed in a flamboyantly colorful suit, he gulps on the last of his drink, then with great enthusiasm and confidence continues his conversation with his geeky old friend Vince.

Topher: "You shoulda seen their faces, man. Big suits never seen it comin'."

Vince: "You animal!" laughing hysterically. "Man, I wish I had your confidence and stamina. I could never pull off something like that and get away with it."

Topher: "It's all in the attitude, baby. You gotta show them who's boss."


A familiar but unwelcome voice from behind calls him.

"Topher Brink? Is that you? Oh my God, look at you. Where's the rest of you?"

Topher's expression changes, his heart beats faster, his face reddens as he forces himself to turn around to face the girl he once thought the world of, the girl he was willing to give up on all of his dreams to be with, the girl who crushed his heart then threw it to the dogs to feed on.

Topher: "Jenny?" His voice barely heard. "Hi…. Um.. yeah, I.. I ah.. lost 30 pounds since you last… um.. h... how are you? You're lookin' good."

Jenny: "I'm great! Oh and Vince Jones!"

Vince: "Hi Jenny!" raises his hand in greeting.

Jenny: "My God, Vince and Topher, you two are still friends. That's so sweet. We used to call you Laurel and Hardy!" Laughs. "No offense!"

Topher: "A lot taken, thank you!" Anger starting to build up.

Jenny: "Oh, please meet my husband, Sam Drakeson." Proudly introduces Sam, a fine looking, well-dressed man who reaches his hand to shake Topher's. "Sam is the owner and CEO of Drakeson Enterprises, an international software programming company."

Topher: "You are Sam Drakeson?" Hesitated and shaky remarks, "so you're the one who stole my PQ 906 ?"

Sam: "Excuse me?" Looking very uncomfortable.

Jenny: "Topher, what are you talking about?"

Topher: "The program I spent 6 years building. He stole it. The idea, the plans, the design, the papers, the files.. every damn thing I had suddenly disappeared only to appear on the market a few weeks later with a Drakeson Enterprises Logo."

Sam: "That's absurd! That program is a 100 percent authentic, all rights reserved."

Topher: "The bastard had more cash to market the program, and with the success he made on my expense, he is now one of the richest men in the world. He's a damn thief, Jenny. I can't believe you married him!"

Jenny: "Looks like some things never change. You're still the same old lying manipulating jerk you were back in school. Grow up, Topher. It's time you get a life." Takes her husband's hand and breezes away.

Sam turns his head to face Topher and says: "Loser!"

Topher cell phone rings, he picks it up: "What?!"

Boyd in the van: "He's done it again."

Topher: "Speak English man-friend, I'm not in the mood."

Boyd: "Alpha... Alpha has remotely wiped Echo's memories again, during a mission, luckily it was at the end of the mission, but it was obvious to the clients."

Topher: "You're the handler Boyd, handle it."

Topher ends the call, turns to the bar-tender and says: "Pour me another drink, this is gonna be a long night."


Next Morning:

Adelle in her office scolding an assistant (with that sexy British accent!):

Adelle: "I believe you know better than that. Your lack of concern and ill-supervision is genuinely disgraceful and morally shameful."

Assistant: "But Ms. DeWitt, I did everything I could to stop her, she just ran off unexpectedly, I…"

Adelle: "Enough! Have you not learned anything? Or should I keep a sticky note on my forehead that reads: 'impatient bitch'?"

Assistant: "My apologies Ms. DeWitt! I will start a search team to look for her immediately."

Adelle: "You still don't get it, do you? Such circumstances call for drastic measures. You are dismissed"

Assistant: "Yes Ms. DeWitt "

Adelle: "And fired"

Assistant (Shocked): "Yes Ms. DeWitt ".

Adelle goes to her phone, "Zack, step into my office please".

Zack rushes in nervously, "Yes, Ms. Dewitt?"

Adelle: "I want you to find Darla. I want her here by lunch time."

Zack: "Darla?"

Adelle: "My poodle, you idiot. That irresponsible blonde lost her while taking her for the morning walk".

Zack: "I'm on it." Swiftly walking out of the office.