Chapter 4 (TNT For The Brain):

Imprint Room

Topher comes to slowly, everything looks hazy but soon he can tell that he is tied to the imprint chair in his lab.

Adelle: "Are you asking for trouble Topher?"

Topher: "Actually I'm asking for a raise."

Adelle: "Your rather lucrative salary is suddenly not good enough for you? You dare barge in here drunk and manic thinking that this behavior will get you a raise?"

Topher: "Need I remind you that I'm the one who does all the work around here? Without me, this place is as good a..."

Adelle: "Do you honestly believe that you are our only resource for the programming?"

Topher: "Yes!"

"Guess again" says Victor, standing at the door wearing a white robe and holding a portable disk".

Topher: "What's going on? Is this a joke?"

Victor: "You see me laughing?"

Adelle: "Topher, meet our new programmer, Dr. Evin Roberts".

Topher: "New programmer?"

Adelle: "Dr. Roberts will take good care of you during the entire process."

Topher: "Process? What process?"

Adelle talking to Victor/Dr. Roberts: "Dr Roberts, kindly ensure that Mr. Brinks gets to choose his own name. After all, his contribution to the science is highly appreciated, and he generously volunteered to have his memory wiped!"

Topher now shocked and terrified: "My memory what?! Hey.. w… wait a… you can't do this ... hey!"

Adelle has left the room. Topher tries to untie himself.

Victor/Dr. Roberts: "Congratulations Mr. Brinks! In a matter of five years you will be filthy rich. Hmm, let's see," checks a list of papers that Topher is very familiar with "Luckily for you we have two openings. Would you like to be named Yankee or Zulu?"

Topher struggling to untie himself: "Victor!"

Victor/Dr. Roberts: "Sorry, Victor is taken."

Topher: "Damnit Victor! You... you are Victor. I am the damn programmer and you're the damn active. I did not volunteer for anything. Now untie me and..."

Victor/Dr. Roberts: "Relax Mr. Brinks. You have to sit still while I wipe your memories."

Topher: "You can't even wipe your own ass."

Victor/Dr. Roberts: "This will only hurt for a minute."

The bluish light of the chair turns on and Topher screams: "No... noooooooooo..."


Dr. Claire Saunders Office,

Echo is having her blood pressure examined by Dr. Saunders in her office. They are both laughing.

Dr. Saunders: "Now that's more like it. You are feeling much better now, aren't you?"

Echo: "yea, I feel great. Thanks for telling me the real story. I'm glad it has a happy ending."

Dr. Saunders: "Glad I could help."

Sierra and her handler walk into Dr. Claire's office. Sierra is hurt and her nose is bleeding from a nasty fall she had in her last engagement at the Circus.

Dr. Saunders: "Echo, you can go back to your swimming now. I will check on you later."

Boyd walks in just in time to hear that last sentence.

Boyd: "Actually, Echo is needed upstairs. Please come with me Echo."

Dr. Saunders: "A new engagement?"

Boyd: "An engagement she was scheduled to do last week and the week before so basically, old engagement."


Imprint room

Topher slowly opens his eyes as the imprint chair is going back to its original position.

Topher looking drowsy: "Did I fall asleep?"

Victor/Dr. Roberts: "I wish! You just moaned and groaned and bugged the hell out of me."

Topher: "aaah… my head hurts," places both hands on his head, then pauses for a moment, staring at the ceiling, then looks at Victor and shouts: "Wait a minute, I'm ME! I'm still me... Topher Brinks... I remember everything... What happened? Did you screw up, Dr. Roberts?" asks sarcastically with a wicked half smile on his face.

Victor/Dr. Roberts: "I did what I was asked to do, exactly how I was supposed to do it. And now I regret doing it."

Adelle from behind Topher: "Welcome back Topher! Now that you are sober, I am sure you will be happy to hear that in a matter of 4 months, all Drakeson Enterprises proceedings will be transferred to your account. The company will close its doors and announce bankruptcy, and you will regain what is legitimately yours in the first place."

Topher, eyes wide open, mouth wide open, looks at her with huge astonishment: "Hah? How did you know that… wait, what?"

Victor/Dr. Roberts: "Your five years have quantum leaped, buddy! Why ask questions? Take it and run."

Adelle: "On one small condition!"

Topher very interested: "I'm listening."

Adelle: "You have just been imprinted with enough physics and bio-chemistry to make the biggest scientific breakthrough in history. If by any chance you fail to deliver what we want from you by the time Echo gets to her next engagement, you will lose your job, your money, your memories, and maybe even your life! Are you willing to cooperate?"