Chapter 6 (Incognito):

Somewhere on the outskirts of LA

Echo is out on her engagement. Her name is Maddy. She is wearing a white summer dress with a tightly wrapped white scarf blowing in the wind, Gucci Sunglasses, a straw hat and a pair of straw sandals. She is driving a 1969 Blue Cadillac convertible. The radio is playing the old Rod Stewart song: "If You Think I'm Sexy". Echo/Maddy, happy and carefree, is singing on top of her lungs and dancing while driving.

Echo/Maddy singing and dancing:

"If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy
Come on, sugar, let me know
If you really need me, just reach out and touch me
Come on, honey, tell me so"

Suddenly, a black van crosses the conjunction where she's at and Echo bumps into the van sideways. The van stops, and a fourty something year old man steps out of it and comes rushing to the car. Smoke is floating out of the motor. Echo is holding her slightly injured and bleeding forehead, moaning and breathing heavily.

Driver: "Are you alright, ma'am?"

Echo/Maddy: "Oh my God! What happened, I'm so sorry. Are you ok? Did I do much damage? God, I can be so stupid sometimes. I'm really sorry. Ugh… I knew I should have stayed home today. My girlfriend insisted we do the lingerie photo shoot today. I didn't want to disappoint her, you know? She's a photographer for "Boots", you know, the men's magazine."

Driver excitedly: "You're a lingerie model?"

Echo/Maddy: "Only when I'm not acting."

Driver: "You're an actress, too?"

Echo/Maddy: "Aspiring actress. So far, I've only done porn. But I know I am destined for greatness."

Driver staring lustfully at Echo/Maddy: "You sure are!"

Echo/Maddy holds her forehead: "Gosh, I'm bleeding; I should get to the hospital before it gets worse."

Driver: "Hey, I'll drive you. What's your name?"

Echo/Maddy: "Maddy. It's alright, I'll call an ambulance" reaches out to her straw purse. "Now where did I put that damn phone?"

Driver flirtatiously: "Well, Maddy. Your injury isn't that deep; the hospital is a long way from here. There is a motel near by that I know, what do you say we both go there and chill. Maybe accidents happen for a reason" then the driver screams with pain before falling down unconscious in the street.

Echo/Maddy: "You're right. Accidents do happen for a reason" she says while holding a stun gun in her hand. Then she steps out of the car, unties her long white cotton scarf, ties him up, places him in the car, spills gasoline on him and the car. She gets into his van, brings out two big suitcases and hands them to Christa, a handler who is temporarily replacing Boyd. Echo/Maddy lights a cigarette, smokes a few puffs.

Christa: "Maddy, let's go, it's time for phase two of the mission."

Echo/Maddy throws the cigarette on the car, leaving it and the driver's van in flames, and gets on the Dollhouse van. Door shuts, Echo/Maddy takes off her hat and says: "Men, they're all alike."

Christa: "Tell me about it!"

The sound of the explosion is heard as the van drives away. Suddenly, a plain look on Echo's face as she confusedly says: "Did I fall asleep?"