Chapter 7 (In the Shadow, In the Light):

Dollhouse van

Christa on the phone with Topher: "What's taking you so long?"

Topher: "Hold your horses, Christa; Rome was not built in a day. But the remote reprogramming and the Restraining Border were! Just give me a minute to plug all the wires."

Christa: "She has to be ready by the time we get to the second phase of the mission."

Topher: "Another van she has to hijack, I know, I know…" Topher plugs all the wires, and sits on his computer, then says: "ok, all set. Ready, steady, aaand GO!" Topher pushes a button and Echo shakes her head and starts looking around.

Christa to Topher: "I think it worked."

Topher: "Of course it worked! Now give me a few minutes to put the last touches on the Restraining Border program, and once I activate it, Alpha will not be able to wipe or program or do any of the things we don't want him to do. She will be shielded from everything, until she gets home safely and go through a 24 hour wiping process."

Call ends. Christa looks at Echo/Maddy and says: "Hi, you seemed to have dosed off a bit, glad you woke up, Maddy."

Echo/Maddy: "Me too." Then she brings out her stun gun and fires at Christa and the driver. Both pass out, and Echo/Maddy, throws them out of the van and drives away, thinking that she is hijacking the targeted van in the second phase of her engagement. Echo/Maddy is driving off fast in the Dollhouse van, after hijacking it. She turns on the radio, and starts singing and dancing. She lights a cigarette and takes a few puffs, then suddenly, her face turns plain, and she starts coughing violently and throws away the cigarette. "Did I fall asleep?" She says.

Alpha has remotely wiped her memory clean again, before Topher had the chance to use the Restraining Border. Meanwhile Topher is in his lab, proudly working on some gadgets. "Aaand voila!", the Restraining Border is now activated."

Echo in the van screams with pain and loses control over the vehicle which she cannot operate in the first place. The van breaks its way out of the highway and hits a tree. Echo is unconscious.