Waking up the next morning was a bit confusing. Instead of feeling the cold earth beneath her back, and eyes peeking at the sky, Flora woke to the sight of the wooden ceiling and sunlight peering in on her frail face. Silver eyes barely cracked open, guarding them from the sunlight that warmed her skin as she sighed pleasantly under the feeling. Right arm raising above her head, palm facing towards the ceiling as she created a dark shadow over her eyes. A part of her wanted to lay there in the comfortable setting, but she indeed felt alone as a flash of memories from last night repeated in her head.

iIrene-senpai…/i she thought to herself with a sweet sigh, a light smile tugging at the corner of her lips. But, wait, where was the older woman? Eyes creasing slightly, head turning as blond waves slid off her face, it didn't look like she was even in the cabin. She noticed her uniform was at the chair by the table, all the armor and simplistic silver garment. Sighing lightly, but she had a feeling that the woman wouldn't have left her here without a reason, slipping out of the sheets of the bed and quietly crossing to the chair.

Delicate fingers picked up the silver uniform, hesitantly staring at it for a moment, before a light sigh escaped her throat. Putting the uniform back on her slender form, her right hand brushed through blond strands, and rested on her shoulder not a moment later. Deciding to keep barefoot, and without her armor for now, she turned ever so slightly with her form aligned with the window. Briefly glancing towards the window, seeing the lush greenery just outside, but withdrew her gaze to the door almost as if she were expecting the woman to walk through it again. But she didn't.

Darkness suddenly filled the room, for maybe three seconds, enough for the human eye not to catch but Flora easily saw it. Her senses primed, her delicate features became reserved and aware. That something moving outside wasn't Irene, but another yoma, and she became confused to the point she wasn't sure if they missed one yesterday. Lips pursed together, heading towards the door but it consequently swung open on its own, catching her by surprise but not off guard.

The yoma snarled, and didn't waste any second, charging at her the split second he was noticed. She sidestepped him, sending his frustration out on the chair she left in plain view and he crashed to the floor that instant. "Mindless creature…" Flora muttered, a ghostly scowl forming, and rushed out the door as she grabbed her claymore which was still in its place at the wall by the door.

As she got outside the one behind came charging in a blind fury again, and the first three steps outside was interrupted by a second. Time seemed to stall for a brief second, allowing Flora to situate herself, and in a sudden flash she swung her sword upward. Much to the creature's dismay the sword cut through his stomach, and split over her fragile form, but her sword didn't stop there. It may have been invisible to the eye, but it didn't block all the blood from falling into her hair and shoulders. She didn't care right now, as she cut through the first ones outstretched arm and decapitated it in a heartbeat.

Am I just bringing trouble, my being here? She asked herself, because it didn't appear to be normal for these creatures to show up like this. Sighing, and swinging the claymore at her side as the purple blood was flicked to the ground, holding the blue leather hilt with an iron grip.

"You are trouble, child. I can't go anywhere, without one or three of these yoma appearing."


"You can't stay here much longer, or I'll have to leave this place."

Flora's shoulder's suddenly faltered, and the tip of her claymore came in contact with the earth as it embedded itself slightly. Her eyes on the cold expression of the elf, as she walked into the cabin without so much as another word, and the sound of something behind dropped caused a small curious glance.

"You know, this is why I chose to hide here… I can't continue to have these stray warriors coming to my door, and bringing those yoma with them." Irene muttered coldly, but just how long would she be able to survive on her own if the fight alongside Flora yesterday had gone with a small wound? It was only five, or something, but what if more came and she couldn't handle them all on her own?

Sensing the disgruntled warrior the young woman sighed, and silently walked into the cabin after her elder. "This can't be my fault, there has to be a reason…" She said calmly, watching the silver haired woman in front of her.

"And what reason would that be? This hasn't happened before, for the years I've been here." Irene was disturbed, and didn't want to end up having to leave this area. Even if she could still live here she would be more on edge, to take care of these filthy creatures more than usual.

"I… I don't know, Irene-senpai." Bowing her head slightly, and slinking even closer, she faintly pressed against the elf's back. "But, I can stay just for a while longer, and help…. Maybe things will go back to normal, and then I'll leave." Her voice was low, sincere but pleading.

Glancing over her shoulder slightly at the younger warrior, no words came from her, instead considering it in a very silent manner. Her heart was so cold after the years, the years of loss and being alone, she had to learn to close her heart off to people of all kinds. And even this little fragile warrior didn't change very much, except… there was a faint flicker when Flora offered to stay for a while longer.

Confused as to the nonexistent answer, she looked endearingly up at Irene, blinking lightly with a small pleading kitten gaze. It caught the older woman off guard when she saw how fast she turned her gaze away with a usual grunt, and a small little smile tugged at Flora's lips as she laughed on the inside. Taking a step forward, the last step fully against her idols back, she nuzzled lightly into her shoulder as fingers hesitantly slipped around the leather bound waist.

Sighing, the dark silver hues gleamed faintly from the sunlight still peering through the window, her face expressionless but her voice a tad calmer. "You can stay for a little while longer, but that's it." She whispered lightly, much to the faint hug around her waist in response, and rolled her eyes slightly.

Flora was glad she got to hear the answer, just by a little bit of prodding as she nuzzled more into the woman's back, and against the assortment of belts of her clothes.

"Okay, get off of me." Irene's voice became harsh again, but the snuggling up against her back was enough to drive the warrior nuts.

A faint inward whine, but she sighed, nodding lightly and started to get off her back but had to stop half-way. "U-uh… Irene-senpai…."


"I… I'm…. stuck."