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"I got my driver's license!" Toby whooped, rushing into the kitchen were the rest of the Brotherhood were sitting.

"Very good Toby," Lance grinned, "now I don't have to worry about cops pulling you over in my car no more when you're driving by yourself!"

"You're never going to let me forget that are you?" Toby asked.


"See," Pietro turned to Lance, "this is why you never let other people drive your car."

"But you drive my car too!"

"Ahh yes, but that's because I know I can take advantage of you."

"ANYWAY!" Toby interrupted, "this means that I won't be borrowing your car anymore anyway!"

"It does?" Lance frowned.

"You're not touching my car!" Pietro yelled.

"As much as I would love to drive your car Pietro, I'm too afraid you'd kill me if you ever found out. Instead this means that I get money from mom in LA to buy my own car!"

"Some people are so spoilt," Lance sniffed, "I had to slave for months to buy my jeep."

"I didn't," Pietro smirked.

"And then I had to look for the perfect car," Lance continued.

"I didn't," Pietro smirked.

"And it couldn't cost too much - "

"Guess how much mine cost!" Pietro grinned, "guess!"

"It makes you appreciate your car that much more you know," Lance informed Toby.

"Over 30 thousand!" Pietro said.

"Thanks for the talk Lance," Toby raised an eyebrow, "but I think I'll stick with the un-earned money."

"Nobody appreciates working hard for something anymore!" Lance cried.

Months later

"My money came!" Toby whooped, waving the money about in one hand, "who wants to come car shopping!"

"Ooh me, me!" Lance cried leaping to his feet and snatching up his keys, "let's go!"

After weeks of looking

"I have it!" Toby informed the rest of the Brotherhood, "my dream car."

"He's not kidding," Lance nodded, "you should see it! A classic and it's in absolute mint condition!"

"Really?" Pietro looked up in interest, "what are we waiting for then? Let's go see!"

"Oh my god!" Pietro gasped, "a Citroen DS!"

"Isn't it lovely?" Toby sighed.

"Holy shit I don't think I've ever seen one of these that looks so good!" Pietro enthused, "the paint work is perfect, and there's no rust at all!"

"Told you it was in mint condition," Lance said.

"Ooh, pretty," Todd breathed, running a hand down the bonnet.

"Ohhh, IWantItIWantItIWantIt! Take me for a ride Toby pleeeeeeeeeeeease?"

"Sure," Toby grinned, "anyone else?"

"Me, me, me!" Todd hopped up and down.

"I'll pass," Freddy said, "I got something in the oven."

"Me too," Lance said, "I've already been in it."

"All right let's roll!" Toby whooped, slipping into the driver's seat, Todd hopping in the back and Pietro in the passenger's seat.

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Ooh, a Citroen DS *melts* I want one too!