Why do I abandon stuff? I need to stop doing that, it's bad. Haha.

Umm... I promised this to M. Keener, so here it is.

It's not amazing, but I haven't re-watched any of the season, so, some details may be off. Let me know.


The rest of the day kind of blurred. I mean, I remember everything in vivid detail, but not in order.

Basically, the next major event was Jack getting... kidnapped. And by Tony.

I was in no state to be in charge of the FBI, but I had taken this position anyway, by default.

Jack wouldn't let me go with him, because his daughter was now somehow involved. Apparently I'm not on the list of people he cares about. Or maybe I am, and he was protecting me.
Whatever. I may not get the chance to ask him. I just get to assume.

The next time I saw him (he was alive, even. Wasn't expecting that...) he had a bomb strapped to him. Damn Tony.

I kissed his cheek as I removed the vest from him. Not smart, considering we were in the middle of a vast fire-fight. Too bad. I don't think he was even paying attention. I could feel him panting, and he was shaking a bit, as if another seizure were about to take over.

I turned and shot off a few rounds, breaking myself of this untimely behavior.

I had arrived in the FBI helicopter with a field team, after tracking Tony. He wasn't a terrorist, per se... he was out for revenge. I refused to believe he was a terrorist. Jack convinced me of this.

A few more shots and whoever we were after was taken into custody. Tony ran. Jack stumbled up and followed him, leaving me. I chased them into the main warehouse on the premises.

Jack was holding his gun out at Tony. I don't believe he'd pull the trigger, and I could tell Tony thought the same.

Tony turned around, breathing heavily.

Then he told the story of his revenge plot (told you so) and Jack lowered the gun. Not purposely. He fell into another shaking fit, and the gun slid across the floor. Tony took the opportunity and left, and no one went after him. I ordered everyone to stay put.

Jack tried to get up, tried to chase after him again.

"Jack, that's an order!" I shouted after him, as he sort of limped away.

He wasn't thinking clearly, it was obvious. What would he do when he caught up to Tony? And what chance did he even have of catching him?

Someone else called his name. He looked at them, never at me.

It was some doctor, who had recently arrived, a stretcher rolling beside him.

Slowly, he began walking toward the doctor, sensing safety, I guess. At the same pace, I met him. I walked the rest of the short distance with him, helping him balance. He was shaking again, a little, but it didn't interrupt him. He proceeded toward the stretcher, as if it were a final mission. Maybe it was.

The doctor helped him onto the stretcher, and then, without a word, wheeled him away to the parking lot.

I talked with him maybe ten minutes later. With Jack, I mean.

He was awake and thinking again, thanks to some medicine. More of the seizure preventing one.

I don't even remember what we were talking about. It was brief though, because he needed to be taken to a hospital immediately.

I wanted to follow him. I wanted to ride there with him. To talk to him, to hold him, to tell him what amazing things he'd done that day.

But I didn't. I went back to the FBI. I went back to my job, to do what I needed to. I did exactly what I should have.

The end. Or is it? Don't like it, let me know and I'll end it differently :)