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Author's Note: I think that Tony's dying words would be this reminds me of a movie. Warning: character death.

This reminds me of a Movie

Tony and Gibbs were at the front door ready to go inside. McGee and David were going through the back door. They were waiting for them to say that they were in place. They had gotten a tip that the person that they were looking for was at this address and they took off at a run. They hoped that this wasn't a wild goose chase and that the man they were after was here.

"We're in position boss."

"On my mark we go in." He nodded at his senior agent as they busted in the door. Guns in hand they faced the man they were after who also had a gun trained on them.

"I see that you found me." The man said as he waved the gun around. Training the gun on Gibbs and DiNozzo.

"Time to give it up Travis. Put the gun down." Gibbs said

"Can't do that." Replied the man named Travis.

"You're caught there is no where to go. My people have you surrounded. Give it up."

"You may have caught me, but I am not going without a fight." The man said as he pulled the trigger and shot Tony.

Tony was down and Gibbs shot Travis in the leg. He told David and McGee to take care of Travis and went to see how Tony was doing.

McGee and David had cuffed Travis and watched Gibbs tending to Tony.

"You are not going to die, Tony."

"I'm sorry boss for being a screw up. Probie, I'm sorry for teasing you. Ziva, I'm sorry for teasing you too." Tony said as his eyes closed. There was blood coming out of his mouth and his breathing changed.

"You are going to fight this, Tony." Gibbs said. He couldn't lose another agent.

Tony opened his eyes and stared at Gibbs. "This reminds me of a movie." Tony said as his eyes fluttered closed and he stopped breathing.

The End