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Author's Note: Not sure what Tony's father's name is and wasn't sure if he's a Jr, or not. Was it ever revealed what Tony's father's name was?


"I know who those people were yesterday. I know that one of them was your father and that he hit you."

Tony glared at Gibbs as he heard this. "Who else knows?"

"David, Abby and McGee."

"Great. Just what I need." Tony said as he ran a hand over his face. How was he going to face them again after that? "You would think that with a wealthy family that I would have everything money could buy and no problems. Every time he would beat me he would send me to the doctor who he kept on his payroll. If somebody from the outside saw the bruises and told someone than they would either disappear, or have a very fat bank account. I hated lying to everyone, but it was better that way."

"Tony, you have friends here. Friends who like you and would do anything for you."

"I saw him again today. He didn't hit me, but he told me that if I didn't go with him that he would make sure that you, David and McGee would never have jobs anywhere again. Either that, or Ziva would go back home and McGee would go back to where he came from. I couldn't let that happen, so I have to resign."

"We will work this out, Tony. We will all help you on this because we're family and that's what family does. Family helps each other instead of hurting them." Said Gibbs as he watched Tony as he told him this.

"What could we do? There is nothing we could do."

"We are not letting you go without a fight, Tony. We will find a way." Gibbs said as he pressed the button and both of them made their way towards the bullpen.

"McGee I want you to get anything you can on Dominic DiNozzo."

"What happened, Boss?" Replied McGee.

"Tony's father thinks that by threatening us that he can take Tony back home. We are going to do what we do best. We are going after Tony's father and keep him away from Tony."

"On it, Boss." He said as he turned to the computer.

"David, see if you can find anything."

Ziva nodded and picked up the phone.

"DiNozzo, go see Abby."

"Boos, I need to be in on this."

"Go see Abby and that is an order."

Tony nodded and walked towards the elevator to take him to the lab and to Abby. He peeked inside and found Abby at her computer.

"Hey, Abs. How are you doing?"

"I should be asking you that." Abby said as she looked at Tony and at his lip. She then ran to Tony and enveloped him into a hug.

"I'm fine, Abby."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm getting there. I saw him today again. Don't worry he didn't hit me. He told me that If I don't go with him that he would make sure that Gibbs, McGee and David never have a job again either that, or they would go back where they were at before. I couldn't do that, so I handed in my resignation letter to Gibbs. He told me that he didn't want it and he would help me. They are upstairs getting info on my father to hopefully put him away. I want to help, but he wouldn't let me."

"Because this case is to personal for you. He couldn't let you be involved in it, but on the other hand maybe he will let you help."

"Why did he come back? He wasn't there for me when I was sick and almost dying when I had the plague. Where was he after that? If I would have died he would have been happy. I know him. He always said that I would end up in the gutter and I almost made it when we went after that Marine."

"Tony they will get him. Let them help you."

"Wasn't used to it before I came here. I never realized that you are all family to me. The best family I've ever had."

"We are your family, Tony and don't you forget that."

"I won't. I better get back up there before Gibbs yells at me." He then hugged Abby. "Thank you Abby."

"For what?"

"For everything."

"We take care of our own, Tony. I know that you would do anything for you and you would do the same for me."

"I know and you're right." He grinned at her and walked out of the lab and to the elevator.

He walked to the bullpen and smiled at Gibbs and he actually smiled back at him.

"Anything I can do?"

"Write down any known associates of your fathers."

"Sure thing, Boss." He said as he opened one of his desk drawers and grabbed the legal pad that was inside and a pen and began writing. He knew some of his father's associates had known since he was small. His father never guessed that he eavesdropped on his conversations. He remembered them.

He finished it and then handed it towards Gibbs.

It took a few weeks, but they got Dominic DiNozzo for gun and drug smuggling.

Tony turned off his computer and smiled. A real smile that lit up his whole face. He would never have to see his father. He had told the team thank you and it was a thank you from the bottom of his heart. He really did have a great family. Who says family has to be blood related? This team and Abby was his family and he loved them. He would do anything for them and they would do anything for him. This was the second time they came through for him. He turned off the light and made his way towards the elevators. He knew that this was a night that there would be no more nightmares and for that he was glad.

Author's Note 2: I hope that you aren't disappointed at the ending. I thought that if Tony resigned that NCIS wouldn't have jurisdiction because Tony wouldn't be an NCIS Agent anymore.

The End