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Warnings: character death, cussing, sex, and the usual vampire mumbo jumbo

The blonde stalked casually through the dark streets of downtown LA. For most women this would be a very dangerous idea, but she was not most women. She was not most humans as a matter of fact. She was a vampire. She had, at one point, been one of the most feared vampires in all of Europe, but a pesky gypsy had caused a chain reaction that now left her very far from her throne, but she was clawing her way back up. All she needed was her king, but first, something to eat. Her chance came soon enough thanks to the tight jeans and shirt she was wearing.

"Hey pretty lady," a voice from the alley called. A rough looking man with a black goatee and dark brown skin stepped into the light of the street lamp. His red bandana wrapped tightly around his head. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing out here all alone at night? Don't you know it's dangerous?" he asked looking her up and down.

"You're right," Darla said, playing innocent victim as she had seen so many other women do for real, "It is dangerous." She eyed him just as closely, but he was too busy looking at her ass to notice. 'This one's gonna taste terrible,' Darla sneered to herself.

"Yeah, why don't you come over here with me, I'll keep you safe," he said and gestured towards the alley. 'Amateur,' Darla scoffed in her head. But she would make due.

"Um…ok," she said in her 'innocent' tone and followed him. As expected, he jumped on her as soon as she got in the shadows. A scream rang out through the night.

Darla emerged, licking her lips in disgust. The dead body behind her was almost invisible in the darkness. Not that anyone would check anyway.

"Yech, I was right, cigarettes and cheap beer," Darla said to herself, "Still, it was filling. Now for part two." She continued walking through the city of angels looking intently for someone.

"Come on now you dumb broad, I haven't got all day. Well, actually, I haven't got any of the day," Darla thought out loud. She stopped, catching a scent. "Now we're getting somewhere." Darla turned a corner and saw another young blonde girl walking down the darkly lit street. 'Sheesh, you give them a champion and they think they're untouchable,' Darla thought, 'I'll fix that soon enough.' Darla rolled her shoulders and cracked her neck, preparing for her next role.

The girl turned to see another blonde running towards her, looking very frightened. When she caught up to her, she stopped, panting heavily.

"Oh thank God," Darla panted, "Please we have to hurry, there's a man after me. He's got a knife, come on over here. Hurry I think I hear him!" Darla pushed the confused young woman into another alley. She hid against the wall and looked out at the street. "I think I might have lost him. What's your name?" Darla asked, going over by the dumpster where the other girl was.

"Tiffany," she said, looking Darla up and down. This woman didn't seem to be a threat, and even if she was, Angel had promised to keep her safe and he had never failed before.

"That's a nice name," Darla said looking up at the rooftops of the building opposite them. "So what made Angel decide to bother with you?" Darla said, now turning to Tiffany.

"W-what?" Tiffany stuttered. How did she know about Angel? Who was she?

"I'll bet it was the hair. He always did like blondes. That's probably why it was so easy to get him," Darla thought out loud, ignoring Tiffany.

"I should go," Tiffany said and began to walk past Darla, but her path was blocked.

"No, I don't think you should," she sneered, "You see, I need your help."

"You do? Why?" Tiffany asked, not daring to look Darla in the eyes.

"Well a friend of mine lives here, but I need you to help me make him come out and play." Tiffany screamed as Darla's face became scrunched and demonic. Darla grabbed her and bit her neck. Opening an artery and Tiffany's blood strayed into her mouth. "Much better than that other idiot," Darla hissed and continued to drink until a familiar scent reached her nose.

"Let her go, Darla," a deep voice ordered. Darla looked up and smiled.

"Angelus, oh no wait, it's Angel, you reek of soul," Darla sneered, "Now why would I want to let her go? She's very tasty, but you wouldn't know, would you?" Angel dropped down the buildings fire escape.

"I'm not gonna say this nicely again. Let her go," Angel said, taking a step towards the two women. Darla grinned.

"Fine." She released Tiffany and her body dropped to the ground, lifeless. Angel rushed to the body and reached down to check for a pulse. He hung his head and straightened up again. "You'll find I kill faster than a human, Angel," Darla said, licking her lips. Angel raised his head.

"What do you want, Darla? Why did you come here?" he asked, his dark eyes burning into hers.

"Who said I wanted something?" Darla asked, playing false innocence, again. She began to circle him like a shark.

"You always want something," Angel responded, not moving.

"Come on now, love, you know that's not true," Darla said, now running her hands across his shoulders lightly.

"I'm not your love, and yes it is true. I lived with you for two hundred years, remember?" Angel said, shrugging off her hands.

"No, you didn't, Angelus did. He's the one who knows me, you just feed of the information, like a parasite," Darla spat.

"Well that's too bad, because Angelus isn't coming back," Angel said, turning to face her. Darla walked around him, again, over to Tiffany's body. She inhaled deeply.

"Smell that, Angel? That's the scent of what you want, but refuse to take. Look at her. You could have done that, had a nice warm meal, but you choose to drink cold pig's blood," Darla spat again, "Oh how the mighty have fallen when the most powerful vampire in Europe and possibly the world is locked in a cage by a pathetic soul. Look at her body, Angel. Look at her blood. You want it. And you know you do."

"No! I don't!" Angel shouted, grabbing Darla's wrists hard enough to make a human cry out in pain, but Darla remained quiet.

"Yes you do, but Angel isn't strong enough for it. He isn't strong enough to take what he knows he wants and craves so badly," Darla whispered, staring back at Angel, "Angel is weak." Angel shouted and threw Darla against a wall, holding her there.

"You have no idea what weakness is," he hissed in her ear.

"Oh but I do, Angel," Darla said rubbing her hips against Angel's. Angel backed up quickly, releasing her.

"Stop," he said, worry in his eyes.

"Why? Why should I stop, Angel, you know you want it. Or does Angelus need to show you how much you want it? I know Angelus wants it. He would have taken it by now. He takes what he wants, because he knows he can. But not Angel, no, Angel has to work for it and even then he might not take it. Poor, scared little Angel, big bad Angelus might come out and hurt the people he loves," Darla mocked. It was her turn to pin Angel to the wall. "You really are pathetic, you know that? That's why I wanted to kill you when you got your soul. I knew you would become this. I'm surprised you survived this long. The only reason you did was because that slayer bitch wasn't strong enough to kill you. You took what you wanted then, why not now?" Angel spun around and reversed their positions.

"Because I learn from my mistakes," Angel said. He released her and took a step back.

"No you don't. You let them haunt you and torment you. You're always saving the girls, getting close to the blonde ones. I haunt you, Angel. I know what you want and so do you, but you're too scared to take it. You are a pathetic, weak waste of dust!" That struck a nerve. Angel grabbed Darla and threw her to the ground, pinning her easily.

"Shut up! Why do you do this to me?! Every time, why can't you just leave me alone?!" Angel shouted. Darla smiled and pulled him closer so that her mouth was by his ear.

"Because you wont let me, and neither will he. No matter where you go or what you do, I will be there, because you want me to be there," she whispered and then bit him. Angel groaned and bit her back, at first he thought it was out of habit, but the tiny voice on Angelus in the back of his mind shouted otherwise, slowly growing louder. Fuck, he did want this.

'Oh fuck it,' Angel thought. He picked Darla up bridal style and quickly carried her away to an abandoned building. He threw her onto an old bed and joined her there.

"Good boy," Darla whispered to him as he began to pull off her shirt. She easily pulled his shirt off over his head and began to unzip his pants. He forced himself over her and began to give her neck several desperate, unpracticed bites and scratches up and down her now bare torso. She continued to pull down her lover's pants as he yanked hers down to her ankles where she proceeded to kick them off and he did the same.

Angel's hips were already bucking in desperation. "Easy, boy, one more layer, be patient," she cooed in his ear. Angel proceeded to remove this remaining layer quickly, his tongue licking the stream of blood flowing from Darla's neck. Darla wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust him in. Angel shouted in pleasure. Darla laughed. It had been so long since her boy had felt this. Angel's hip jerked convulsively. Darla smiled and began to slowly set him into a steady rhythm.

Angel's, or rather Angelus's, old skills began to return with the occasional pleased twitch. The two vampires bit and scratched each other continuously, causing enough wounds to kill a human but simply please a vampire. Darla rolled on top of Angel and began to move her hips tantalizingly. Angel grabbed her sides and thrust her down, causing them both to gasp in pleasure. Darla leaned down and whispered in Angel's ear.

"Come on Angelus. Come back to me. Give me my champion." She thrust down on Angel again, causing him to scream in an orgasm perfectly synchronized with hers. Angel panted and Darla slid off him, lying next to him. She gave him a kiss. Angel looked at her and his face suddenly contorted in pain. He rolled off the bed and convulsed on the floor. He lifted himself on his hands and knees groaning and convulsing.

"No," Angel whispered. He looked up at Darla who was sitting on the edge of the bed watching him. "No, this isn't what I wanted!" he cried.

"Well it's what I want and it's what Angelus wants, two to one baby, we win," Darla said smiling down at him. Angel smiled, his face now contorted into a demonic form. He launched himself at Darla and pinned her to the bed.

"Thanks, baby. How can I ever return the favor?" he said. Darla grinned up at him.

"Hello, Angelus. I've missed you."

To be continued…

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