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It had been a week since the return of Angelus and Darla and the team hadn't had any new encounters but they were far from gone. Every night more people were turning up with there bodies drained of blood starting with a little girl found in the sewers the week before with her throat cut open. The police were unsure if she had a connection with the rest of the murders but the team of Angel Investigations knew that she did.

Connor hadn't made another venture into the sewers after his previous failed attempt and was working with the team to track Angelus and Darla from above ground. The thing was they weren't sure what to do once they found them. True, none of them had any problem with staking Darla, but they were reasonably reluctant to do so with Angelus even if he was evil now, he had once been their friend and they would like to bring him back if possible. Even Connor seemed to be warming up a little to the idea.

"Ok so let's say we do manage to get rid of Darla…again, and capture Angelus. How exactly do we get his soul back?" Connor asked after an unsuccessful nights hunt. Like most, tonight's trek had simply ended with a dead body marked with Angelus' calling card, a cross carved on his victim's forehead.

"Well that would be where we get Willow in to play. She's the only one who knows, or has the capability to re-ensoul Angelus," Wesley explained.

"So we're getting him a new-new soul?" Cordy asked, counting in her head.

"Technically it would be a new-new-new soul," Fred said, "because his new-new soul was the one he got after Buffy."

"Um…who's Willow?" Connor asked.

"Friend of Buffy, old acquaintance, tormented by Angelus, brought Angel's soul back the second time, long story, I'll tell you later," Cordy said quickly.

"So you think Willow will be able to help us now? I mean, how many new souls is he allowed?" Gunn asked, putting his crossbow away and taking a tired seat next to Fred.

"I'm not sure, but hopefully, at least one more," Wesley sighed and yawned. The team had been up all night, again, and none of them were getting much sleep anyway. Cordy and Fred copied the yawn followed by Gunn who tried to hide it. Connor seemed to be the only one still alert, staring at each of them blankly.

"What are you, drowned in coffee or something?" Gunn asked, playfully nudging the teen who suddenly seemed to snap out of a trance and looked at Gunn, blinking quickly.

"Huh? What?" he stuttered.

Gunn laughed, "Apparently not. It looks like wonder boy's just as tired as we are if not more so." Connor grinned, a little embarrassed and not quite used to Gunn's new nick-name "wonder boy", but he could live with it. At least it meant Gunn was ok with him.

"I guess you're right," Connor laughed lightly, rubbing his right eye, "I guess I haven't been getting much sleep lately."

"Yeah join the club. All of us have been having a hard time since Angel, well, you know…" Fred trailed off.

"Became evil, again?" Connor offered and saw how the rest of the group seemed to stiffen slightly at hearing the words. He made a mental note to pay more attention to when it was best to just leave a sentence unfinished.

"Yeah," Cordy said, breaking the new awkward silence.

"I'll call Willow tomorrow. Last I checked, she was still in Sunnydale," Wesley stated.

"You think Buffy'll come too?" Cordy asked.

"That depends on what's going on over there. She might be having troubles of her own," Wesley said just as the phone began to ring and Cordy picked it up.

"Angel Investigations, we help the helpless. This is Cordelia. How may I help you?" Cordy stated in a perfect secretary voice.

"Hey Cordy, I just saw the news and it was talking about a bunch of murders happening over there and some vamp I killed earlier was talking about 'the return of the angel demon' or something like that. Is it Angelus?" Buffy's voice called through the phone.

"Yeah it is," Cordy told her, putting the phone on speaker so the rest could hear.

"Oh my god, are you guys ok? I'm on my way to L.A. right now with Willow. Has he hurt any of you guys?" Buffy's voice crackled leading the team to believe she was calling from a cell phone.

"Yeah we're fine. We've only had one run in with him…well, Connor's had two," Cordy explained.

"Connor? Who's Connor?" Buffy asked.

"Oh yeah! You haven't met him yet. He's Angel's son," Cordy said excitedly.

"Angel's son?! What?! When did that happen? With who? How?" Buffy's voice got higher with confusion and surprise.

"Angel has a son?!!" Willow's voice shouted.

"Yes Angel has a son, a few months ago, with Darla, and long story we'll explain later," Cordy said, counting down each question on her finger's to make sure she answered them all.

"Hi, Buffy. Hi, Willow," Connor said with a short wave at the phone.

"Who was that?" Buffy asked.

"That was Connor," Cordy explained.

"What the fuck?!! How old is he?!! He sounds like a teenager." Buffy sounded reasonably confused.

"A TEENAGER!?!" Willow's voice shrieked.

"He's 17."

There was the screech of tires then silence on the other line.


"It was but he got sucked into a hell-dimension and time travels faster there and…"


"Like I said, it's a long story. We'll explain it when you get here," Cordy said reproaching the phone that she and the others had cowered away from during Buffy's rant. The sound of a car engine revving up then tires screeching on the asphalt signified that Buffy was driving again and significantly faster than before.

"Buffy I think it would be best if we allow you to drive and speak with you once you arrive," Wesley reasoned.

"Is that Wesley? Hi, Wesley!" Buffy called, "Yeah you're probably right. I should be there in half an hour. Bye you guys." The line clicked off. Cordy sighed and hung up the phone.

"She seems nice," Connor said, looking like he didn't entirely believe his own words.

"She is, very nice," Cordy confirmed.

"Yes and you'll get to meet her soon," Wesley said then looked around at the group.

"Um, I'm gonna hit the showers," Gunn said and walked off to his room.

"Yeah me too."

"Same here."

"Good idea."

One by one each of them left to their rooms to shower up and change, leaving Connor there alone. He sighed.

"Might as well," he mumbled to himself and walked up the stairs to his room to get ready to meet the slayer. If she killed demons and vampires then she must be good. Maybe she could show him a few moves. That is, if she didn't decide to kill him. He shook his head at the thought. She hadn't killed Angel when he was good, so he was fairly certain he was safe.

When he reached his room he laid out a fresh pair of pants and a shirt before going into the bathroom and setting the temperature on cold as he usually did. Each room got an independent water heat, but he was still sure he was the only one using cold in the middle of the night but it didn't bother him.


Buffy arrived thirty-five minutes later along with Willow. She was greeted by a hug first from Cordy, then Wesley, then introduced to Gunn who also received a hug, and finally to Fred while Connor hung back at the stairs and watched.

"I heard about you. Trapped in a hell-dimension? Wow, you are so strong for getting through that," Buffy was saying to Fred who blushed.

"Well I had a lot of help from Angel and everybody," she said in her signature accent that gave her an air of innocence the rest of them did not posses. Buffy nodded.

"So where's this son I've been hearing about?" Buffy asked looking around.

Connor cleared his throat. "Uh, that would be me," he said, raising his hand. Buffy approached him and began looking him over. Connor decided that she was defiantly good looking and could understand his father's attraction towards her.

"You look like him," Buffy told him finally. Connor wasn't sure how to take the comment, but seeing as she was attracted to his father as well, he decided it was a good thing.

"Thanks," Connor grinned. He turned his face away shyly but turned his eyes back up at Buffy.

"Aw, Willow, he does the perfect puppy-face just like Angel," she cooed and turned to Willow. Willow caught the look just before it slipped from his face and was replaced by a mix of confusion and embarrassment. Buffy didn't look much older than him. In fact, she looked the same age as Cordy, but she was actually much older than him and it was a bit unnerving to think about.

"You're right," Willow confirmed nodding then turned to the others, "So how did he end up turning seventeen in a few weeks again?" the others looked at each other. Trying to decide who would be best at describing the strange event.

"Don't look at me, I hardly even know," Gunn said, putting his hands up and taking a step back.

"Me either," Cordy mimicked Gunn.

"You understand it better than I do," Fred said looking at Wesley. Wesley glanced at Connor who just shrugged and shook his head. He couldn't give much input even if he wanted to since the event had happened when he was a baby and he still wasn't sure how he got back.

"Well you see, Holtz decided that taking Connor would make him even with Angelus for killing his family and so he ran with him into a hell-dimension and time passes much quicker there so, while only a few weeks passed here, seventeen years apparently passed there. Holtz returned with Connor a few months ago with the intention of killing him." Connor flinched when Wesley mentioned this, but Wesley continued, "Holtz then killed himself making Connor think it was Angel, but it wasn't and we have thankfully since convinced him to trust us. Though they still aren't exactly best friends," Wesley finished explaining.

"Wow," was all Buffy seemed to be able to say.

"That's quite a lot to take in," Willow stated. Connor nodded and shrugged.

"And now you're dad really is evil. That's just great," Buffy said sarcastically.

"Well we can't do anything about him tonight. We should go to bed and hunt him again later. We're all tired," Connor said strongly.

"Yup, you sure are his kid. You're right. So do you guys have room for us here?" Buffy asked looking around the huge hotel.

"Yeah I think we could squeeze you in," Cordy joked, "Come on, this way." Cordy led them up the stairs to a couple of bed rooms she had prepared quickly before they had gotten there.

"Thanks," Buffy said, "Goodnight everyone."

"Yeah, goodnight," Willow called.

"Good night," they called back. Connor watched Buffy go with Cordy, ignoring Fred and Wesley as they retired as well. Gunn smiled.

"She's pretty isn't she," Gunn stated.

"Huh? Who? Buffy? Yeah…I mean…I guess so," Connor stumbled over his words and Gunn laughed.

"Don't worry about it, you're dad thinks so too. Well actually most people think so too. But its ok, I wont tell if you won't," Gunn promised. Connor smiled back at him.

"Thanks," the teen said and stifled a yawn.

"Ok I think it's time you went to bed now it's…2 a.m.," Gunn said checking his watch.

"Yeah you're right. Goodnight," Connor said and walked up the stairs.

"Goodnight, wonder boy," Gunn called.


The next morning everyone was sitting around the lobby drinking coffee and eating breakfast that Connor and Gunn had gotten earlier from McDonalds.

"Ok so how did this kid even come into existence?" Buffy asked, looking at Connor and seeming a little surprised that he was eating food and not drinking blood since he was the son of two vampires. She had also seemed surprised to see him coming in from the sun without a mark.

"Well Wolfram and Hart, the firm we told you about before, brought Darla back as a human, but she was sick. So Angel tried to help her so he did some trials that were supposed to give her a new life, but she had already gotten a second chance when they brought her back so she couldn't get another one. Then Drusilla was summoned by Wolfram and Hart to turn Darla into a vampire and Darla disappeared. When she came back, she was pregnant because it turned out that Angel had earned the other life so it was given as a baby. Then Darla killed herself so he could be born because she was afraid she would kill him because they were sharing a soul and when he was born she would lose it," Wesley explained.

"Yeah well she wasn't exactly a ray of sunshine when she had the soul anyway. While she was in labor she threw everyone out of the car somehow," Fred said, recalling the event with Gunn.

"That and her water broke all over the back seat," Gunn remembered. Connor just listened to all this intently. He hadn't known any of that. Holtz hadn't really told him anything about his birth.

"Yeah, so we raised Connor here for a few months but then Wesley read this prophecy that had been changed to make it look like Angel was going to kill Connor so Wesley took him to try to save him. Angel freaked out when he found out and chased Wesley down but then it turned into a showdown of Holtz, Wolfram and Hart, some demon Connor was supposed to kill, and Angel all trying to get Connor. Holtz had Connor and said that he would protect him, and then he ran into the hell-dimension and when Angel tried to follow he was blasted back. Then a few weeks here and seventeen years there Connor came back thinking that Angel was still evil and tried to kill him, then came the events we told you about last night plus Angel getting thrown to the bottom of the ocean and then rescued three months later by Wesley and now here we are," Cordy said seeming oblivious to how uncomfortable she had managed to make Connor and Wesley with the story.

"Wow, nice presentation, and all that in just a few months, how are you not drinking coffee 24/7?" Buffy joked in amazement.

"Well that was actually just a summary but yeah you get the basic idea," Cordy said. Connor's mind was spinning at all the new information. His dad had really done all that? He was going to need to reconsider a few things.

"So how did Darla get back this time if she couldn't have another chance?" Willow asked, seeming confused.

"That we don't know and we also don't know why, we just know that she is and she needs to be stopped," Wesley said seriously.

"And you guys don't know where they are?" Willow asked.

"Well if they haven't moved, I have a basic idea," Connor offered.

"Great we can go check now then," Buffy said, standing up.

"You mean now? We don't even know what we're going to do with Angelus if we catch him," Cordy protested.

"Relax, we're just going to go see where they are," Buffy explained, "You ready to go kid?" Connor nodded and showed Buffy to the grate leading to the recently repaired and drained sewers.

"You think we should get some weapons?" Connor asked, already strapping on a few stakes and grabbing a crucifix that he clipped around his neck. Buffy grabbed a few stakes from the table and watched him.

"So none of that stuff hurts you?" she asked and Connor shook his head.

"I don't really know why, but I can do everything a vampire can do but I don't have any weaknesses," Connor explained, lifting the grate.

"So that means no blood-sucking, right?" Buffy asked playfully.

Connor grinned. "Nope no blood-sucking," he confirmed and helped her down into the sewer before jumping down himself. "Just one thing though."

"What?" Buffy asked turning to him.

Connor grinned, "No staking me, it still hurts."

Buffy laughed, "It's a deal."

Connor led the way through the sewer system. Rats ran or cowered just as they had done last time he was here and every time his father walked past.

"This is really gross," Buffy said as their shoes sloshed through the muck at the bottom.

"Do you need some help?" Connor offered.

"No I can handle it, but thanks," Buffy told him as they reached the three tunnels.

"Ok this is about as far as I know. I think that they are staying in one of the buildings that have a grate in that tunnel," Connor whispered and pointed down the left tunnel.

"Well let's find out," Buffy said taking the lead into the tunnel. Connor followed and when they got inside climbed up the wall.

"Allow me," he said, walking crawling close to the grates.

"Impressive," Buffy said watching him. She walked below Connor as he crawled past the grates he had checked previously. About forty-five minutes later, he stopped.

"This one," he whispered down to Buffy and looked in the grate. He didn't see anyone, but the scent of Angel and Darla was strong. He wrinkled his nose and turned away. The smell of sex was heavy in the air.

"Are they up there?" Buffy asked quietly.

"Yeah," Connor nodded, dropping down, "And they've been busy."

"Gross," Buffy said with a half-disgusted half-amused look.

"So should we go?" Connor asked. Buffy thought for a minute.

"Yeah let's go. Then, we can tell the others," she said.

"Aw, leaving so soon?" a deep, almost seductive voice said from behind them. Buffy gasped and turned around. Connor mentally screamed at himself for not recognizing Angelus in his own scent.

'This is bad,' he thought.

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