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No Need to Worry, Right?

"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" Ash commanded.

"Electabuzz, Thunderbolt as well," commanded Ash's rival, Paul.

The two thunderbolts negated each other, causing damage to both Pokemon.

Dawn, who has been observing the battle since the beginning, said to Brock, "This battle has been going on for a really long time."

"It has, at this rate they're going to have to end it soon," Brock replied.

"Why?" Dawn asked as she picked up Piplup, who was getting tired.

"Because, from the looks of it, Pikachu and Electabuzz are exhausted. If they were to go on any longer…"

Ash had taken notice of what Brock was saying, and suggested, "Paul, why don't we end this battle with one final move."

Paul not really caring replied, "Whatever."

Ash smirked and said, "Pikachu, Volt Tackle."

Immediately, Pikachu began dashing towards Electabuzz at a great velocity with a powerful electrical charge.

Paul smirked back as he said, "Electabuzz, Thunder Punch."

Electabuzz had begun charging in Pikachu's direction with an arm waiting to unleash fierce electrical energy. The two forces collided and the two pokemon were pushed back. Pikachu and Electabuzz glared each other dead in the face. It looked like neither of them were going to fall, well that is, until Pikachu finally fell to the ground.

Electabuzz roared in triumph as Brock announced, "Pikachu is unable to battle, Electabuzz wins, and victory goes to Paul."

Paul scoffed as he commented, "Just as pathetic as ever."

Ash glared at him.

Dawn, sick of Paul calling them pathetic, yelled, "Well, at least Ash battled his hardest!"

"Yeah well, that's not working out for him, is it?" Paul replied back.

"You arrogant jerk! I so can't wait for the day Ash beats you in the Sinnoh League," Dawn said.

"What makes you so sure of that?" Paul asked.

Dawn remained silent due to the fact she couldn't answer that question.

"Obviously, he's not as good as you think, if he's never won at least one battle against me, Paul pointed out.

Dawn was about to say something else, when Ash said, "That's ok, Dawn. That's what trainin' is for. Right, Pikachu?"

"Pika!" Pikachu replied as Brock was treating it.

"I know Ash, but…"

"Just listen to him and stay out of our business, kay?" Paul interrupted.

Dawn's anger had reached its boiling point. Brock, this time, was unable to hold her back, due to treating Pikachu. Dawn stormed up to Paul and raised her hand to slap him, but his reflexes were quicker, so he caught her hand. They glared darkly at each other. Before Paul could react, Team Rocket appeared out of nowhere, and like always, they recited their motto.

"Listen, is that a twerp's love quarrel I hear?"

"They're yelling to me loud and clear!"

"On the wind"

"Past the stars"

"In your ear"

"Bringing heart-shattering chaos at a breakneck pace"

"Fluttering hope putting fear in its place"

"A rose by any other name is just as sweet"

"When everything's worse, our work is complete"


"And it's James"

"Meowth, now that's a name"

"Putting those noisy do-gooders in their place"

"We're Team Rocket"

"In your face"


"Mime Mime!"

"Team Rocket!" Ash shouted. "What do you guys want?"

"Isn't it obvious by now? All we want from you is your Pikachu," Jessie replied.

"I second that emotion," James said.

"Motion carried," Meowth said pushing a button causing a cage to pop out and capture Pikachu and Electabuzz.

"Two for the price of one," Jessie squealed.

"Electabuzz, Thunder Punch on the cage!" Paul commanded.

It began doing so, but it had little effect.

"Nice try kid, but dis cage absorbs electricity." Meowth said.

"In that case," Ash said, about to bring out another pokeball.

"There's no need!" Paul snapped coldly.

Ash obviously reacting, replied," Ok, you don't hafta shout."

"Electabuzz, Thunder punch once more," Paul commanded.

Doing what it was told, Electabuzz did one after another, until the cage was overloaded with electrical power. It began to crackle with electricity. And caused a huge explosion. As usual, Team Rocket blasted off again, but this time so did Ash and the others.

Ash regained consciousness near a river. He spotted Brock right by him.

"Brock, you ok?"

"Yeah," he said.

"That's good."

"But, where's Dawn and Pikachu?" Brock asked.

A look of worry filled Ash's face.

"Pikachu! Dawn! Where are you?"Ash started shouting.

In reply he heard Piplup.

"It's Dawn's Piplup," Brock pointed out.

"Where's Dawn and Pikachu?" Ash asked it.

Piplup expressed a face of sadness, meaning either Pikachu or Dawn was nowhere to be found.

Dawn regained consciousness in a forest area where some mountains were visible.

"Where am I?" Dawn asked herself who was unfamiliar with the territory. "Ash, Brock you guys there?" she shouted.

She heard Pikachu.

"Pikachu! But, where's Ash and Brock?"

Ash and Brock had been calling out Dawn's/Pikachu's name and no luck finding them.

"I'm worried about Dawn and Pikachu. What if we don't find them?" Brock asked.

"We'll find them, no need to worry," Ash replied.

The bush nearby rustled.

"Pikachu?" Ash questioned.

An Electabuzz had emerged from the bush.

"It's Paul's Electabuzz," Brock pointed out yet again.

"Then where's Paul?" Ash asked.

Dawn and Pikachu were calling out Ash and Brock's names.

"Could you be any louder?" a voice called out.

Dawn turned to the side. Emerging out of a bush, was none other than Paul, who probably just regained consciousness.

Dawn glared at him and replied, "Yep." "Ash! Brock! Where ar...

Paul had covered her mouth. He quickly retracted his hand before Dawn tried to hit him.

"And again, you still have the nerve to try and hit me," Paul said.

"I can't stand you!" Dawn yelled.

"Well, neither can I!" he yelled back.

"And I can't stand your twerpy, little voices ringing in my ears," Jessie yelled apparently just recovering from the blast off, along with James and Meowth.

"Oh yeah? I can't stand how pathetic you three are!" Paul angrily retorted.

"What?!" Jessie replied. "We are not!"

"Yeah you are, from my guess, you clowns constantly try to steal pokemon, but you constantly fail each and every time.

Jessie's anger rapidly rose and she screamed, "Oh yeah, we'll show you!"

"Now you've done it," James and Meowth said.

Jessie had called out Seviper, and commanded it to attack with a series of Poison Sting. Dawn and Paul nearly dodged all of them. So as a result Dawn decided to bring out Buneary; Paul stopped her.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'll handle it," he said coldly.

They dodged a couple of more Poison Sting attacks, when Dawn asked, "When are you going to handle this?"

Paul remained silent.

"When are you going to bring out your pokemon?"

This time he mumbled.


He flushed a barely noticeable red before muttering, "I sort of left the rest of pokemon besides Electabuzz back the Pokemon Center."

Dawn couldn't help but laugh.

Jessie also laughed saying, "Looks like the shoe is on the other foot kid. Seviper, Haze!"

A pale black mist filled the air, Dawn was nearby snickering.

"You're still laughing?" Paul asked.

"Yep, who's the pathetic one now?" Dawn said.

"You are, I can still use Pikachu," Paul replied.

"Hold on a second, what gives you the right to use Ash's pokemon?" Dawn asked obviously ticked off by Paul's comment.

"Nothing, except for the fact that you wouldn't be able to defeat creeps as pathetic as Team Rocket is all," Paul answered.

"Whatever. I so can't wait to tell Ash about this," Dawn stated.

"Yeah whatever, so, mind letting me use your boyfriend's Pikachu?" Paul asked as a few Poison Stings came forth, but missed.

"I do mind, but Ash is so not my boyfriend!" Dawn angrily answered.

"Yeah…riight…, I'm going to use Pikachu anyway. Pikachu, Volt…"

"I said no!" Dawn shouted.

She pushed Paul over and, losing her balance, fell on top of him. Dawn opened her eyes, and was shocked at the sight of her lips touching Paul's. She pulled back immediately, and got off of him. Traumatized, she stared at Paul, who stared back, just as shocked as Dawn was.

"Hello? Aren't you forgetting something?" Jessie yelled.

Before she command another attack, Jessie, her Seviper, James, and Meowth were hit with Pikachu's Volt Tackle, and was sent blasting off again.

Dawn, attempting to pretend nothing happened, went to Pikachu and said, "Great job, Pikachu! Now, why don't we try looking for Ash and Brock now?"

Dawn picked up Pikachu, and tried to leave as quickly as possible.

"Hey, Dawn," Paul called out.

Dawn stopped in her tracks.

'He remembers my name?' Dawn thought to herself.

She now had no choice but to turn around and face him.

"I finally get it," he said.

"Huh? Get what?" Dawn asked confused.

Paul smirked, causing Dawn to blush.

"Don't play dumb. You like me, don't you?"

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