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Chapter Three

Kahlan stopped dead in her tracks. She was surrounded by five men, all wearing the livery of Darken Rahl. The one holding the crossbow to her back was wearing a crimson red cape with the symbol of Darken Rahl's Captains. She looked at her surroundings looking for a way she could possibly escape. None. She was surrounded. But where was Richard?

"Where's your wizard, Confessor? Did he run away, afraid of what you could do to him if you wanted to?" The captain sneered as he dug the arrow into her back further. Kahlan winced in pain.

"I don't have a wizard. I have a Seeker," Kahlan said with her confessor face on. "And if you know what's good for you, you will let me go before he finds out you have an arrow aimed at my back." The captain just laughed and took the arrow from her back.

"Now it's gone. Will your Seeker come and rescue you now? If he really cared about you, he wouldn't have run away when he saw us approach. Yes, he ran like the coward he really is. He's not a Seeker, just another pretender who wants the fame and fortune it could bring him."

"Really? Well then I'll pass that message on to him when I see him next."

"Good. You do that. But wait." The captain paused and walked around so he could face her. "You won't be able to. Because I have strict orders to bring you to Darken Rahl. You see, he wants a Confessor on his side, and you are the Mother Confessor. The last, living, Confessor.

"And he wants a child from you. So he can raise it the way he wants and have it grow up to be just like him." Kahlan looked straight into his eyes without a hint of the terror running through her.

"Well then. Let's get going. We don't want to keep his lordship waiting." She put on a small crooked smile, one that made all the four remaining men groan inwardly. "Just take off my ropes, and I will go with you willingly."

"You don't really think I would fall for that do you? Do you really think so lowly of me. How sad. I was thinking of giving you a break and letting you ride in front of me on my horse instead of walking behind. Oh well." He turned to two of his men. "Tie her up to the back of my saddle and give her enough room to walk behind me, but not too far away. I want her to step in my horses dung if he happens to feel the need." The two men ran to do as they were told, grabbing her by the arms and dragging her and tying her to the captain's saddle. Then they went back to their horses and mounted, ready to leave.

Kahlan gave one last quick glance around the clearing, looking for a sign that Richard was still there. Nothing. He was gone. A single tear ran down her cheek as they started off. She couldn't believe he would really leave her to face this herself. She thought he loved her. She knew he did. So why wasn't he here?

"Take her and die." Kahlan whipped her head around and saw Richard in a tree ten feet away.

He jumped down and ran towards her and her captors with the Sword of Truth out of it's scabbard, ready to kill and protect. He took a leaping jump and landed right in front of the closest man and started hacking away at the soldier determined to kill him. He attacked and defended, slashed and swerved.

More soldiers came at him when he finished with the first. With three attacking him at once, Kahlan was sure he would be captured or killed. She wiggled her bound hands in the hope she would be able to loosen the ropes and get free. No such luck, they were tied too tightly. These soldiers were smarter than she thought.

Then a thought struck her. Of course! The daggers in her boots. If she could just get to them then she could cut the ropes and help Richard. Kahlan looked to see that no one was watching her, and then "fell" on the ground and just happened to land with her hands right next to where she could access her daggers. She grabbed a dagger from her right boot and adjusted it so that she could free her hands and started to carefully cut her bindings.

Richard had fought his way through three men and there were just two more to go. He took down the first man easily, the man was scared silly he didn't move. Then it was just the captain and him.

They starred at each other for what seemed like and hour. It wasn't more than thirty seconds. Kahlan watched it all from her viewpoint from the ground. She finally got herself free and put her dagger back in her boot as carefully as possible so as not to attract attention from the captain. She lay on the ground stock still until she saw the captain turn his back to her. Bad idea.

She made eye contact with Richard for a split second but that was all it took to communicate with him what she planned to do. Then he went back to watching the captain and preparing for a fight to the death.

Kahlan got up onto her feet as quickly and quietly as possible. Then she got out her daggers and nodded once to Richard. Then she ran.

She ran at the captain with her daggers ready to stab him in the back and kill him. She was the one who he had captured; she was the one who would kill him.

She leapt in the air just as the captain turned around to face her. She brought her right hand back in the air and swung at his throat. Then the deed was done. She slit his throat and landed on one knee three feet away from him.

At first, he just stood there with a look of surprise on his face as blood splattered from his throat. Then, as he rattled his last breath, he fell to his knees and collapsed to the ground face first. Kahlan couldn't stand to look at him, so she got up and walked to Richard. They looked each other in the eye for a long moment and then embraced.

When they finally untangled themselves from each other, they cleaned their weapons and got their things together. The sky was starting to darken and they needed to start a fire to stay warm. So they did.

With each other for company, they found food and firewood and just sat side by side as they watched the fire crackle and pop and listened to the birds get settled for the night and put their young to bed.

The sun finally sunk below the horizon and Kahlan rested her head in Richard's lap, too tired to get up and roll out her bedroll to sleep on. Richard watched his only love and mother of his child fall asleep in his arms and couldn't help but think that in just twenty-four hours he had almost lost them both twice. He wouldn't let that happen.

The rest of the night he stayed up and kept watch, listening for any sound that would alert him to danger. He was dead tired, but nothing could keep him from protecting his family.

As the sun peeked over the hills, Kahlan started to wake up. Richard saw and gently pushed her head back down.

"Hush, go back to sleep. You've had a hard last two days; almost dying both times. It will do you good to get some more sleep." Kahlan's eyes fluttered closed as she let out a sigh.

"Did you sleep at all last night?" Richard chuckled.

"No, I was too busy watching over the two most important women in my life." Kahlan smiled as she mumbled something about him getting some sleep too. "Not as long as you are in any kind of danger. I will fight to the death to protect you. If that means loosing some sleep, then so be it." Kahlan didn't respond; she was fast asleep dreaming of the man of her dreams who was looking over her.

As the birds sang about a new day being born, Richard hummed a song Kahlan once taught him and murmured the words to her. "White grows the lily, Red grows the rose. Here lies my lassie, See how she grows."

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