"Where are you taking me?"

"Seriously, Spence, you can keep asking but I'm still not going to tell you," Ashley answered.

Spencer pouted. "Can I at least take this blindfold off?"

"No! You'll ruin the surprise."

"Oh, come on. You know how stupid I must look being in your convertible with a blindfold on? Are people staring?" Spencer reached up for the blindfold but Ashley stopped her.

"Don't! Spence, come on, we're almost there. I promise no one is staring," Ashley assured her. It would've made Spencer feel better until she heard car honks. "Those honks weren't directed towards us," she lied.

"Ashley!" Spencer whined. "Where are you taking me?" She was starting to sound like a petulant child.

"We're almost there. Geez, don't get your panties in a twist."

Spencer grinned. "Who said anything about panties?" she teased. She gasped when she suddenly felt Ashley's hand on her thigh making its way up her skirt.

"Liar," Ashley announced once her hand found what it was looking for. Spencer took her hand and intertwined their fingers. She leaned back in the passenger seat and sighed.

Ashley had literally kidnapped her earlier during her lunch break. She didn't even have time to protest when Ashley tied a blindfold around her eyes and led her to her car. They've been driving for about 20 minutes now and Spencer was starting to get really impatient. She had no idea where Ashley was going to take her that was a surprise. At first she thought she had forgotten a special occasion but their one-year anniversary wasn't for another 5 days. It wasn't her birthday, and they didn't sign any big clients recently that would warrant a celebration. Normally, Spencer knew what kind of surprises Ashley set up for her but she was absolutely clueless on this one.

Her anticipation grew when she felt Ashley park the car. "Are we here?" she asked sitting up excited.


"Can I take this off now?"

"Not yet, I need to check on a few things first."


"Calm down, baby I'll be just a minute. Don't take this off," Ashley kissed her on the cheek and left the car. Spencer could hear her open the trunk and take a few things out. She was so tempted to have a peek but Ashley came back as fast as she left. "Okay, ready?" Ashley opened Spencer's door and led her out the car.

"Can I take it off?" Spencer took her steps slowly. If I trip, she's coming with me.

"Hold on," Ashley took her hand and started leading her somewhere. "Okay take a step," she instructed.

Spencer did what she was told and the ground beneath her feet suddenly became soft. She was walking on grass. Ashley finally stopped and stood behind her. "Okay, ready?"

"Yes," she said excitedly.

Ashley removed the blindfold and Spencer gasped. Her jaw dropped as she took in her surroundings. "Oh my God, Ashley," she whispered emotionally. They were in the courtyard of King High School.

"Do you like it?" Ashley asked shyly.

Spencer felt the tears behind her eyes as she looked around. It looked exactly the same way it did when they were in high school. Ashley had set up a nice little picnic area right between the oak tree and the place where Spencer always sat. She turned around and gave Ashley a tearful kiss.

"I love it. I love you."

Ashley smiled and leaned her forehead against Spencer's. "Happy anniversary."

Spencer tilted her head. "But our anniversary isn't for another five days," she pointed out.

"I know, but it didn't fall on a Friday, And to make it perfect, I had to bring you here on a Friday," she explained.

Spencer's eyes filled with more tears. "You're perfect."

"Close to it," she teased and Spencer laughed. "I made us a picnic." She pulled Spencer down on the blanket and sat her between her legs. She reached over and opened the wicker basket and started pulling out the contents. "Two turkey sandwiches, brownies for dessert, and not to forget," she reached in further. "Two Orange Crushes."

"Oh my God, it's exactly like my lunch." She grabbed a bottle of soda and twisted it open.

"I actually asked your mom to make the brownies," Ashley said shyly.

Spencer turned neck and gave her a kiss. "You're too cute."

They enjoyed their little lunch and reminisced about their special Fridays. Spencer was deliriously happy as she sat back against Ashley. "Do they not have school today?" she asked now just noticing how quiet the campus was.

"Yeah, lucky for us, it's teacher conference day. Students get a three-day weekend and I get to spend a romantic afternoon with my girlfriend."

"Lucky us." Very lucky us.

"Oh I almost forgot," Ashley reached under the blanket and pulled out a yearbook. "I believe, Ms. Carlin, you need to sign my yearbook."

Spencer grinned as she opened to that particular picture of Ashley she had taken. "What do you want me to write?"

"Anything you want." She handed Spencer a Sharpie marker.

Smiling, Spencer took the marker and wrote her little message. "There you go," she said handing the yearbook back to Ashley.

Ashley read it and smiled. "I love you, too Spencer Carlin." She kissed the side of her face. "Now, this wouldn't be a Spencer and Ashley Friday without this." Ashley got up and went behind the oak tree to retrieve her guitar. She sat right in front of it and beckoned Spencer over. Spencer complied and sat down across Ashley. "Do you any requests?"

Spencer smiled. "I think you know what song I want to hear."

"Of course, Euterpe." Ashley started strumming her guitar and the courtyard was filled with a familiar song. "Dream, dream, dream, dream. When I want you in my arms. When I want you and all your charms. Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream..."

And you're my dream come true.



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