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Chapter One: Now who's In Denial?

The cast of So Random walked through the halls laughing after getting through with a successful rehearsal.

"That was so funny," Nico said holding his sides.

Tawni put her hand over her heart. "I know I was."

"And best of all, it's time for lunch," Grady said, loosening the dark green tie around his neck. "Let's eat."

As they were walking/talking/fighting, Sonny noticed a quarter on the ground. When she bent down to pick it up the rest of her cast mates kept going. Sonny stood back up and smiled.

"Must be my lucky day," Sonny mused. Just as she was about to catch up with the others and get to the cafeteria, someone covered her mouth with one hand and yanked her into a broom closet with the other. Sonny was then shoved into the tiny corner of the closet, and in the process, bashed into a mop and broom.

Her captor quickly closed the door before she had a chance to get a look at him/her.

"Okay, what is going on? I swear, I didn't do anything on purpose, and I only borrowed Tawni's perfume without asking once," Sonny said desperately pleading with the dark figure in front of her.

The figure reached up towards the ceiling and pulled on a long white-ish cord attached to a bare light bulb. "What are you talking about?"

Sonny blinked several times, adjusting to the sudden light. She looked again at the figure and narrowed her eyes at him. "Chad?"

"Who else?" Chad smoothed down his already smooth button-down shirt. He looked Sonny's outfit over and opened his mouth to speak but Sonny quickly cut him off.

"I know I know… we residents of 'Chuckle City' sure do wear weird clothes, but we just got done with a rehearsal. This is for a game show sketch," Sonny said referring to her dress. It was an aquamarine dress with a sweetheart neckline and illusion sparkles on the bodice and a charmeuse skirt.

"No, no… it actually looks kind of nice on you," Chad offered.

"Uh, thanks?" Sonny said with her statement coming out more like a question. "Now, why did you drag me in here, anyway?"

"I have a problem, and this is the only place I could get you alone."

"Okay… uh, what is it?" Sonny took a small step back and instantly felt a cold, metal bucket against the backs of her legs.

"Somehow, the ratings have really gone down for Mackenzie Falls, and our producers are blaming it on So Random," Chad began.

"Uh, okay. But what does that-"

"I mean, like our ratings have gone down far enough that our producers are saying that this is our last season. They're cancelling the show," Chad said grimly. He shook his head in a, how-could-this-happen-to-my-show way.

"Wow… I'm really sorry…" Sonny couldn't think of anything else to say.

"But, I am not going to let my show go down like that. So I wanted to ask for your help. You know, like… I need you to tell me if there's anything the show needs that we could add… to bring up our ratings and maybe convince them to keep it on," Chad said in a way that said that it was taking all of his strength to ask for someone else's help.

"You want me to help you?" Sonny sounded beyond shocked.

Chad sighed and smoothed his hair down with one hand. "Yes," he mumbled.

Sonny smiled slyly and decided to keep this going. "And what makes you think I'll actually help my rival show get more ratings?"

"Because you owe me," Chad stated immediately.

Sonny frowned. "For what?"

"When I pretended to be your biggest fan," Chad reminded her.

She smiled impishly again and crossed her bare arms over her chest. "I thought you just wanted to try on the weird beard."

She caught him off guard. "Either way, you owe me," Chad said after a few seconds.


"Be at the Falls at 2:00 to see us tape," Chad said, heading for the door.

"Wait, what?" Sonny took a step closer to him.

"Don't worry. You don't have to change clothes if you don't want to," Chad said smiling before quickly stepping through the door and shutting it in her face.

Sonny let her arms hang limply at her sides. "I think I've just been tricked."

Chad's Point of View

"Chad, what were you thinking asking her to help?" Portlyn demanded of me. You know, I think she could actually be really pretty if she would smile once in awhile.

"Did you not say we were getting desperate?" I asked, sick of having to linger on this lousy topic. They already knew I hated asking other people for help, so why did they keep hassling me? Chad Dylan Cooper?

"Yes, but that doesn't mean you have to call on Chuckle City to throw us a lifesaver. We can help ourselves." Portlyn rolled her eyes and looked down at her perfectly manicured nails. "Knowing those clowns, they'd probably just tell us to do something stupid just so we'd mess up again, and they could have us off the air. At least, that's what I'd do if they were stupid enough to ask for my help." She laughed.

Okay, she was really starting to get on my nerves. Mostly because she was taking more cracks at my "stupidity," but also because, what else were we supposed to do?

"Look, Portlyn, if we're already going under, why not actually try to do something?"

She snorted. "Well, well, well… look who's suddenly Mr. Proactive. What's next? Saving the rainforest? Hugging trees? Since when are you the one who's not sitting on their butt, waiting for other people to fix it for you?" Portlyn smirked at me.

I rolled my eyes. Had she always been so irritating? "Well, someone has to do something."

"Puh-lease! I think you just want an excuse to see that little Wisconsin girl," Portlyn said loudly, drawing more attention to our conversation.

Where does she come up with these lines? Was she hiding a book somewhere on how to annoy people to death? "Now who's being crazy?"

"More like, now who's in denial? We all saw you after she told you she wasn't coming to your big party. You weren't mad. You were hurt." She walked closer to me until she was so close I almost asphyxiated on all of her perfume. "Because you like her," she practically spat at me.

I took two long steps back towards the chocolate fountain, coughing from the poisonous fumes. "In your dreams."

As if on cue, we all suddenly heard a loud crashing sound outside the door, and someone stuttering, begging to be let in. Figures she'd pick then to come.

Exasperated, I walked over to the entrance and saw one of our body guards holding Sonny up in the air under her arms while she rushed to explain. I sighed. "She's with us."

He set her down next to me and crossed his arms, trying to look all tough again. Where does the studio find these people?

Sonny looked apologetically at me. Why was she so guilty? Oh, no… she must've broken something. "Sorry, about that." She tilted her head towards a framed picture that had once been on the wall.

I glanced at it and smiled. A picture of Portlyn. Hmm… maybe this girl was a hero in disguise. "Not a problem. Portlyn hates all of her pictures of herself anyway. She'll probably thank you."

I threw my arm around her and led her into the studio.

"So, what exactly am I here for again?" Sonny asked looking in awe at everything again, as if it were her first time here.

"I just need you to sit here." I pushed her towards the director's chair with my name on the back and smoothed down my awesome hair again. Can't be too handsome. "And just watch us shoot this episode, and see if you can find anything… wrong… with it." I practically choked on the word 'wrong.'

I still couldn't believe our show was losing ratings to a comedy sketch. I mean, who ever heard of a highly rated drama show losing ratings to a comedy show?

Sonny bit her shimmery bottom lip. Lip gloss? "Okay," she said, almost nervously.

I must've been losing it if I thought Sonny was nervous. She didn't have any reason to be nervous being here.

Okay, Chad. Focus.

Sonny's Point of View

I knew it was risky enough to trust Chad to be telling the truth, and even riskier to go behind the cast of So Random's back to help our rival show, but… I couldn't help it. My mom always told me to help people in need. Even the annoying, egotistical, condescending ones. Guess which category Chad falls in.

I actually had meant to change clothes before I got there, but I had to rush from the stage after our show in my game show letter turner dress. The same one Chad had seen me in earlier. Perfect! He probably thought I took his stupid advice literally and never changed after he said it looked kind of nice on me. Self-centered people tend to think that way.

I shifted around in my seat trying to find a comfortable position, but those director's chairs aren't exactly your comforting recliner when you're trying to fight off gnawing guilt.

Chad glanced at me, I think as a reminder to be quiet when he's acting, so I finally settled on just crossing my legs for however long this was going to take.

I glanced around at my fancy surroundings. As much as I loved So Random's set, it had nothing on this set. Nothing but the people anyway. I wouldn't trade any of my cast mates for anything. Except maybe Tawni on some of her "off days."

Their director called for quiet on the set, and they started their scene.

After sitting through a whole episode without falling asleep, I realized exactly what was wrong. Well not "wrong" really… just missing. I was starting to see why people were watching our show instead.

It was just that… the drama… was a bit too over the top… and there was absolutely nothing funny in it. No subtle gags, sarcastic cracks, nothing. The only laughable thing about the show was how… dramatic it was. It was too dramatic to ever be related to real life, and maybe that was the point, but I couldn't tell.

Maybe it was all supposed to be like this. But if it was, why was it losing viewers? Maybe… because they also thought it could be funnier… I didn't know, but I had a feeling that either way… Mackenzie Falls was not going to like hearing this, no matter how gently I put it.

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